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This Father of the Bride Tie Patch is the Best

Need a gift for dad? Check out this father of the bride tie patch. It is seriously sweet. And while you’re here, subscribe for the latest!

Such a cute gift idea! - Father of the Bride Tie Patch

by sew happy girls

Hi, loves! We’ve talked about father of the bride gifts, best groomsmen gifts, and wedding gifts for parents, but I always come back to the tie patch when recommending gifts for the father of the bride. Find out why it makes such a great gift for dads…

Funny Groomsmen Cards He’ll Want to Send

This post is for our grooms! We’re sharing funny groomsmen cards for asking your dudes to stand up. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss additional posts for groomsmen, wedding tips, and ideas for the bride.

Suit Up | Funny Groomsmen Cards He'll Actually Want to Send | via

by catch22 cards

When you’re asking groomsmen to be in your wedding, how will you do it? If you take a cue from brides, throwing a “be my bridesmaid” party or giving them be my bridesmaid cards or cute gifts like these may not be what you have in mind. Guys do things differently and we get it. Sometimes a phone call or fishing trip or quick chat during the football game is all it takes to have them as a part of your wedding crew. But if you want to ask more officially with a card (with or without one of these awesome groomsmen gifts), here are some you’ll like. These groomsmen cards are a) totally to-the-point, b) sure to add a little humor to the mix, and c) easy to give as-is or with one of these awesome gifts. Read on to see which funny groomsmen cards made the list!

5 Beautiful Boutonnieres for Fall Weddings

If you haven’t ordered boutonnieres for your fall wedding, you’re in luck! We’ve found five which your groomsmen will love to wear. These boutonnieres are special: they’re handcrafted without the use of fresh flowers, so you don’t have to keep them cool (or worry about them wilting). They’ll look perfect for photos all day and all night — plus, they’ll last forever. We spotted these boutonnieres over at The Sunny Bee and I was instantly smitten with the pine cone bout shown below. I think it is my #1 top pick for fall boutonnieres ever. Quite a tall order, no? Take a look and you’ll see why!

Boutonnieres – Fall Weddings

1. Woodland Pine Cone Boutonniere

woodland pine cone boutonniere by The Sunny Bee | boutonnieres fall weddings

by the sunny bee

30+ Groom Duties That Will Really Help the Bride

Groom: this groom duties post is for you! Be sure you subscribe and stay in the loop, too!

Dear Groom, Heyyyy handsome, it’s me, your Bride. I know I’ve been a little preoccupied lately, pouring over wedding books and Pinterest and reading endless wedding blogs for even *more* ideas. I’m just really excited to marry you. And I realized something: there are a ton of groom duties you could do that would *really* help me out. So, I’ve put them all into a list. Some of these are really simple, while others are a little more elaborate. You don’t have to do them all… but a few here and there would really make me feel less stressed. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this, and for helping me with these wedding plans. You’re awesome. But you already knew that. On to the list…

Oh and, you know, kiss me like this.

groom kissing bride

photo: bonnallie brodeur

5 Amazing Wood Rings for Your Groom

Are you looking for wood rings for the groom? You’ll find five of them below! But first, make sure you’re on the list!

koa wood rings barrel ceramic

by northern royal

Are you looking for a beautifully crafted wedding ring for the groom? Perhaps a non-traditional ring or something more his style? Maybe you’re planning a barn wedding or woodland wedding and love the look and feel of real wood? If you’ve answered yes then you’ll love these wood rings from Northern Royal! They are handcrafted using 100% authentic natural woods — like koa wood, as one example — along with tungsten, ceramic, or titanium to last a lifetime. These aren’t factory-made rings, either: Northern Royal is a husband and wife team based in Ann Arbor, Michigan (yay for fellow Michiganders!) who are passionate about providing the most unique wedding bands possible. These beautiful rings can be made for both men or women; however, we’ve handpicked our favorite men’s rings to share today. Which one do you like best?