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How to Make a Photo Album That is Beautiful for Weddings

Do you want to create a photo album yourself that will look absolutely amazing? Are you tired of waiting months for an expensive album when you want to show off your photos right now? We hear you — and our friends at Mixbook hear you, too! That’s why they’ve created the easiest wedding photo book maker with incredibly beautiful results. They use only the highest-quality, heavy-weight papers that are ethically sources from sustainable forests and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and the Rainforest Alliance. There are many photo album sizes and dimensions to choose from along with complete customization at your fingertips. Read on to find out more and reveal an exclusive discount just for our readers! Plus, you can enter for a chance to win $200 towards YOUR book (or anything else you love on their site). Enjoy!

Photo Album for Weddings

Here’s one of our favorite book examples from their gallery. The style is named Industrial Chic.

Photo Albums Weddings | by Mixbook |

Why This is an Awesome Gift for Bridesmaids

When we receive questions to our Ask Emmaline inbox, we take them pretty seriously. I mean, who else would listen to your questions about anything and everything under the sun, anytime of day, any day of the year? WE DO. We love to hear your questions, so don’t be shy… keep sending them in!) Today we are sharing a question that came in a few weeks ago from Marisol, and while we could give her a myriad of answers, it seemed to fit in nicely with the post we had planned for today. She asks,

I want to give a unique gift to my bridesmaids, but I’m not sure where to start. My sister is my Maid of Honor and my three bridesmaids are friends from high school and college. We each have a long history together, so something that is sentimental would be nice. Any ideas?

Photo Albums for Bridesmaids

Fantastic question, Marisol! We’ve shared so many amazing bridesmaid gift ideas in the past (even A to Z), but one of my favorite new trends is a scrapbook or photo album customized by you.

beautiful photo albums bridesmaids

It seems like everyone takes THOUSANDS of photos (every, month, really, and since becoming a mom, I’ve had to transfer my photos over every few days because I take so many of Baby Andrew!) and they stay locked up as digital files forever. Isn’t that sad? Photos shouldn’t be kept on a computer; they should be turned into keepsakes to be flipped through and enjoyed for years to come. So, let this be your inspiration: get out there and print those photos, darnnit! And if you gather up all of those photos from through the years with your besties and compile them into photo albums for bridesmaids, they’ll LOVE you for it.

To start, you’ll want a blank photo album, one that has high-quality pages and leaves plenty of room for your own customization. Visit a scrapbooking store (do you have an Archivers or Michaels near you? Both have TONS of scrapbooking supplies) and grab some embellishments to add to your book. Then, get working on your digital photos: find photos you love throughout the years and send them over to a place like Snapfish to have them printed (or print them at home).

Next, you’ll need photo albums. One of our Featured Artists in The Marketplace is Watermark Bindery, which offers handmade photo albums for bridesmaids, weddings, showers, etc. The owner, Diane, also offers a selection of guest books (with lined pages) and smaller photo album books, too. What really makes them unique, though, is the way they personalize their photo albums and books. Diane tells us, “We hand sew our book blocks which gives us the flexibility to personalize the inside of an album or book. Names, dates, photos or a special thought can be added to the first page before its sewn and glued into the book case. The personalization is done with an Epson commercial printer using archival inks and will last for years and years. It makes your book truly memorable!” So if you want that extra special touch on your bridesmaid gift or wedding accessory, this is one place to go!

Here are some beautiful examples from their shop:

I had the pleasure of receiving a sample album to see the quality in person. This company makes amazing high quality books — I was able to feel the pages, see the cover, and it’s top-notch through-and-through. You won’t be disappointed, loves. Here’s what mine looked like:

These books obviously make great wedding photo albums, too! Here’s an example of how they can put their signature personalization on your wedding album:

personalized photo album via photo albums bridesmaids

Okay, enough hearing about it from me: go see them for yourself! And, P.S. Diane is great to work with, so you’re in good hands!


Photo of the Day » Groom Fist Pump

We love the many amazing reactions we see from new couples after the ceremony. Once it’s official, you bet you’ll be ready to celebrate. Today we’re sharing one of our favorite moments, selected as today’s Photo of the Day: the groom fist pump.

groom fist pump

photo: emily blake photography


Personalized Be My Bridesmaid Cards from Cardstore

Brides: are you ready to pop the question to your bridesmaid and ask them to stand up in your wedding? There’s no sweeter way to ask “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” than with a personalized card. Today we’re sharing one of the easiest ways to make personalized be my bridesmaid cards with your own photos included. (Because, let’s face it, cards are 100x sweeter with personalized photos!) Read on to find out about the new personalized be my bridesmaid cards from Cardstore and see how easy it is to make your own. PLUS, you can save 30% in the process thanks to a special EB-only offer. Read on to find out more…

Personalized Be My Bridesmaid Cards

With their easy-to-use template, Cardstore makes it simple to create custom collages using your favorite photos. You can include photos of your favorite moments together, like those vacations you took together in college to the time you got dressed up for a girls night out. Here are a few chic card designs from which to choose:

Personalized Be My Bridesmaid Cards / Maid of Honor Card

This next card is my favorite. I love the floral design, the typography, and the emphasis on three of your favorite photos, right on the front.

Personalized Be My Bridesmaid Cards / Maid of Honor Card

Personalized Be My Bridesmaid Cards / Maid of Honor Card

Personalized Be My Bridesmaid Cards / Maid of Honor Card

Personalized Be My Bridesmaid Cards / Maid of Honor Card

Making a card is easy: just pick the card you love and click “make my card”.

Make Your Own Card

Once you’re in the design center, just click the boxes to add photos. You can upload your photographs from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, and more.

Once you’ve finished customizing your card, just approve the design, make any edits, and prepare to send. Cardstore will mail cards for you (just include the address and pay for postage) or you can have it shipped to you with a blank envelope to address yourself. This is helpful if you plan to give a gift with your card and you’d like to attach the card to it.

Create Perfectly Personalized Cards at! Shop Now!

Save 30% Now!

The folks at Cardstore are giving Emmaline Bride readers an exclusive discount! Emmaline Bride Exclusive Coupon! Save 30% off all Wedding and Engagement products at Cardstore! Use code: EBRIDE30, Valid through 8/14/14. Shop Now!

This is a sponsored post by Cardstore. Affiliate links in this post. However, at Emmaline Bride we only bring you brands we’d buy or use ourselves! Promise.

Must-Have Photo: Bridesmaids with Chalkboards

As you know, one of our favorite things to do is find real, practical (and fun) ideas from Real Weddings to inspire you. After all, anyone can tell you about a good idea, but seeing it put into play is one of the best ways to get inspired. Today we’re talking about bridesmaids with chalkboards, each describing how the bridesmaid met the bride. Simple enough, right? Read on to find out more…

diy bridesmaids with chalkboards describing how they met the bride

Bridesmaids with Chalkboards Photo Op

This idea turns a simple (+ cheap!) decor item into a totally awe-inspiring photo to capture your big day. You buy a chalkboard (and we’re talking cheap… like $3 a piece) for each bridesmaid. Bring plenty of these — they’re less messy than chalk) and ask each bridesmaid to write how she knows the bride. She can write something like, “7th Grade”, “Groom’s Sister”, “College Roommate”, etc. Then, at some point during the wedding (a great time to do this is in the morning while getting ready) line up and have everyone hold up their chalkboard. Your photographer captures the image and you have a perfect photo for your wedding album.

Cute, right? We love it. The added details – like this one! – will make your handcrafted wedding more memorable + unique.

where we spotted it //

spotted via style me pretty | photo by jen philips


Now it’s your turn:

How do you know your bridesmaids? How many do you have? Tell us below!

7 DIY Wedding Album Tips + Tricks

Brides: are you putting together your own wedding album? Need wedding album tips and tricks for your do-it-yourself creation? You’ve come to the right place! Today we’re sharing seven tried-and-true DIY wedding album tips to help… PLUS, we’re giving away a handmade wedding album to one lucky reader to help her/him get started! Let’s begin, shall we?

wedding album tips and tricks

Wedding Album Tips + Tricks

1. Start with a beautiful blank slate.

Pick a blank wedding album that gives you enough creative space to make it your own. Or, have a custom handmade wedding album made to reflect your unique style.

2. Organize your photos.

Organization is key to a more perfect wedding album. If your photos are on your computer, organize them by file folders; if you’ve already printed them out, place them in piles with post-it notes for ‘yes’, ‘no’, and ‘maybe’.

3. Trust your gut.

Be ruthless when deciding which photos will make the cut for your album. You may like a particular photo, but it might just not work with your overall layout and flow of the album (and that’s ok!) Trust your intuition; you’ll know whether a photo is album-worthy or not. Most albums will fit approximately 125 photos, so you’ll need to choose wisely.

4. Make copies of originals.

Before you do any editing on your computer (or just because), BACK UP YOUR PHOTOS! Make CD copies of all wedding photographs before you do anything else. My sister (and best MOH that ever existed) made copies of my wedding photos for me on CDs as a surprise, and I’m so relieved she did. You never know when you may need backups.

5. Take your time.

Don’t rush the creative process, especially when laying out the photos on your album. However, don’t put it off too long… or you may never get to it.

6. Work together.

A wedding album isn’t meant to be created solo. It can be a fun project to tackle together, so be sure to include your spouse in the process.

7. Tell your story.

A wedding album should tell your unique wedding story from start to finish. Don’t forget to include some pre-wedding photos, too, such as the proposal, engagement, bridal shower and rehearsal / rehearsal dinner, even if you just include a photo or two from each.


Now that you have wedding album tips and tricks up your sleeve, it’s time to win an album of your own! We’ve teamed up with Watermark Bindery to give away a handmade wedding album to one lucky reader. The wedding album measures 10″ x 10″ with 56 pages and the winner’s choice of cover (over a hundred designs from which to choose!) The album title page will be printed with a personalized message of the winner’s choice. Here are a few additional wedding album cover designs:

7 DIY Wedding Album Tips + Tricks (albums: watermark bindery via DIY Wedding Album Tips + Tricks7 DIY Wedding Album Tips + Tricks (albums: watermark bindery via DIY Wedding Album Tips + Tricks (albums: watermark bindery via

Enter for your chance to win!

o Enter between 5/9/14-5/15/14 (11:59pm EST)
o Prize: wedding album by Watermark Bindery
o Winner will be randomly selected and announced on 5/16; winner announced on this blog post and emailed
o Winner has 72 hours to respond to email or new winner will be selected
o FREE shipping included to U.S.
o No purchase necessary
o Winner has 6 months to claim prize
o Prize value: $70 | No cash value
o Past giveaway winners within 30 days not eligible to win
o Use entry form below to enter


7 Fun Ideas for Polaroids at Weddings

One of our favorite wedding ideas is the use of Polaroid (aka Instax) cameras. Sure, they’re a throwback, vintage-inspired idea, but Polaroids are a consistent crowd-pleaser. Today we’re sharing seven fun ideas for using Polaroids at weddings including a polaroid guest book, a life-size Polaroid photo booth backdrop (use it for your wedding, bachelorette party, or outdoor party this summer!), a Polaroid cake topper, and more. We’ve also located the supplies you’ll need to make these a reality. Read on to find out more…

Polaroids at Weddings: 7 Fun Ideas

1. Polaroid Guest Book

Up first is the unique Polaroid guest book, an idea I wish I had known about for my own wedding.

Polaroids at Weddings - polaroid guest book

photo: kate miller photography via junebug weddings

How It Works

To make a Polaroid guest book, you’ll want to gather the following:

Polaroid camera
film (tons and tons of it)
– blank journal or scrapbook
– glue or double-sided tape
– fine-point markers (these are my favorite)

On a table, display a sign that tells guests to use a camera to take a photo and sign your guest book. You can either have guests take a photo and hang on a clothesline with clothespins (see above) or place the photographs inside a book (see below). Since this will be a new idea for many guests, you’ll want to include a sign that gives clear directions (something simple like, “Snap a photo and sign our guest book” will do the trick).

Polaroids at Weddings - polaroid guest book chalkboard sign

via pinterest

Guests will take a photo, print, and stick it in your guest book while signing their name underneath. The bride and groom should take the first photos as an example for guests to follow.

Polaroids at Weddings - polaroid guest book

photo: angela and evan photography via seattle bride mag

If you opt for hanging the photos instead, you can compile the completed photos in a scrapbook of your own after the wedding.

2. Polaroid Save the Date Magnets

If you plan to use Polaroids at your wedding, consider sending a themed save the date magnet to guests to kick off the fun. We spotted these over at Fifth Vintage and love them. You can have filters applied to give your save the dates a vintage look.

Polaroids at Weddings - polaroid save the date magnets

by fifth vintage

Polaroids at Weddings - polaroid save the date magnets

by fifth vintage

3. Polaroid Escort Cards / Seating Charts

Think outside the box: skip a traditional seating chart and use Polaroids instead! Here are three inspiring examples:

Polaroids at Weddings - polaroid escort cards

via the knot

Polaroids at Weddings - polaroid escort card display

photo: leo druker via rustic wedding chic

Polaroids at Weddings - escort cards

photo: matt guegan via bridal musings

If you’re wondering, but Emma, how in the heck do I get all of those photos?! the answer is simple: Facebook. Oh, and clever sleuthing for those who are not on Facebook. You can pull up a user’s profile pic, snap a photo (or print it out and glue to a makeshift Polaroid-inspired cut-out), and assemble the photos in alphabetical order. Write the guest’s table assignment on the back so they know where to be seated. For guests not on Facebook, ask friends or family members to grab a (copy of a) photograph for you to use.

4. Polaroid Cake Topper

Ah, one of my favorite ideas: a polaroid cake topper! This one’s easy: he snaps a photo, she snaps a photo, and the photos are placed into the top of a cake using a simple place card holder.

Polaroids at Weddings - polaroid cake topper

left | beth armsheimer, right | devlin photos via hifi weddings

5. Life Size Polaroid Photobooth Backdrop

Make your own Polaroid photo booth backdrop using foam board. Guests can stand behind it for their photo to be taken. (‘Employ’ someone to be your photographer or have guests take photos of each other.)

Polaroids at Weddings - life sized polaroid photo backdrop

photo: love ala via style me pretty

6. Polaroid Place Cards

If you prefer a personal touch to place cards, consider using Polaroids! I think this would be pretty time consuming for each place setting (the seating chart above would be, too, but I think it’s too cool an idea to pass up) so you can always just make them for the bride and groom or wedding party.

Polaroids at Weddings - polaroid place cards for bride and groom

photo: aok photography via boho weddings

7. Polaroid Wedding Favors

Need a unique favor? Check out these mini polaroid magnets! You could have them made using your favorite engagement photos.

Polaroids at Weddings - mini polaroid magnets

by functional minis

Which of these polaroid ideas is your favorite?


3 Fun Phone Engagement Photos

Hey, tech-lovers: this one’s for you! If you always keep your cell phone at an arm’s length, it would be a fun idea to tie it into your engagement sesh. To inspire your inner techie, we’ve rounded up three phone engagement photo ideas to inspire you. A little cheesy? Maybe. Totally fun? Absolutely. And, at least you’ll have an engagement photo that is unique. Hey, A + I might just snap a photo like this so I can frame it and hang in the office! I noticed all of these use iPhones, but surely you can use any type of phone you heart most. I’m an Android girl myself.

Phone Engagement Photos

Phone Engagement Photos

photo: morgan trinker

Phone Engagement Photos

by complete | via

Phone Engagement Photos


What do you think of these photo ideas? Would you tie one of these into your engagement session?


P.S. Want engagement photo inspiration? Check out our Real Weddings + Engagements where you’ll find tons of ideas!