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15 Best Gifts for the Bride from Groom

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15 Best Gifts for the Bride from Groom |

Hey, Grooms: this post is for you! What are the best gifts for the bride from groom? We’ll tell you in today’s blog post! But first, whether to give the bride (or groom) a gift on the wedding day is a common question especially after we published this.

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Should you do it? Well, it really comes down to your own personal preference (and budget). I’ve seen it done both ways. Some couples find a wedding day gift exchange to be a fun thing to do (or even as a way to surprise the groom or bride) before the ceremony. I’ve also seen couples skipping this new custom altogether. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. If you do want to send a gift to your bride while she’s getting ready with her bridesmaids, here are some awesome gift ideas! Read on to see fifteen best gifts for the bride from groom with an Ask Emmaline question from groom-to-be, Mark…

Wedding Date Cuff Links — Handmade-a-Day

wedding date cufflinks

by aristocrafts

Hi, loves! Ready for today’s handmade-a-day wedding pick? You’ll love this one! It’s a gift for the groom that can also count as “something blue” for you, too! These wedding date cuff links — handmade by the lovely Aristocrafts — feature your wedding month and date in beautiful embroidery. Pick a favorite shade of blue to act as your “something blue” or choose another color to coordinate with your wedding. Makes a beautiful wedding day gift from the bride to her groom!

10 Most Emotional Wedding Photos

Editor’s Note – 5.8.16: Hi, loves + Happy Mother’s Day! We published this post awhile back but thought it would be a great fit for today. Wait until you see the photos with the mother of the bride, especially #4 — it’s one of my favorites! We wish all moms a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Today, we’re talking about emotional wedding photos: those real, tear-jerking candid moments captured on film. While planning your wedding, one thing remains certain: your day will be packed full of emotionally-charged, fleeting moments in time. Today, we want you to take a moment to put down the peonies, step away from the mason jars, and put all your stress on hold. Remind yourself why you’re getting married in the first place: love.

My wedding was seven years ago, but I remember the details like it was yesterday. My sister woke me up early that morning with a super enthusiastic, “Happy Wedding Day, Bride! Wake up… the big day is here!” (Seriously, best MOH in the history of ever.) I remember my mom and sister helping me get ready, putting on my veil (my mom’s, worn on her own wedding day), and peeking through windows in anticipation as family and friends gathered. I remember my dad seeing me in my gown for the first time, our father-daughter chat before Canon in D began, and seeing my groom at the end of the aisle once the doors opened. Pure magic. These significant moments made my wedding day extra special, and your moments will be unique, too. Make sure you take time out to enjoy them. (Also, make sure your photographer is ready to capture those candid shots – I’m glad ours did!) Today, we’ve gathered up ten of the most emotional wedding photos. We hope it helps you create your own list of must-have wedding photos and remind you of what’s truly important. So, without further adieu, let’s begin…

10 Most Emotional Wedding Photos

1. The Bride Gets Teary Eyed

In this shot, the bride is teary as she recites her vows. I love how you can see the bridesmaids in the background.

10 most emotional wedding photos - #1. bride gets teary eyed at ceremony (photo by julie harris)

photo by julie harris photography

“Modern Wedding Rings for Men?” – Ask Emmaline

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by lily emme jewelry

Hi, loves! Ready for a new Ask Emmaline question? This one comes to us from Hannah who asks,

Hi Emmaline! My fiancee and I prefer modern style and I’ve already picked out my wedding band. But we’re looking for a ring for him and we haven’t been able to find anything modern enough to suit his style. Do you have any suggestions?

Great question, Hannah! We sure do — and just wait until you see the modern wedding rings we’ve gathered to show you from LilyEmme Jewelry. Read on for more…

Giveaway: Win a Leather Beer Holster for Groom or Best Man

beer holster best dudes

by rocky mountain holster

Man oh man, the groom and groomsmen are really lucking out these days with these gift ideas and giveaways at Emmaline Bride! For example, yesterday we shared this custom fishing lure up for grabs, and now we’re giving away an awesome leather beer holster for the groom or his best man! If you love these drink holders as much as we do, you should get an entire set for your crew — aka “Best Dudes”, as shown on these holster examples. For a little extra, you can have the names of the groomsmen engraved into the leather or the Texas star. Enter for a chance to win below!

25 Best Outdoorsy Groom / Groomsmen Ideas


photo: tim coulson

Emma here! Tell me if this sounds familiar. Your fiancé loves fishing. He hunts (or he goes to a cabin and drinks with his buddies, ha). His ideal day might include hiking, mountain climbing, mountain biking, hunting, or camping — pretty much anything related to being out in the woods, on a river, in a rustic cabin, or on a mountain. He can easily build an awesome fire like it’s no big deal, has a natural affinity of woodworking, and mowing the lawn or general outdoor yard work doesn’t bother him in the least (because at least he gets to be outside). He might have a boat, on which he takes fishing trips on the weekend or for a Saturday afternoon and gives it a clever name; he also brings back some seriously awesome catches because it comes naturally to him. He might have a beard — or, he doesn’t, but he rocks some pretty awesome stubble on the weekend. And he probably owns at least one flannel shirt and a favorite pair of very worn-in jeans.

If any of these sound familiar, you are about to marry a true outdoorsman, a guy who loves to be surrounded by nature, go on adventures, and explore the great outdoors. And you’re lucky because if you’re not outdoorsy yet, you will be soon enough — or you’ll at least discover an appreciation for new hobbies you can do together (i.e. kayaking, hiking in the woods, or rustic camping, all of which I’ve acquired as wife to Andrew). You’ll also notice that with your outdoorsy groom, he has probably picked a crew of outdoorsy groomsmen who happen to hone the same hobbies as he. Today We’re tackling some of our favorite attire ideas, beard tamers, outdoor groomsmen gifts, reception ideas, and more, all for that adventure-seeking dude you love oh-so-much (and his pals). In this post, we’ll show you how to apply some of the best outdoors-themed wedding ideas for your big day to surprise him. Enjoy!