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5 DIY Wedding Secrets Every Bride Should Know

Hello, loves! Happy Friday! If you are planning DIY wedding projects for your big day, there are a few secrets to help it go off without a hitch. Today, we’ve compiled five of our favorite DIY weddings secrets that every bride should know to save you a headache down the road. DIY wedding projects can be fun, but they can also be overwhelming, too. And, since holiday break may be an excellent time to get crafting, we are also sharing some of our favorite DIY wedding kits to inspire you. Reveal what you need to know after the jump!

5 diy wedding secrets

Cake Toppers: Custom Couples + a DIY Kit!

wedding cake topper

Since you and your spouse-to-be share a unique love story, why select the same run-of-the-mill cake toppers as everyone else? Think outside the box + go custom! Fun, handmade cake toppers like these spotted via Goose Grease are made with love + customized to resemble you! Check out these hand-picked favorites…