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5 Ways to Embrace Social Media at Weddings

Social media has changed the way guests celebrate at a wedding. Instagram this. “Like” this. Hashtag that. Disposable cameras are forever replaced by camera phones, which means everyone can share photos instantly online. Whether you love social media or loathe it, there’s one thing that’s certain: you can’t run from it. Read on for five ways to embrace social media at weddings…

5 Ways to Embrace Social Media at Weddings - chalkboard by rosie and cozy

How to Plan a Wedding with Pinterest

Hello, beautiful people + Happy Thursday! Have you heard of Pinterest? If you’re new to the site, the best way to describe it is a visual pinboard. Imagine you have a huge bulletin board in your office where you tack words, inspiring quotes, organizing ideas, recipes, and more – only, this pinboard is larger than life, includes brilliant ideas from folks around the world, and can be categorized, indexed, and searched in no time flat. Amazing, right? And that’s just the beginning! This site is helpful for literally every area of your life, from organizing your home, cooking meals, cleaning tips, finding DIY ideas, designing your dream (totally unrealistic) home, planning trips for someday, and yes, planning an incredible wedding. Today, we’re focusing on how to plan a wedding with Pinterest by showing you easy how-to’s to turn you into a pinning expert by this afternoon. Whether you’re a bride-to-be, a photographer, a wedding planner, handmade artisan, Maid of Honor, or someone who just loves to be inspired by beautiful things, this is the post for you. Ready to get inspired? Let’s begin… but first, I (Emma here!) must warn you… it is HIGHLY addictive. ;) Enjoy!

how to plan a wedding with pinterest