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Air Mail Wedding: 18 Handmade Ideas Sent with Love

Email allows anyone to connect instantly, but nothing can compare to the sweet sentiment of a handwritten note or heartfelt letter from a loved one. That’s why we love air mail wedding ideas from invitations to save the dates, favors, stationery, and everything in-between. There is something sweetly simple about a handwritten note or tag, particularly around the holidays. Today, we’re sharing 18 air mail wedding ideas you will love, beginning with an invitation by Jack and Jill Wedding which ties in the air mail idea beautifully, with a postcard reply for guests to send back with love. Enjoy!

air mail wedding invitation by Jack & Jill Wedding with tear-off postcard (brilliant!)

air mail stamp for your wedding correspondence by Extase

air mail bracelet by Mysc

air mail wedding invitation styled as a boarding pass by Serendipity Beyond Design

air mail clothespins by Another Donkey Design

air mail wedding stickers for envelopes by K is for Calligraphy

vintage-inspired air mail wedding invitation suite by Serendipity Beyond Design

beautiful handmade necklace with envelope and airplane charms by Marolsha

handmade air mail journal for keeping your wedding planning notes at hand by Chinese Calligraphy Art & Design

decorate bridesmaid tote bags with vintage air mail buttons by Retro Nana

handmade air mail stationery set by Cutie Pie Company

air mail wedding favors by Courtney Talbot

air mail styled headband by Modern Crush

air mail necklace with The Eiffel Tower, a postcard and envelope charm by According To She

air mail wedding favor notebooks (set of 8) by Mini Haus

love letter invitation suite by Two For Joy Paper Studio

air mail wedding invitation suite with map by Serendipity Beyond Design

And… we can’t forget about this beautiful DIY we featured awhile back by Lauren Elise Crafted:

Air Mail DIY exclusively designed for Emmaline Bride by the lovely Lauren Elise Crafted

Click here for the full DIY scoop to craft your own DIY save the dates!

Which one is your favorite?


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DIY Bunting Favors

Happy Monday + Happy August! How was your weekend? Mine (Emma here!) was great! I did some housework, gardening, worked on a very special secret project, went on a date with my husband to see Crazy, Stupid, Love (I give it both the movie and its soundtrack 5 stars – such a cute movie) and enjoyed some fun + sun on the beach. I hope your weekend was fabulous, too. :)

To kick off the first day of a brand spankin’ new month + the first day of a new week, we’re showcasing DIY bunting favors! This darling DIY project is exclusively for Emmaline Bride readers brought to you by Lauren of Lauren Elise Crafted. Enjoy!

diy bunting favors

DIY Bunting Favors
by Lauren

Hi Emmaline Bride readers! Lauren Elise here and I am excited to be sharing a DIY for favor bags today. This project is actually a two in one so not only will I be teaching you how to make cute treat bags but also how to make fabric pins that your guests can wear and keep as a memento from your day. To be festive, I created a bunting stamp but you could stamp anything you wanted onto your fabric to personalize the pins to your specific event.

diy bunting favors

I used two different kits for this DIY, a stamp carving kit and a button kit. There appears to be a handful of steps but each kit is actually very simple and after a practice run (or two!), you should be well on your way to making your own stamps and buttons.

diy bunting favors

Happy crafting! And when you are done with this project, you can continue to use the stamp carving kit to make more of your own personal stamps. You will be able to embellish paper goods and favors for all kinds of projects in the future. Enjoy!

diy bunting favors

Materials ::

○ Speedball Speedy-Carve Basic Stamp Making Kit
○ Dritz Button Cover Kit – mine was size 45, 1⅛”
○ pencil
○ natural colored fabric – I used drill fabric but you could also use muslin or twill
○ rubber stamp ink pad or pen in brown
○ patterned cotton fabric
○ super glue pen
○ ribbon in 3 different colors
○ scissors
○ tacky glue
○ Darice tie tacks – I found mine in the jewelry section of JoAnn Fabrics
○ muslin bag
○ rubber stamp alphabet kit – mine was Creative Café Casual Alphabet Set

diy bunting favors

Directions ::

○ Use the Speedball Carving Kit to make a bunting rubber stamp. Follow the directions provided in the kit for more stamp making advice. Use the trace paper provided in the kit to transfer your drawing to the pink carving block {image A}. The size of your bunting will depend on the size of the buttons you use, mine were 1⅛”. The button kit comes with a template.

○ Use the provided gouges in the kit to carve away the block around the stamp {image B}.

○ Use the template in the button kit {image C} to trace circles on your drill fabric {image D}. Cut out the circles.

○ Put ink onto your bunting stamp, either with an ink pad or pen, and stamp onto the fabric circle {image E}. Place the stamp in the middle of the circle. Use the provided tools in the button kit to make your button {image F}.

○ Follow the directions that come with the button kit for more detail. Place your fabric, bunting facing down, over the plastic mold. Place a button shell over the fabric and press both into the mold with the blue pusher tool {image G}. Tuck the fabric into the shell. Press a back into the mold and snap into place with the pusher {image H}.

○ Use the template again to draw smaller circles onto patterned cotton fabric {image I}. Cut the circle out and glue to the back of the pin with tacky glue {image J}. Provide plenty of time to dry.

○ Cut three pieces of ribbon, about 2” in length (I varied the lengths slightly) and glue together with a super glue pen {image K}. Glue the ribbons to the back of the pin and then glue a tie tack on top, all using super glue {image L}.

○ Use the stamp alphabet kit {image M} to spell out “PARTY” and stamp onto the muslin bag. Finally, pin the fabric button onto the muslin bag {image N}. Fill with confetti or treats and enjoy!

*It has been a pleasure to be here with you today! If you have any questions about anything I have made, please feel free to contact me through my blog. I am also available to make anything you see. If you are interested in custom, handmade favors or details, please get in touch because I would love to craft something special for you.


We hope you enjoyed the DIY bunting favors! We have more inspiration coming up soon including a jaw-dropping DIY real wedding you won’t want to miss! (Sign up for the RSS feed so you don’t miss a beat!)


DIY: A Very Merry Mantle + Wintery Décor!

From all of us at Emmaline Bride, we’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas Eve! Today we are sharing a gorgeous DIY decor piece by EB Team member, Lauren! She wanted to give her home decor a personal touch, and she’s bringing us along on the decorating journey. Check out her beautiful work as she transforms her mantle into a stylish winter wonderland.

Take it away, Lauren!

* * *

DIY Décor

Hello my fellow Emmaline readers! Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to pop in quickly today and wish everyone a happy holiday. Have the best day and hopefully you all get to spend it with those you treasure most. I will be surrounded by my family in the next few days and I could not be happier. To me, the holidays are about that time together, not about how many presents you have under the tree. Most of all, I am looking forward to our big family dinner. This year my two new stepbrothers will be joining us! Our family has grown and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Nothing beats this time of year!

Today I have included a few pictures that invite you into my world. I finally was able to do a bit of my own decorating, so I adorned our mantle with some wintry décor. Our living room is painted light blue so to coordinate, I used a white, silver, and gold color scheme. I like things to be a bit different so I went easy on the red and green. I styled the mantel with some items we had from previous Christmases and with my own handmade pieces. I made the garlands this morning and put the entire fireplace mantel together in about an hour. So let this inspire you if you are still wanting to do a bit of decorating before Saturday…there is still time!

I am so excited for 2011 and new projects that I have in the works. I am so fortunate to be a part of the Emmaline Bride team and cannot wait to create some great DIYs for you in the months to come. Come back often for some great inspiration and catch me on my blog Lauren Elise Crafted for more craftiness!

Once again, I wish you all the merriest of days!


*Doily clipart is from Pugly Pixel

* * *

Bridesmaid Hankies for ‘Happy Tears’

Happy Monday, lovelies! Emmaline Bride’s DIY expert, Lauren, is one busy bee with tons of talent. She is a skilled photographer, creative do-it-yourself-er, and designs handmade goods in her shop, Lauren Elise Crafted. We love these recently added vintage bridesmaid hankies which make great gifts. Each vintage hankie is hand-selected by Lauren (she has a sharp eye for design, so you can definitely trust her instincts) and includes a charming keepsake trinket such as a skeleton key, medallion, spool or pocket watch. Your bridesmaid can wipe away the happy tears during the ceremony and cherish for years to come.

View more of her work here, some amazing DIYs at EB here and check out her blog Lauren Elise Crafted.

Sew In Love: DIY Vintage Spools

Happy Monday, lovelies! We hope you had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. We are ecstatic to kick off this week with a fabulous DIY project featuring vintage spools, buttons, pretty fabric, corkboard, embroidery, and more by Emmaline Bride’s DIY Expert, Lauren! Enjoy!

Hello lovely EB readers! It’s Lauren from Lauren Elise Crafted again and this time I am here to share a few projects that involve vintage spools. Emma had mentioned to me that she has a slight spool addiction (a girl after my own heart!) and so this DIY is in honor of her and the vintage lover in all of us. To me, nothing is better than a handmade + vintage combination DIY and that is exactly what I have for you today.

Spools are a perfect detail if you want to create a wedding with a crafty, ‘sew in love’ theme. If you wanted to expand on the ideas seen here, I would definitely recommend incorporating all kinds of stitching details (like hand-sewn paper goods), different fabrics for texture, yarn and yarn balls, and more embroidery. These items pair perfectly with family heirlooms and personal treasures, something that I have tried to highlight in the framed fabric pin board. By bringing in personal items and photographs and scattering them throughout the event, your guests can make a connection with you as a couple and with your families.

Have we converted you to a vintage spool lover yet? Is it important for you to incorporate family photographs and memorabilia and if so, how are you choosing to do it?

What you’ll need:
-vintage spools
-grosgrain ribbon
-disappearing ink pen
-white embroidery thread
-embroidery needle
-tacky glue
-backless vintage frames
-1/4” thick corkboard
-1/4” foam core


1. To make the spool escort cards, cut your grosgrain ribbon down to about a 10” strip. Use a disappearing ink pen to write out guest’s names onto the ribbon {image a}. Using a simple backstitch, embroider the names with white embroidery floss {image b}. When the embroidery is finished, glue the ribbon to the vintage spool with tacky glue, holding in place for a few seconds {image c}. Wrap the ribbon around the spool, gluing as you go.

2. To make the framed table number, remove the back from a vintage frame if need be (mine conveniently came without a back). Cut down the corkboard so that it will fit within the frame {image d}. Glue the corkboard to the frame with tacky glue or possibly something a little stronger like crazy glue or super glue adhesive. Make the table number out of buttons. Thread a needle through the cork and stitch each button in place {image e}. You may want to write the number out with pencil beforehand to act as a guide. Follow the directions in step 1 and embroider the ribbon with the word ‘table’ on it. Glue the ribbon to the spool as you did before. Thread a piece of wire through the spool and stick the wire through the cork to hold the spool in place. The spool and ribbon should hang freely next to the table number.

3. To make the fabric pin board, remove the back from a larger vintage frame. Cut a piece of foamcore or foam board down to the size of the frame. The foamcore should be cut so that it will pop right into the back of the frame. Cut a piece of fabric so that it is slightly larger than the foamcore piece. Glue the fabric to the foamcore with tacky glue {image f}. Glue all of the fabric edges, pulling tight as you go {image g}. Pop the fabric covered foamcore into the back of the frame {image h}. Mine fit snuggly enough so I did not need to attach it to the frame but you may need to use glue to adhere together. Pin photographs, crafts, and family heirlooms to your pin board!

It has been a pleasure to be here with you today! If you have any questions about anything I have made, please feel free to contact me through my blog. I am also available to make anything you see. I would love to craft something special for you!


About the Author:
Lauren is part of the DIY Team at Emmaline Bride as our resident DIY Expert. You can find more of her EB exclusive projects here + read her blog here!

DIY School-Themed Tablescape


wedding diy by lauren elise crafted

Hello lovely EB readers! It’s Lauren from Lauren Elise Crafted again and today I am bringing you an entire table design that will provide you with some inspiration if you are considering a school-themed wedding or event. I have some great suggestions for you that are both easy and economical but provide you with that great handmade look that we all love.

Because I was a student not too long ago, fall reminds me of all things school. The pencils, the paper, the notebooks, all that inspired me while creating this vintage schoolyard chic tablescape. I absolutely fell in love with the idea of incorporating this theme into a wedding and I think the design possibilities are endless. You can include family heirlooms, elements that you have around your house, and even unique vintage store/flea market finds. Here is a list of elements that I used in my design and a possible starting point for you if you want to recreate this look for your own event.

line breka

School-Themed Inspiration + Where to Find:

{1} * Family Photographs & Heirlooms:  These are easy to obtain because you already own them. Your guests will love looking at grade school pictures of your families through the ages, old report cards, or even kindergarten art projects. All of these things will allow your guests to feel more connected to you. Include some fun toys or mementos from your childhood to make it even more personal.

{2} * Antique Store Finds: You can find some great deals on vintage school supplies at nearby antique stores or online on Ebay and Etsy. Look for old books, a globe, composition notebooks, pencils, typewriters, or even a child’s desk. I have found so many little trinkets and toys throughout the years that would be perfect for an event like this and most of them would not break-the-bank either.

{3} * Lined & Graph Paper: To me, school paper is the best purchase because it is inexpensive and it can be used in countless ways. I made a few examples of some paper goods using lined, graph, and handwriting paper (the type with the dotted line through the middle). Cut paper into triangles and thread with string to make bunting. Fold the paper accordion style and make paper pinwheels. Cut out paper in the shape of a leaf, write guests’ names and table numbers, and pin into apples to act as escort cards (as well as a snack!). Or roll into a cone and fill with pom poms (or flower petals, bird seed, etc.) so that guests have something to shower you with as you come back up the aisle.

{4} * Library Cards & Pockets: I used the library cards as save-the-dates. You can either buy premade cards and stamp the details onto it or you can design your own cards (I used Illustrator). Library cards could also be used as escort cards, invitations, or place cards.

{5} * Pencils, Colored Pencils, Markers, Crayons, Chalk: These writing utensils can be handed out to guests as favors and used for signing the guest book.

{6} * Flash Cards: I designed my own flash cards and had them printed out so that guests could sign the cards, hang and display them, and have them become a part of the décor. You could also display vintage flash cards for a touch of old ephemera.

{7} * Chalkboards: Chalkboards can be hung as signs at the ceremony and reception but also work as table numbers or props in a photobooth. Buy a small container of chalkboard paint so that your guests can write chalk messages over all kinds of things.

{8} * Polaroid Composition Book: Buy a composition book to use as a guest sign in. If you have a Polaroid camera handy, guests can take snapshots of themselves and include them in your book. If you create a little photobooth area, guests can use props and backdrops to take silly pictures.

{9} * Note Folding Station: Passing notes in class is a big part of school and a note station would be a great way for guests to do something interactive and pass their own sweet messages to the bride and groom. Give examples so that guests will know how to do the folding. Leave out a bunch of colored pencils and markers so that your notes can become works of art for you to admire for years to come.

So what do you think? Wouldn’t this be a great theme for a wedding? I really like how it can be personalized with all the family memorabilia. Your guests will really appreciate it!


DIY Photobooth Backdrop

diy photobooth backdrop

DIY Photobooth Backdrop by EB DIY Expert, Lauren of Lauren Elise Crafted!

I am loving the trend of photobooths at weddings. They provide a lot of entertainment for guests and instant memories for all. There is a carnival-like nostalgia surrounding them, a nod to a more simple and innocent time. It is universally accepted that once in a photobooth, one must let loose, make funny faces, and have fun! As a designer, I am drawn to the beautiful backdrops that seem to accompany photobooths lately. There are so many great examples and I am wowed by the creativity.

But what if you’re on a budget? Or you do not have the time to stitch, glue, or construct an elaborate creation?

This DIY photobooth backdrop is completely economical for any budget, made from items that you can find at your local craft and hardware stores (or even around your house). Short on time? I was able to complete this backdrop in about 30 minutes because I already had the supplies on hand. This is a cute and quick creation that would be perfect for a small, do-it-yourself event.

What you’ll need:

-kraft paper: I would get at least 36” wide but maybe 48” depending on use. The initial expense to buy a role of kraft paper will be more expensive, $20-$40, but the cost of just the backdrop will only be a small fraction of this price. The rest of the role can be used for all kinds of projects later on. I bought my kraft paper at Home Depot in the paint section for around $10-$15.

-paint: I think most paints would work. I actually used left-over fabric paint from another project and it worked fine. Just test it beforehand and make sure it provides enough coverage on the paper.

-a sponge brush

-cardstock scraps for templates

-a black Sharpie pen


1. Lay your kraft paper out on a flat surface and use heavy items to weigh it down and prevent shifting.

diy photobooth backdrop

2. Use cardstock scraps to cut out the templates for your design, in this case little triangles for bunting.  I made multiple templates because the cardstock eventually becomes saturated with the paint and gets messy.  I would switch to a new template once this happened to keep things clean.

diy photobooth backdrop

3. Use a sponge brush and the template to start painting your backdrop.  For more precision you could sketch out your design beforehand but for the mini bunting, I just eye-balled it.

diy photobooth backdrop

4. Once you are done painting, let it dry.  My paint dried in about 10 minutes but vary times based on the paint you use.  To connect the mini bunting, I used an ultra-fine point black Sharpie.  To hang use pins or tape, preferably at all four corners because kraft paper tends to hold its shape and roll up slightly.

diy photobooth backdrop
Tada!  Your own custom photobooth backdrop made in less than 1 hour…très magnifique!

Lauren Elise Crafted is a photographer, crafter, EB’s official DIY Expert!  We are thrilled to share her inspirational ideas with our readers + spread the DIY love! Check out her blog at