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Where to Buy Wedding Handkerchiefs?

Wondering where to buy wedding handkerchiefs? You’ll find it here! Make sure you follow us on Pinterest for other fun wedding finds.

Handkerchief by Aristocrafts | via Where to Buy Wedding Handkerchiefs via Emmaline Bride: http://emmalinebride.com/bride/where-to-buy-wedding-handkerchiefs

by aristocrafts

Hi, loves! Emma here. Question: are you a fan of handkerchiefs? A bridal handkerchief is usually one of those wedding day accessories you either a) need to have, as you’ll be Mrs. Waterworks all night (like me), b) want to have, as a keepsake item, or c) neither, as you didn’t really know it was a thing until we brought it up. If you’re part of the first two groups, you’re in the majority, as wedding handkerchiefs are a pretty popular item among brides — probably about as necessary as (an awesome) waterproof mascara on your big day. Tears of joy are likely going to fall on your wedding day and a handkerchief is so much prettier to have close at hand than nudging your Maid of Honor to pass over a kleenex or stashing some tissues in your own clutch purse. If you had no idea wedding handkerchiefs were even a thing to add to the list, go ahead and get it on there now! We’ll show you some examples of beautiful and affordable wedding handkerchiefs, share tips on where to store yours for the big day, and even show you where to buy wedding handkerchiefs so you can cross this off your list right now. How’s that for kicking off your weekend? Read on to find out more…

7 Things You MUST Pack in Your Wedding Bag

bridal clutch

by cloe noel

Hello, loves! You’ve heard of emergency wedding kits in the past, but carrying around all that extra “stuff” can weigh heavily on your wedding bag. And, most wedding bags or clutches can only carry so much! Today, we’re cutting down on the clutter and sharing the seven things you absolutely must pack in your wedding bag. These carefully selected items are what we feel will keep you happy, pain-free, and embarrassment-free, too. We could always add more to the list – like mascara, and eye makeup remover – but we’re focusing more on things you’ll want to keep on hand. (Extras can always be kept in a large tote bag and stored in your bridal suite.) What would YOU pack in your wedding bag if you only had room for seven things? Here’s what made our list…


clutch by cloe noel

Why This Flower Girl Gift is Absolutely Perfect

As the bride, you’ll want to get your flower girl a thank you gift for being in your wedding. But the number one question most brides ask is, what should I get her? Since a flower girl is usually between four to eight years of age, you’ll want to consider something in her size: a pretty necklace (or earrings like these), a cute purse she can carry, a pair of shoes to wear at the wedding (and beyond), or a doll or toy you know she’s been wanting (have you ever seen a cuter teddy bear than this?!). These suggestions are always popular choices, but we’re adding a new one to the list! Find out why this flower girl handkerchief from Canyon Embroidery is becoming a huge gift-giving trend among brides…

Flower Girl Handkerchief

A flower girl handkerchief is a simple idea, but wait until you see how Canyon Embroidery takes it one step further:

flower girl handkerchief

by canyon embroidery

This is the New Favorite Gift for Parents of the Bride

Hi, loves, Emma here! Have you thought about what to give your parents as a wedding day gift? A gift for your parents is a way to show them what they mean to you on your big day. It may seem like a big to-do to tackle, since it requires saying so much in one single gift. But we’ve found a gift they are sure to love (and use!) on your wedding day and beyond. Find out more about these sweet hand-embroidered handkerchiefs from Canyon Embroidery and see how sweet, sentimental, and absolutely perfect they really are!

bride gifts for parents

Win Monogrammed Handkerchiefs for Blissful Tears of Joy

Happy Friday, loves! It’s time for another fab wedding giveaway! This week, we’re giving away a pair of embroidered wedding handkerchiefs from Li’l Inspirations to one lucky winner and his or her future spouse. This handkerchief is a fun way to surprise the groom because you can have a custom message up to five lines of text included. Say something like, “I can’t wait to marry you” and have it delivered to him by the ring bearer while getting ready. And yours can be embroidered in blue as your “Something Blue“, so that’s one more thing you can cross off your to-do list! Enter for a chance to win below!

Personalized Handkerchiefs for Weddings

Here’s an example of the handkerchief style up for grabs. Your monogrammed handkerchiefs will be embroidered with your new last initial OR your first initial.

Monogrammed Wedding Handkerchiefs

by li’l inspirations

Enter below!

Monogrammed Wedding Handkerchiefs — Giveaway!

o Giveaway dates: 7/10/15-7/17/15 (11:59pm EST)
o Prize: Win a pair of two monogrammed wedding handkerchiefs by Li’l Inspirations

Details → Two Custom Embroidered Wedding Handkerchiefs. Created in the finest cotton or linen fabric and custom embroidered with their own heartfelt message (a maximum of 5 lines, up to 20 characters per line). Choice of handkerchief design, lettering style, thread color for a truly custom made wedding keepsake.

o Winner has 72 hours to respond to winning email or new winner will be selected
o Free shipping included to U.S.
o No purchase necessary
o Winner has 3 months to claim prize
o Prize value: $75 | No cash value
o Past giveaway winners within 30 days not eligible to win
o Use entry form below to enter…

7 Cute Wedding Handkerchiefs You Can’t Resist

Hi, loves! Emma here. And, I’ll be honest: normally, a handkerchief isn’t my favorite thing in the world. I’m more of a tissue kind of girl. Call me new-fashioned but I like to blow my nose and then, you know, THROW IT AWAY. But I do love when wedding handkerchiefs are used in creative ways at weddings: for tears of joy favors, wrapped around your bouquet as something blue, or as gifts for the wedding party. I even love handkerchiefs on shoes. So, I get it: there are going to be happy tears a-flowin’ on your big day and you might as well have hankies at the ready. That makes total sense.

So, when I saw this ‘Hurry Up and Be My Husband Already‘ handkerchief (shown below, #1) over at The Polka Dotted Bee, I just had to look further into her hankie collection. And I couldn’t resist all the lovely finds there were! So today we’re sharing seven of them and I have to admit — I’m slowly becoming more of a hankie girl because these are just too cute to resist. You can even have custom hankies made FROM YOUR HANDWRITING, which is pretty amazing.

Bottom line? Even if you’re not on board with the whole hankie thing, you’ll totally love these personalized wedding handkerchiefs. Promise. See them for yourself, below!

Personalized Wedding Handkerchiefs

1. Hurry Up & Be My Husband Already

I love this so much. It’s a great way to surprise the groom on your wedding day!

hurry up and be my husband already handkerchief | personalized wedding handkerchiefs | http://emmalinebride.com/gifts/personalized-wedding-handkerchiefs/

by the polka dotted bee

2. Be My Bridesmaid?

3. For Mom

hankie for mother of the bride | personalized wedding handkerchiefs | http://emmalinebride.com/gifts/personalized-wedding-handkerchiefs/

by the polka dotted bee

4. For the Bride

gorgeous floral monogram handkerchief | personalized wedding handkerchiefs | http://emmalinebride.com/gifts/personalized-wedding-handkerchiefs/

by the polka dotted bee

5. For “Something Old”

cute something old handkerchief | personalized wedding handkerchiefs | http://emmalinebride.com/gifts/personalized-wedding-handkerchiefs/

by the polka dotted bee

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Handkerchief

Have you asked your bridesmaids to stand up in your wedding yet? If not, you might want to ask with a creative be my bridesmaid gift idea. One of our favorites is this will you be my bridesmaid handkerchief spotted over at Petite 25 Studios. It’s not only a cute way to ask; it’s a super-soft handkerchief she can use and enjoy for years to come. It’s also helpful for the wedding day for those happy tears. You can customize this handkerchief for your bridesmaid, maid / matron of honor, junior bridesmaid, or flower girl. The handkerchief measures 11 x 11, is made with 100% cotton, and has sweet scalloping along the edges. We love the floral print! It’s placed in a kraft box with a satin ribbon and ready for giving.

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Handkerchief

will you be my bridesmaid handkerchief

by petite25 studios


by petite25 studios

be my bridesmaid handkerchief

by petite25 studios

If you liked this handkerchief idea, you’ll also enjoy other creative ‘be my bridesmaid’ gift ideas at Petite 25 Studios. Jeannie has some of the most creative ways to ask, including a secret message garland, this adorable fortune cookie, and these spools, all shown below:

by petite25 studios

More coming up next!


30+ Best Something Blue Ideas to Steal

Hi, lovelies! Emma here. If you follow the old custom of something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and this for your shoe, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve gathered up the best, most modern something blue ideas — thirty-two in all — to tie into your ceremony. We begin with one of the loveliest clutch purses ever…

Something Blue Ideas

1. Clutch Purse

Carry a clutch purse in your favorite shade of blue. Or, pick a purse with a beautiful blue brooch or floral clip attached to the outside; an inner liner of blue is another fantastic something blue idea.

blue clutch purse

davie & chiyo

#2 + #3: Blue Bouquet and Blue Ribbon

A bouquet of blue flowers (think: hydrangeas) is one of our favorite something blue ideas. We love the ribbon wrapped around the handle, too, for an extra dose of crave-worthy color. (Want a different color bouquet? Go for it and simply wrap your blue ribbon around the handle. Easy!)

blue wedding bouquet hydrangeas

photo: anastasiya belik via burnett’s boards

4. Shoes

Um, a pair of these sky blue pretties from Badgley Mishka? Yes, please!

blue badgley mishka heels randall d'orsay style

badgley mischka

5. Nails

One of the easiest something blue ideas is often overlooked: nail polish! Paint your fingernails or toenails a soft, pretty shade of blue, like this, appropriately named, no?

6. Dress Label

Have a small dress label with blue embroidery sewn into the back inside of your dress.

7. Handkerchief

Carry a handkerchief wrapped around your bouquet in a soft shade of blue. Or, have a white handkerchief made with your initials embroidered with blue thread. Happy tears only.


linen whites

8. Earrings

Go gorgeous with a pair of blue earrings that will make a bold statement.

blue dangling earrings

ava hope designs

9. Necklace

A pretty necklace is something you can wear again and again.

blue topaz necklace


10. Wedding Band

For a something blue forever + ever, pick a wedding band with tiny sapphires in it.

something blue wedding band

kristin coffin

11. Ring

Instead of integrating into your wedding ring set, you can wear a something blue ring just for the occasion.

blue topaz ring for something blue

house on hudson

12. Bridesmaid Dresses

Select a bridesmaid dress in your favorite shade of blue.


into the light via one fab day

13. Undergarments

A light blue undergarment (so long as it doesn’t show through, of course) is an exceptionally secret something blue.

14. Hair Pin

It doesn’t have to be extravagant: a simple, elegant hair pin with a bit of blue is all you need.


eden’s wake

15. Hem

One of my favorite something blue ideas: the blue hem.

16. Garter

One of the most beloved something blues: a garter. This something blue garter has feathers for a fanciful touch.


tessa kim

17. Cardigan

While a more modern idea, a blue cardigan or bolero is perfect for those non-conventional brides (especially in cooler weather).

18. Groom’s Tie

Your groom’s tie is one of the easiest something blue ideas…

19. Pocket Square

… and so is a blue pocket square!

20. Tie Patch

Have a little something embroidered on the back of his tie as a secret something blue he’ll notice before the ceremony.


the merriweather council

21. Locket

Wrap a blue locket around the handle of your ribbon and pin securely. After the wedding, you can wear it as a keepsake.

something blue ideas:  blue locket to wrap around your bouquet

the blooming thread

22. Petals

Toss blue flower petals down the aisle instead of the traditional white or pink.

23. Aisle Runner

A blue aisle runner, constructed from simple blue fabric, is one way to accent your ceremony space.

24. Aisle Decor

Use shepherd’s hooks to hang mason jars filled with blue hydrangeas as decor that looks lovely and doubles as your something blue.

25. Ring Pillow

Have your ring bearer carry a pillow with blue stitching or made of blue fabric. The ribbon that holds the rings can even be the smallest something blue (still counts!)

26. Ring Bearer’s Suit

The ring bearer can be your good luck charm, donning a blue suit or blue necktie and vest.

27. Flower Girl’s Dress

Or, ask the flower girl to wear a soft blue dress instead of traditional colors such as white or pink.

28. Boutonniere

A boutonniere can be wrapped in dark blue ribbon. You’ll notice in the image below that this groom also has a light blue checkered shirt, a dark blue necktie, and a pocket square with a tiny blue checkered pattern, all of which fit into something blue ideas mentioned above. It’s always good to have a visual.


studio stems

29. Cuff Links

His cuff links can count as your something blue. Gift them in a box before the ceremony as a wedding day surprise.

These are pretty awesome.

vinyl blue cufflinks

asgard designs

30. Programs

Who says your wedding programs can’t don a bluish hue?

32. Flower Girl Baskets

Have the flower girl carry a basket painted with your favorite shade of blue.


rustic blend

I know there are even more little known something blue ideas. What’s your favorite? For my something blue, I wore a garter. What will you wear (or, what did you wear) for something blue? Comment below + let’s chat about it.


DIY Wedding Dress Hankie

Need something old, something new, and something blue? We’ve found all three in a fun, easy-to-do craft project. This DIY wedding dress hankie, spotted over at Craftsy and created by Bumblebee Linens, use your own embroidered monogram to add a little “something blue“. It’s designed for those happy tears and can be wrapped around your bouquet so it’s ready when you need it. Makes a cute bridesmaid gift idea, too. Take a look:

DIY Wedding Dress Hankie

diy wedding dress hankie

make wedding dress hankie

Cute, isn’t it? I wish I knew about this wedding DIY while planning my own wedding! Ready to make it your own? Get the free embroidery tutorial here. And, if you are looking for classes, here’s the full list of Craftsy free mini classes to choose from! There are also a ton of free classes at Craftsy.


P.S. If you complete this project, send us a photo! We’d love to see it!