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Mirror Table Number Idea – DIY Wedding Decor

Have you ever stumbled upon something so lovely AND functional that it becomes an a-ha moment? That’s pretty much what happened when I stumped upon this mirror table number idea, where photographer Mary Fields captured a most elegant photo shoot designed by I Heart Rehabs. Here at Emmaline Bride, we love handmade + re-purposed finds, so we couldn’t have been more excited to find a cool vintage find turned functional in this centerpiece idea. See? Table numbers don’t have to be boring.

Here, take a look:

Mirror Table Number

Vintage Mirror Table Number

via glamour and grace

Isn’t it lovely? It’s perfect for the vintage themed wedding! Look for vintage swing mirrors on Ebay (the word ‘ornate’ is a plus) or, for a lower price point, look for a shabby chic option like this. My word, that’s gorgeous. Then, use some liquid chalk right on the mirror to write the table number.

Also, double points because…

1. It won’t blow away.

Planning an outdoor wedding? A tabletop mirror will stay put. No worrying about it blowing away or keeping it in place.

2. It adds a thematic touch.

You can add any kind of mirror you choose to fit your theme: vintage, beachy-cottage, shabby chic, even modern! Here’s one I love (and it’s way smaller in person, even though this looks like a full-length mirror from the photo). And you know how much I love themes.

ornate shabby chic table mirror | use this as a vintage mirror table number! great find from amazon.

3. It’s reusable!

Give these away after the wedding because, really, who doesn’t love an old timey mirror? And who couldn’t use one for their vanity? (Raises hand.)


How to Honor Loved Ones Who Have Passed at Wedding

We received this heartfelt Ask Emmaline question from Cassie, who is getting married this summer. Her grandfather passed away and she wants to honor him on her special day. She writes,

My grandfather passed away a few years ago and I’d love to include a mention to him in some way at my wedding. What’s an appropriate way to do so?

First of all, we are sorry to hear about your grandfather’s passing. To help you honor him at your wedding, we’ve gathered seven of our most cherished suggestions.

How to Honor Loved Ones Who Have Passed at Wedding

1. Put your loved one’s photo inside a locket.

When Abby’s father passed away, she placed his photo inside a locket. On her wedding day, she wrapped the locket around her bouquet so he could be with her as she walked down the aisle.

photo charm of bride's dad in locket wrapped around bouquet - via How to Honor Loved Ones Who Have Passed at Wedding

photo: meagan nicole photography

2. Sew a piece of fabric from their clothing into your gown.

Abby also took an old blue shirt of her father’s, cut out a heart, and had it sewn into her gown. Since it was blue, it also served as “something blue” for her ceremony.

bride's father's shirt sewn in heart on her gown via How to Honor Loved Ones Who Have Passed at Wedding

photo: meagan nicole photography

3. Play their favorite song.

Did he or she have a favorite song or band? Add it to your playlist for dinner (slow song) or reception (dance music) in honor of them.

4. Create a photo table.

Display photos in picture frames on a table at your reception. Include a decorative sign, like this:

credits: left – prairie lane boutique, right – nathan westerfield via southern weddings

If you prefer, hang photos across a wood frame using twine and miniature clothespins. Or, turn wood logs into a makeshift stand with a rustic vibe.

photo credits – left: jo photo online, right rachel peters

5. Mention loved ones who have passed in your ceremony program.

In a section of your program, include a mention underneath ‘In Loving Memory’ with name(s) listed.

6. Light a candle.

At your ceremony, light a special candle in honor of loved ones who have passed.

candle via How to Honor Loved Ones Who Have Passed at Wedding


7. Save a seat.

Tie a ribbon on a chair, place a ‘reserved’ sign, or put a framed photograph of a loved one who passed away to save them a seat.

framed photo on chair at ceremony via How to Honor Loved Ones Who Have Passed at Wedding

apertura photo

Just because someone has passed away doesn’t mean they aren’t there to celebrate with you in spirit. And remember, this is a happy occasion! Smile and remember that they wouldn’t want you to be sad; they would want you to celebrate and enjoy your special day.


Need wedding advice? Just Ask Emmaline! We’re always here to help. ♥

Do you have any suggestions to add?

We’d love to read your suggestions. Let us know how you plan to honor loved ones who have passed at your wedding. You can add a comment below.

Need Wedding Invitations Fast? Here’s the Quick Solution!

It’s time for another wedding question from our Ask Emmaline inbox! (And, seriously, you guys spoil us with your amazing questions. Keep ‘em coming!) Steph wrote to us with an urgent question that we know other brides may be wondering, too. Maybe even YOU! She says,

I’m getting married soon and I need wedding invitations fast. I know there’s usually a deadline for custom invitations but I can’t find anything with rush printing that has a design I like. Any tips? I’m getting really nervous because I read they need to be sent 8-10 weeks before the wedding and we don’t even have them ordered yet. Please help!

need wedding invitations fast? try this printable!

Need Wedding Invitations Fast? Here’s What to Do

Hi, Steph! Don’t fret — I’m sure you’re not the first bride to ask (and you’re certainly not the last). When you need wedding invitations fast, here’s the quick solution: go with printable wedding invitations. But don’t just go with any you find online: do your research and find a reputable online seller who specializes in printable wedding invitations. For instance, we work with many talented designers in The Marketplace that we would recommend in a heartbeat. One in particular is Paper Ink Love, who has a beautiful selection of wedding invitations you can get SUPER FAST. Here’s how it works:

How Printable Wedding Invitations Work

1. Order your invitation.

Pick a design and place your order.

2. Preview the proof. Approve it.

Make sure everything is correct — spelling, time, date, location, etc.

3. Receive your files and take to a printer.

You’ll receive your files online, which you transfer to a flash drive and take to a printer. Go to a print shop locally and tell them you need to print your wedding invitations. They’ll show you special papers, ask questions about printing colors, and more.

That’s it!

Once you have everything printed, you’ll want to get the enclosures (response envelopes, stamps, and a return address stamp) so you can start assembling them. When you’re ready to mail, take to the post office first and have a sample invitation weighed. This way, you’ll know your postage is correct before you begin stamping them. You can ask for them to be hand-cancelled at the post office, too, so they look nicer when they arrive at guests’ mailboxes (without the machine making marks all over the invitation itself).

See Sample Wedding Invitations

Here are some sample designs for printable wedding invitations from Paper Ink Love. Melissa offers print at home invitations as well as print services herself. So, whether you need wedding invitations fast and want to print at home or you have some time and want her to take care of printing, you’ll be able to do either here! Plus, with the many designs available, there’s a little something for everyone! Which style do you love?

need wedding invitations fast? try this printable!

Go + Get ‘Em!

Want to see more? Head over to Paper Ink Love to see the full collection. Tell Melissa that Emmaline Bride sent you — she’s a sweetheart to work with, so we know you’re in good hands. You can also see more wedding invitations in The Marketplace.

P.S. Have a wedding advice question? Just Ask Emmaline! We’re here to help! :)


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