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Jonathan + Lindsey’s Marbles Kids Museum Wedding

Fun, fun, fun! Jonathan and Lindsey’s wedding was exactly that, fun! Their wedding planning led them to one of the coolest places in Raleigh, the Marbles Kids Museum. Their Marbles Kids Museum Wedding is something unique and creative. The museum’s colorful themes and cool atmosphere made for some incredible wedding photos. We can only imagine how much fun their wedding guests had that night and how they’ll always remember Jonathan and Lindsey’s wedding. Their wedding day excitement was captured by photographer Carolyn from Carolyn Scott Photography.

Carolyn tells us, “It was held at the Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh, North Carolina. It is a beautiful and fun space! The couple, both math professors, made the most out of their surroundings and enjoyed every minute of it!”

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All images courtesy of Carolyn Scott Photography. All Rights Reserved.