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These Bridesmaid Bags Have Cute Secret Messages Inside

What makes beautiful bridesmaid bags even more special? Just add personalization! When we spotted these bridesmaid bags by the lovely Allisa Jacobs, it was love at first sight. When we looked even closer and saw you could add-on secret personalized messages for your girls, we were hooked! You can add their name to a custom label, include a personalized note, or have her favorite inspirational quote sewn inside. Take a look at some of our favorite patterns newly added to her shop and get inspired for your own custom bridesmaid gifts! Plus, see what we’ve picked as today’s #HANDMADEADAY find. Enjoy!

Bridesmaid bags messages inside | by Allisa Jacobs | Emmaline Bride, The Handmade Wedding Blog

32 Custom Cufflinks That Make Awesome Groomsmen Gifts

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What makes a truly awesome groomsmen gift? It’s easy: one that is handpicked for each groomsman based on his hobbies, favorite movies, books, or sports. A personalized gift always works, too! You only get one shot at the perfect groomsman gift: make it one he’ll remember. To inspire you, we’ve handpicked thirty-two custom cufflinks for your groomsmen. We’ve gathered up geeky pop culture finds from A to Z — Avengers to Zelda, respectively. We’ve also included some hobby-based finds like baseball, fishing, and biking. Our goal is to find a little something for everyone and we think you’ll be pleased with what we’ve discovered. Plus, all of these finds are handmade from Etsy, so you will be shopping small for your Big Day. We love that. Read on for the list!

Cufflinks for Groomsmen Gifts

1. Storm Trooper Cufflinks

These storm trooper custom cufflinks are essential for groomsmen who are Star Wars fanatics! By Juniper and Ivy.

storm trooper cufflinks | Custom Cufflinks Groomsmen Gifts | via

cufflinks by juniper and ivy

This Mason Jar Jewelry is Cute for Rustic Weddings

Mason jars are a staple for rustic weddings, and although they’ve been trending for a long time, we still see those darling jars everywhere we look. When we spotted these mason jar jewelry pieces over at Ellen B Keepsakes, we were inspired by Tracy’s lovely creations! These pieces would make cute gift ideas for the bride and bridesmaids who loves all things rustic or country. Today we’re sharing two mason jar bracelets and a necklace from Ellen B Keepsakes, a petite pair of earrings we spotted at Obsessories, and a darling mason jar jewelry dish by Zinnia Designs. Enjoy all the mason jar lovin’ below!

Mason Jar Jewelry

1. Mason Jar Bracelet with Initials

This first find is our #HANDMADEADAY pick!

mason jar jewelry: bracelet with wedding date

by ellen b keepsakes

10 Cute Bridal Shower Recipe Cards and Boxes

rustic recipe book

by down in the boondocks

If you or someone you know is planning a bridal shower with a kitchen theme, don’t miss this round-up! One of our favorite details for this theme is to include a recipe card for building the couple’s recipe collection.

How it works: Include a recipe card when you send bridal shower invitations. Each recipient fills out the card, bring it to the shower, and adds it to a book or box set aside on a table at the shower.

This is a fun way to give the newlyweds a stack of delicious recipes to try! To inspire you, we’ve rounded up our favorite bridal shower recipe cards and boxes to share today. Plus, check out the bottom of this post which describes a really fun digital alternative. And then tell us: which of these is your favorite?

Modern Red and White Heart Invitations for Weddings

Modern Red and White Heart Wedding Invitations -- love these! By Lucy Loves Paper. |

We’re rounding out today’s awesome posts with one more: our #HANDMADEADAY find! Today’s pick is from Lucy Loves Paper and it has stolen our little handmade hearts — quite literally. These red and white heart invitations will set the tone for your romantically modern wedding and looks beautiful with a red color palette, as shown. (Not into this color combination? Custom colors are available.)

Table Numbers: 3 Easy Tips You Should Know for Weddings

Table Numbers:  3 Easy Tips You Should Know for Weddings |

by whimsical prints

If you have assigned seating at your wedding reception, you will need table numbers so guests can easily find their seats. But there are a few tips you’ll need to implement that you may not have considered. These three tips will make your table numbers better and bolder, so you’ll definitely want to take note. Read on to find out more and see some inspiring table numbers we spotted over at Whimsical Prints. You’ll love these pretty table numbers…

8 Sapphire Engagement Rings Just as Beautiful as Diamonds

While you may already have an engagement ring, perhaps you have a friend who is looking at rings or you know someone who is thinking about popping the question — so this one’s for them! Feel free to subscribe and pass it on!

We know that diamonds are known as a girl’s best friend, but sapphire engagement rings (along with other diamond alternatives) are emerging as a new trend. In fact, I know a handful of newly engaged ladies who are sporting non-diamond rings including sapphires, emeralds, and pearls. This proves that rings are never one-style-fits-all: the ring you select should reflect the ring recipient’s unique style! Today we’re inspiring you with our favorite sapphire engagement rings in sparkling shades of blue. These rings can also double as your “Something Blue”, so, hey, another thing to cross off that never-ending list. :)

Which of these (all handmade, of course) engagement rings is your favorite?

Sapphire Engagement Rings

P.S. This first ring is our handpicked #HANDMADEADAY find! It is handmade by Kristin Coffin.

This Infinity Bracelet Makes a Beautiful Gift for a Bridesmaid

We’re helping you solve a bridesmaid gift problem with today’s post!

Problem: You need a bridesmaid gift that is 1) sentimental, 2) re-wearable, and 3) doesn’t cost too much.

Solution: An infinity bracelet with pearl detail from Vintage Stamp Jewels! It has a sweet “infinity” charm to symbolize your forever friendship, is simple enough for everyday wear, and you’ll love the price. Check it out below!

Infinity Bracelet for Bridesmaids

Infinity Bracelet Gift Bridesmaid by Vintage Stamp Jewels

by vintage stamp jewels