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4 Cotton Flower Girl Dresses That Will Make Her So Happy

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We’re kicking off this lovely morning with a new Ask Emmaline question. Bride-to-be, Erika, writes to us with the following:

I’m getting married next spring and I’m looking at flower girl dresses. My wedding theme is boho rustic and held outdoors, and I want something dressed up but comfortable enough for my two flower girls (aged four and six) to run around in. I don’t want anything poofy. Any advice?”

Great question, Erika! It’s a great idea to plan ahead and thoughtful to think of your flower girls being comfortable. When it comes to an outdoor wedding, something comfortable they can move around in is key. One of our favorite flower girl dress options for rustic weddings is Olive and Fern.

Cute cotton flower girl dresses in ivory | Olive & Fern | photo: Miles Witt Boyer Photography | via

by olive and fern, photo: miles witt boyer photography

The cotton flower girl dresses from Olive and Fern are handmade from Eco-friendly natural cotton in ivory. Your flower girl will love to wear her dress because it’s so comfortable. For an outdoor wedding, comfort is essential: you won’t want her to get itchy from layers of scratchy tulle underneath or get too hot from synthetic, non-breathable fabrics. These dresses can be worn in nearly any season (spring or summer recommended; fall is great with a light cardigan). The natural styling allows for coordination with nearly any theme, with rustic being our favorite choice for this style.

And, in case you’re wondering… they’re totally twirlable. Because, let’s face it, as a flower girl, twirl-ability is pretty much a deal-breaker.

Cute cotton flower girl dresses in ivory | Olive & Fern | photo: Josselyn Petterson | via

by olive and fern, photo: josselyn peterson

Here are four handpicked dresses we know would work extremely well for your big day.

1. The Ivy

Cute cotton flower girl dresses in ivory | Olive & Fern | photo: Kali Norton Photography | via

dress: olive and fern, photo: kali norton

2. The Original

Cute cotton flower girl dresses in ivory | Olive & Fern | via

by olive and fern

3. The Ooh La La

Cute cotton flower girl dresses in ivory | Olive & Fern | via

dress: olive and fern

Getting boots for your bridesmaids? Don’t forget about these for your flower girl!

4. Roses

Cute cotton flower girl dresses in ivory | Olive & Fern | via

dress: olive and fern, photo: jenn ocken photography

Which of these dresses is your favorite? You can find out more about these (and see dozens more) at Olive and Fern.


Now it’s YOUR turn:

What do you think of these cotton flower girl dresses?

How to Pick Flower Girl Dresses for Formal Weddings

It’s time for another Ask Emmaline question! (We love ’em, so keep those questions coming!) Sabrina asks us, “I’m planning a traditional church wedding. Do you have any suggestions for a formal flower girl dress?” Great question! There are a few tips to remember when picking a formal flower girl dress: read on to find out more and get inspired with handmade flower girl dresses. Enjoy!

formal flower girl dresses

dresses: fattie pie

3 Tips for Formal Flower Girl Dresses

1. Length

When shopping for a formal flower girl dress, look for a floor-length or ankle-length dress (ideal for a formal, traditional wedding). If it is a summer or spring wedding, a knee-length dress is a great option (provided the bridesmaid dresses follow suit).

2. Color

A formal flower girl dress is light in color: white or ivory is most popular. Light pink is another color option.

3. Accents

Formal flower girl dresses will be made with fabrics such as lace or tulle; look for other accents like a sweetheart neckline, lace bodice, or a dress sash.

EB TIP: Make sure it’s comfortable! Whether the flower girl dress you pick is formal or informal, one thing to keep in mind is comfort. Make sure the dress is comfortable for her to wear (and stay away from any itchy materials).

Need inspiration? We’ve hand-picked a few formal flower girl dresses to get your creativity going. These were spotted at Fattiepie. Take a look:

The Elizabeth

elizabeth flower girl dress tulle (by Fattie Pie) - formal flower girl dresses #weddingelizabeth flower girl dress (by Fattie Pie) - formal flower girl dresses #weddingelizabeth flower girl dress back (by Fattie Pie) - formal flower girl dresses #wedding

The Grace

grace flower girl dress (by Fattie Pie) - formal flower girl dresses #wedding


The Olivia

olivia flower girl dress (by Fattie Pie) - formal flower girl dresses #weddingolivia flower girl dress (by Fattie Pie) - formal flower girl dresses #wedding

The Grace (in Ankle)

grace ankle length flower girl dress (by Fattie Pie) - formal flower girl dresses #weddinggrace ankle length flower girl dress (by Fattie Pie) - formal flower girl dresses #wedding


P.S. Once you pick the dress, don’t forget the shoes! These flower girl shoes are adorable.

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9 Cute Flower Girl Gift Ideas — (Giveaway!)

Looking for flower girl gift ideas? We’ve found everything you need right here. Be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post like this!

Hi, lovelies! Welcome back from the 4th of July Weekend. Today we’re talking about flower girl gifts. It is customary for the bride to give a gift to her flower girl. If you are wondering what it should be, we’re here to help! Before we begin, don’t let the gift-giving overwhelm you; the flower girl’s gift should be a small token of your appreciation. For example, a piece of jewelry, a jewelry box, or a personalized purse are just a few ideas she’ll love to have as a keepsake. To illustrate these flower girl gift ideas, we’ve rounded up nine handmade finds we know she’ll adore. Plus, we’ve teamed up with Corinna Maggy Designs to give away one of these gift ideas to one lucky bride-to-be. One less thing on your to-do list, we say! Enjoy!

Handmade Flower Girl Gifts

We begin with this pretty hair crown we spotted over at KimArt. This is an ideal hair crown for a bohemian or garden wedding.

1. This pretty hair crown

Flower Girl Headband | Handmade Flower Girl Gifts

flower girl headband | by kimart, photo: 3 cats hoto

Flower Girl Headband | Handmade Flower Girl Gifts

flower girl headband | by kimart

2. Or this sparkly tiara

flower girl tiara | Handmade Flower Girl Gifts

flower girl tiara | handmade by like the stars

3. This cute + custom stuffed animal

Flower Girl Stuffed Bunny Toy / Gift | Handmade Flower Girl Gifts

stuffed bunny | handmade by sew mice

4. This personalized purse

Flower Girl Purse | Handmade Flower Girl Gifts

personalized clutch purse | handmade by mama bleu designs

5. This flower girl necklace

thank you for being our flower girl necklace | Handmade Flower Girl Gifts

personalized flower girl necklace gift | by corinna maggy designs

6. This customized picture frame

Flower Girl Frame, Personalized | Handmade Flower Girl Gifts

personalized flower girl frame | handmade by prince whitaker

12 Cute Flower Girl Basket Alternatives (+ Giveaway!)

Before the bride makes her grand entrance, the flower girl traditionally tosses petals along the aisle. But what if you want something different? Or what if your venue doesn’t allow petals to be tossed? That’s where we come in! Today we’re sharing flower girl basket alternatives we know you’ll love. Plus, we’ve teamed up with Alternative Journals to give away one of these flower girl basket alternatives to one lucky reader! What is the giveaway prize, you ask? Read on to find out!

Flower Girl Basket Alternatives

1. Wand

A flower girl star wand is something every flower girl would love to carry! By Jennifer Raichman.

flower girl star wand

handmade by jennifer raichman

Want a more rustic vibe? Opt for this grapevine heart wand instead! Handmade by Michele’s Cottage.

heart wand by micheles cottage

handmade by michele’s cottage

Planning a vintage wedding? This Victorian inspired wand features silk hydrangea petals and comes with a matching headband. By Kate Kate NYC.

victorian flower girl wand with matching headband

by kate kate nyc

2. Sign

A sign tells guests the bride is on her way. One example? This “Here Comes the Bride” sign: always a cute touch! By Rustic Blend.

here comes the bride sign by rustic blend

Another example of a sign is one that is personalized for the groom, like this one (shown below by Starry Night Signs):

here comes your bride sign by starry night signs

One of my favorites is this “Here Comes the Love of Your Life” by Just for Keeps:

Here comes the love of your life sign by Just for Keeps

3. Banner

Another type of sign is a banner, which is one terrific option when you have two flower girls. Each can hold a side and walk down the aisle together. This banner is handmade by Little Zebra’s Boutique.

time to tie the knot banner

by little zebra’s boutique

4. Tambourine

A lace or floral tambourine is a fun way for the flower girl to announce the bride’s arrival! Plus, she’ll love to play with it even after the ceremony. By Alternative Journals.

lace flower girl tambourine

by alternative journals

Lace Tambourine for the Flower Girl

We love this lace tambourine! It is today’s #HANDMADEADAY find and we spotted it over at Alternative Journals, a shop where we always find something new to admire. Why have your flower girl toss petals when she can play one of these down the aisle? It’s way more fun (and there’s no cleanup required). Awesome! There’s a floral patterned one, too, below.

Lace Tambourine

This tambourine measures 6″ in size and features lace (or floral fabric).

lace tambourine for the flower girl

9 Flower Girl Hair Crowns She’ll *Want* to Wear
(+ Giveaway!)

Want to make your flower girl feel like a princess at your wedding? Give her one of these pretty hair crowns to wear! Today we’re sharing a handful of hair crowns by HandyCraftTS. Tanya is the maker of these vibrant flower girl hair wreaths, bridal sashes, hair accessories, and more. She’s been busy crafting up these pretty floral hair crowns for summer and she wants to make one for you! We’re giving away a free hair crown to one lucky bride-to-be for your flower girl (or to wear yourself — these crowns are adjustable to fit any size). See our handpicked favorites and enter for a chance to win!

Flower Girl Hair Crowns

1. Lilac Rose

Lilac Rose | Flower Girl Hair Crowns |

2. Pink & Green

peach flower girl hair crown

3. Sunflower

Sunflower | Flower Girl Hair Crowns |

4. Pink Berries

Pink Berries | Flower Girl Hair Crowns |

Teal Flower Girl Shoes

Happy Monday! We’re kicking off this beautiful sunshine-filled week with a cute accessory find for your flower girl. These teal flower girl shoes (also available in coral) are handmade by Bitsy Blossom and they’re called the Emma. These soft soled shoes feature a strap, ruffles, and a silver bow. There’s a waterproof sole and extra padding for added comfort. And did I mention they’re adorable? Go ahead — take a look!

Teal Flower Girl Shoes

teal flower girl shoes

teal and coral flower girl shoes

And these coral shoes are cute, too!

coral flower girl shoes

You can see a ton of flower girl shoes in different colors, patterns, and styles over at Bitsy Blossom.

There’s more coming up today including a new giveaway, so stay tuned! Be sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss it.


How to Pick a Rustic Flower Girl Basket

Happy Friday, loves! Do you have any big plans this weekend? Maybe crossing off some to-do’s from your wedding list? My weekend involves crossing things off of my to-do list, mostly home projects. Then maybe some extra sleep. Ah, one can dream! Today we’re sharing rustic flower girl baskets from the oh-so-lovely Michele’s Cottage. Maybe you’re hoping to cross off flower girl basket from your list… or maybe you’re not sure what to look for when it comes to picking the perfect rustically-inspired one. Either way, we’ll show you which details to look for and share some handpicked finds. Which of these baskets is your favorite?

Rustic Flower Girl Baskets – Round-Up

So, what makes these flower girl baskets rustic? For this theme, you’ll want to look for details like wood, birch bark, grapevine, moss, and wood-carved initials, just to name a few. Take a look at these baskets — you’ll find something rustic-inspired about each of them.

basket with burlap flower girl | Rustic Flower Girl Baskets

by michele’s cottage

by michele’s cottage

rustic birch flower girl basket | Rustic Flower Girl Baskets

by michele’s cottage

by michele’s cottage

shabby chic rustic flower girl basket | Rustic Flower Girl Baskets

by michele’s cottage

moss and branch flower girl basket | Rustic Flower Girl Baskets

by michele’s cottage

by michele’s cottage

moss basket | Rustic Flower Girl Baskets
by michele’s cottage

here comes the bride birch basket | Rustic Flower Girl Baskets

by michele’s cottage

My favorite flower girl basket is the grapevine with moss! Although, to be honest, they are all pretty amazing! You can find even more rustic wedding finds right here.