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2013 Wedding Trends: Pleats!

Hello, loves! Happy Tuesday! Today we’re talking about one of our favorite hot new 2013 wedding trends: pleats! A pleat (also known as a plait) is a double or multiple fold, typically in garments. There are various of pleat styles used (like accordion, box, and knife) and pleats were originally used to provide movement of freedom in clothing. Today, pleats are often used for style, one we that seems to be popping up everywhere lately! Read on to see five hand-picked handmade items using pleats to inspire your upcoming wedding. Then, tell us… do you love pleats? Or is this a trend you’d on which you’d like to pass? Enjoy!

2013 Wedding Trend: Pleats!

1. Flower Girls in Pleated Dresses

My #1 essential rule of flower girl dresses? Twirlabiity. This particular style offers just that AND in an exceptional color palette with a flowing style she’ll love. By Nastershum Wedding.

pleated flower girl dresses

How to Plan a Modern Lace Wedding

Happy Tuesday! Today, we’re helping you plan a modern lace wedding with lovely little accents. If you thought lace was synonymous with old-fashioned, think again: we’ve found a collection of chic, modern lace wedding items to inspire a look you’ll love. Read on for more…

Lace Wedding Details

Add a lovely lace bolero or jacket to your wardrobe, like this pretty one by Chaviano Couture.


Femme Petal Pretties

We are positively smitten with Femme Petal!

Our favorite, “The Carrie Necklace” {above}, is inspired by Ms. Carrie Bradshaw, and is … you guessed it … fabulous! Available in a multitude of different colors and styles (confirmed: a “Carrie Bracelet” spotted there, too!) and perfect for gift-giving!

This shop also offers delicately handcrafted acrylic flower bloom rings and necklaces to love.  Check out our hand-picked favorites (which one is yours?):