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Go for the Bold: 10 Colorful Wedding Accessories

Hi, loves! Today we’re tapping into vivacious, totally-in-your-face colorful wedding accessories spotted in The Marketplace! These handmade wedding finds will have you excited about the summer months ahead. If you’re planning a spring or summer wedding, utilize a bright color palette and incorporate colorful accessories into your day! We’ve hand-picked ten of our favorite finds to inspire you… which one do you like most?

Colorful Wedding Accessories

1. Colorful Hair Flower Pins

What do we love just as much as Eclu’s colorful clutches? The flower pins she puts on ‘em! Now you can grab a flower pin for your hair in a whole plethora of colors.

colorful wedding accessories: hair clips by eclu

Veil Alternatives: #1 – Flower Hair Pins

Wedding veils are a beautiful choice for the bride-to-be, but what if you’re not a veil-loving bride? Or, suppose you prefer a veil for the ceremony and want something simple for the reception? Today’s post is for you! We’re showcasing the first in our series of handmade veil alternatives with today’s post honing in on flower hair pins. These sweet handmade pins feature luxurious fabric material and a simple bobby pin, which means you can incorporate it into any hairstyle. To inspire you, we’ve gathered up some of our favorites from the gorgeous collection by Nia Person. Red on to find out more…

veil alternatives: #1 flower hair pins (by nia person via emmaline bride) #handmade #wedding #hair

Dahlia Fabric Boutonnieres

We’ve talked about clever bridal bouquet alternatives like brooch bouquets, button bouquets, and billy button bouquets as a way to hold on to your bouquet forever. So, why not apply the same idea to boutonnieres or floral corsages? Today, we’re bringing you beautiful handmade dahlia fabric boutonnieres which can be worn by groomsmen, by bridesmaids as wrist corsages (just add satin ribbon), or by guests as flower pins at your bridal shower. These dahlia fabric boutonnieres are handmade by When Love Happens and they are adorable. Soft dahlia petals and striped ribbon? Count me in!

fabric boutonnieres

Something Blue Pin

Want a unique something blue? We found it – and, it’s not a garter, pair of shoes, or a hair piece. Today we’re showcasing a something blue pin and necklace set which comes to us from a cute shop known as Love of Pretty. This makes a lovely gift for you – or your favorite bride-to-be – and is brilliant + unique. Read on to find out why and score a special Emmaline Bride readers-only offer after the jump!

something blue pin

Champagne Bridal Brooch

We spotted this champagne bridal brooch over at DB Boutique and we think it’s perfect as a dress sash or accessory for the bride. It’s named the “Isabelle” and is a champagne-colored brooch featuring flowers, cupped gold beads, pearls, and tulle to finish off the piece.

Champagne Bridal BroochChampagne Bridal Brooch

Champagne Bridal Brooch

This would go perfectly with a champagne wedding dress, don’t you think? To see more, check out their website.


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What do you think of this brooch? Are you wearing a champagne wedding dress?

How to Wear A Brooch (with Subtlety)

We’ve been asked many questions by our brides, particularly in regards to how to wear certain handmade pieces. One question in particular is how to wear a brooch with subtlety, when you’re not entirely sure you can pull it off or you don’t exactly like it. Vintage brooches have made a comeback in the past few years, but not everyone is in love with them and they do not coordinate with every gown. For instance, let’s say your grandmother, mother, great-aunt, or other family member with whom has a vested interest has passed down a brooch to wear for your wedding day. The problem? You don’t like it. It’s not your style, it does not match, and you wouldn’t dream of wearing it pinned to your gorgeous gown on your wedding day. But… you don’t want to disregard family tradition, let alone hurt anyone’s feelings… so, what to do? We have found the perfect solution: the brooch bracelet.

how to wear a brooch

Vintage Flower Brooch

Sometimes I stumble upon a jewelry piece so unique my jaw literally drops. Today is one of those days, all thanks to this vintage flower brooch via Which Goose (who exclaims the piece as, simply put, “AMAZING!” – I wholeheartedly agree.) This blossom brooch features a gold metal stem and blooming pink flower + a few glamorous rhinestones. This piece is perfect for the bride-to-be or the mother of the bride and will be cherished for generations.

vintage flower brooch

Five Boutonnieres to Break the Ice + Our Favorite Flask

Groom, this one’s for you! It is likely you will be asked to wear a boutonniere on the wedding day which has been carefully selected by the bride-to-be.  Take a tip from EB and pin it on (it goes on the left) without asking too many questions.  No, it won’t make you look feminine. In fact, Cary Grant wore them well, along with warriors, poets, and soldiers throughout history. We’ve located five boutonnieres you might actually want to wear, and you’ll look darn good doing so. As an added bonus, boutonnieres tend to be great conversation starters, so if you’re faced with the uncomfortable “Here-Comes-Great-Aunt-Whats-Her-Name“, dodge an otherwise awkward situation by commenting on the boutonniere.  She’ll get the conversation rolling from there. Situation: averted.

And, just for kicks, we’re including our favorite flask for the groomsmen at the bottom of this post….. {!}

wedding boutonniere mignonne handmade