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Cufflinks to Surprise the Groom on the Wedding Day

How will you surprise the groom on your wedding day? Have a love note delivered to the room while he gets ready, a cooler at the ready with his favorite beverages to enjoy with the groomsmen, or something sweet stitched to the back of his tie? There are many ways to surprise the groom on your wedding day, but a pair of groom cufflinks is one of our favorites! A pair of cufflinks he can wear on the wedding day and beyond makes a great keepsake gift. Pick a pair that says something sweet or sentimental, wrap them up in a box, and have the ring bearer or flower girl deliver them to him right before the ceremony. Here are a few we spotted at Over The Moon Bridal to give you some ideas…

Groom Cufflinks

groom cufflinks - today i marry my best friend

by over the moon bridal

Unique Bottle Openers for Groomsmen (+ Bridesmaids, Too!)

Happy Monday, loves! We have a jam-packed week of wedding ideas, handmade finds, Real Weddings, giveaways, and a special holiday announcement ahead of us! (Pssst. Get on the list so you don’t miss it!) To kick things off, we’re sharing a set of unique bottle openers for groomsmen gifts — and now bridesmaids, too! These bottle openers by Bottle Breacher not your average bottle openers. These are handcrafted 50 caliber bottle openers — made by military veterans — and made 100% in the USA. As they say, “open your next cold one in style” — and inspire your wedding party to do the same! Check out their new designs including some new colors and styles for bridesmaids. There’s even a new product called the Wine Breacher which includes a corkscrew so you can open wine or beer/soda bottles. Read on for more…

P.S. Do you see them on Shark Tank? We’ve had the pleasure to work with Eli and Jen — Bottle Breacher founders — for a few years now and they’re the BEST to work with. Highly recommended!

Bottle Openers for Groomsmen Gifts

unique bottle opener

by bottle breacher


by bottle breacher

“Unique Baseball Wedding Ideas for the Groom?” – Ask Emmaline

It’s time for another Ask Emmaline wedding question! This comes from Trish who asks,

Hi Emmaline! My groom loves baseball and we even play together on a softball team in the spring. I want to surprise him with some baseball ideas at our wedding, but still keep with our stylish wedding decor. Do you have ideas on what I can add? Thanks!”Trish

Baseball Wedding Ideas

Great question, Trish! I love that you want to surprise him with some baseball inspired wedding ideas! There are tons of ways to do it without taking over your theme, so to speak. For instance, some of the easiest ways to do it are with a cake topper, groom’s cake, ring pillow, or even your shoes or garter. I’ve rounded up some ideas for you below to inspire you. They’re all handmade, too, making them extra-special! Take a look…

1. A baseball wedding cake topper

sports cake topper by lovebirds goods

by lovebirds goods

5 Perfect Boutonnieres for Fall Weddings

If you haven’t ordered boutonnieres for your fall wedding, you’re in luck! We’ve found five which your groomsmen will love to wear. These boutonnieres are special: they’re handcrafted without the use of fresh flowers, so you don’t have to keep them cool (or worry about them wilting). They’ll look perfect for photos all day and all night — plus, they’ll last forever. We spotted these boutonnieres over at The Sunny Bee and I was instantly smitten with the pine cone bout shown below. I think it is my #1 top pick for fall boutonnieres ever. Quite a tall order, no? Take a look and you’ll see why!

Boutonnieres – Fall Weddings

1. Woodland Pine Cone Boutonniere

woodland pine cone boutonniere by The Sunny Bee | boutonnieres fall weddings

by the sunny bee

These Leather Groomsmen Wallets Will Make Amazing Gifts
(+ Giveaway!)

There’s a wedding giveaway inside! Don’t miss it: subscribe right now.

Leather and friendship both get better with time; that’s just one reason why a gift made of leather is one of our favorite picks for groomsmen! Leather is a popular material used in the making of messenger bags like these, key fobs, toiletry kits, and wallets, just to name a few. Our favorite? The wallet. You just can’t beat a high-quality, completely functional gift that everyone needs, wants, and uses.

In today’s post, we’re sharing a collection of leather groomsmen wallets by Mr. Lentz. This shop has it all when it comes to leather and his groomsmen wallets are unlike anything we’ve seen yet. We’ll tell you why these wallets are extra special. Plus, we’ve teamed up with Mr. Lentz to give away a wallet to a lucky reader as a gift for a groomsman, Best Man, or the groom himself! You’ll be impressed by the hard work and dedication that goes into each handmade piece — we sure are! Enjoy!

Leather Groomsmen Wallets

leather groomsmen wallets - 2

Why This Groomsman Flask Is a “Real Man’s Flask”

Flasks are one of the most popular groomsmen gifts because there are so many styles, sizes, colors, and custom options to choose from. But some flasks look cheap and flimsy. In fact, most flasks we have seen aren’t as well-made or durable as we’d like them to be. And when you’re giving a groomsmen gift, you want to pick something that is going to last. So, you can imagine our excitement when we stumbled upon SWIG Hip Flasks. We were blown away by their unique look, feel, and quality of craftsmanship. This is a “real man’s flask” because it is strong, durable, and more handsome than any other flask we’ve seen. Today we’re sharing our favorite SWIG flasks to inspire your groomsmen gift selection. Which flask is your favorite?

tweed pouch groomsmen flasks |

Groom: These 30+ Wedding Duties Will *Really* Help the Bride

Brides: this post is for your Groom. Share this post with him!

Dear Groom, It’s me, your Bride. I know I’ve been a little preoccupied lately, pouring over wedding blogs and Pinterest for more wedding ideas. I’m just really excited to marry you. And I realized something: there are a ton of groom duties you could do that would *really* help me out. So, I’ve made them into a list. Some of these are really simple, while others are a little more elaborate. And, a few of these are cute ideas I found that I really want you to do. You’ll see what I mean once you start reading the list. Oh, and have I mentioned lately how good looking you are? It’s true. I really should say that more often (cause I’m sure thinking it). Anyway, thanks for helping with our wedding plans. You’re awesome. But you already knew that. On to the list…

groom kissing bride

photo: bonnallie brodeur

9 Wood Bow Ties That Actually Look Pretty Cool for Weddings

Hi, loves! Since Emmaline Bride is the Handmade Wedding Blog, we have come across some pretty interesting and unique finds for weddings. There’s always something new and trend-worthy to share, all made from the hands of talented independent artists. Today’s wood bow ties, shared today in honor of #NationalBowTieDay, are no exception! They are one of the most creative ideas we’ve seen for the groom, groomsmen, and ring bearer. These bow ties are made of exotic hardwood and fashioned into a unique shape and style. Its silk centerpiece makes this a complementing piece to wear with a button-down shirt or blazer. I wasn’t sold on the idea of a wood bow tie initially, but once I saw these styles from Two Guys Bowties, I could see why they’re so insanely popular right now on Etsy. These bow ties are especially fitting for an offbeat, unique, nerdy, or hipster inspired wedding. If your groom has an quirky style and craves something way less traditional, these wood bow ties are worth a look! See which nine handpicked ties we’ve discovered below. Enjoy!

P.S. There are more styles to see right here!

Wooden Bow Ties for Weddings

1. The Doc

black bow tie

by two guys bowties

100 Most Unique Groomsmen Gifts for 2015

It’s here! It’s here! The ultimate (annual) groomsmen gift guide is right here! Check it out below + show some love to our handmade artisans featured below. Oh, and by the way, are you subscribed yet?

We are so excited to share the best unique groomsmen gifts for 2015! We love doing this round-up every year and we’ve included some new, incredibly unique finds for 2015. If you’re looking for gifts to say thanks to your groomsmen, you’ve found 100 of them right here to give you some ideas. We found something for everyone! So, go get a huge cup of coffee and get ready to dive in to the guide below because these wedding finds are pretty amazing. Enjoy!

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated from March to reflect new groomsmen gifts! This is now an even more comprehensive list with 100 groomsmen gift ideas in total.

Unique Groomsmen Gifts

1. He’ll love one of these unique tweed-covered flasks

I’ve seen one of these in person and they’re awesome. The pouch is handmade using exclusive Harris Tweed sourced directly from the weavers and mills on the Isle of Lewis and Harris in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. how’s that for unique?

by swig flasks

2. This passport wallet is stylish for the international traveler

passport wallet | 50 Most Unique Groomsmen Gifts | via

by mr lentz

3. These mason jar cap catchers are pretty neat

bottle opener mason jar

by teddy’s room

4. One of these latitude/longitude bracelets is great for the geo-caching fan

5. Speaking of, here’s a pretty rad geo-caching tool

6. Does he love running? This running bib and medal(s) holder (with chalkboard for personal records) is a perfect gift idea

pr chalkboard bib and medal holder

by york sign shop

7. This forked style keychain bottle opener will definitely come in handy

snake bite bottle opener | 50 Most Unique Groomsmen Gifts | via

by snake bite co.

8. Pick out his favorite cigars and put them in one of these

9. A bobblehead that is designed to look like him

groomsmen bobblehead | 50 Most Unique Groomsmen Gifts | via

by bobbleheads

10. One of these swanky engraved pocket watches

engraved pocketwatch | 50 Most Unique Groomsmen Gifts | via

by swanky badger design

11. A personalized cigar box like this one

personalized cigar box groomsmen gift

by swanky badger design

12. This awesome Billy Murray wine bottle stopper (because, why not?) from Meriwether of Montana

bill murray wine stopper

meriwether of montana

13. And this wine tool box with engraving from The Smilin Bride

barrel shaped wine tool kit groomsmen gift

by the smilin bride

14. Golfer? Give them one of these cool golf ball markers

15. For travelers, this weekend bag with personalization is a good choice from Heritage Wedding

weekend bag with personalization

by heritage wedding

16. A subscription to one of the coolest men’s subscription boxes

It features a collection of curated men’s products every month.

sprezza box

by sprezza box

17. One of these personalized compasses is always a great idea

engraved compass

by paperonly

18. A gift certificate to his favorite restaurant

19. One of these custom ammo boxes is neat for hunting buddies

20. Bearded outdoors-men? Get them some of this

21. Speaking of beards, he’ll love one of these beard combs from Burton and Levy:


by burton and levy

22. Or some of this mustache wax to keep it on fleek

23. This leather men’s toiletry kit

mens toiletry kit | 50 Most Unique Groomsmen Gifts | via

by mr lentz

24. An engraved money clip

money clip | 50 Most Unique Groomsmen Gifts | via

by tracy tayan designs

(to see the full list, click here if you’re on the homepage)

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