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Wedding Map for Guests? – Ask Emmaline

We love to hear from our readers, especially when there’s a wedding question that needs answering. (That’s what we’re here for!) When Steph wrote us about her wedding invitations, we knew she had a question that other brides-to-be might be asking, too. Take it away, Steph!

I’m planning a destination wedding at a resort and many guests are traveling to attend. I am nervous they’ll feel out of place or not know where to go and when. Should I include a wedding map for guests, or just print out details on an insert for where to go and when? Should this go out with my wedding invitations?

Great question, Steph! You certainly can make a list of places near your venue and print on an insert, but we recommend going one step further with a wedding map. A map can be included with your wedding invitations and is more visually appealing for guests. It can also be more helpful, too, for guests to see what is nearby without having to map it out on their cell phones or GPS devices. When it comes to wedding maps, one place you can find them is Designer Maps by Zoe. We like these because they’re customized just for your event and they’re totally hand-drawn. These maps are like little works of art! And, they’re definitely worthy of being included with your wedding invitations.

Wedding Map for Guests

A map can show your ceremony venue, reception venue, hotel, restaurants nearby, things to do, highways, beaches, and more! Here are a couple we spotted in this shop:

wedding map for guests via

wedding map for guests via

wedding map for guests via

You can even have a map for your entire wedding weekend:

wedding map for guests via

A map makes a sweet memento for your own home, too! We recommend framing it along with your wedding invite.

To find these maps and see more details, check out Designer Maps by Zoe, Featured Artist in The Marketplace.

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Which Wedding Details to Skip? – Real Bride Advice

We checked in with Real Bride Newlywed, Vicki, for some candid wedding advice for our readers. We wanted to know which wedding details to skip, based on what she did for her own wedding. (Cause, you know, hindsight is always 20/20!) Vicki offers up her advice to our readers PLUS she gives insight on which projects were easiest to tackle herself. Enjoy!

p.s. Here’s the beautiful bride and her groom on her wedding day!


Take it away, Vicki!

Which Wedding Details to Skip?

Vicki: “This answer is totally dependent on the bride. Personally, I skipped having fresh flowers because that takes a huge chunk out of a budget. Our centerpieces and boutonnieres were all dried flowers (and guitar picks for the groomsmen) and the bridesmaids carried clutches they can reuse instead of flowers.”

Here’s a photo of the clutches and the boutonniere from Vicki’s wedding:

bride and bridesmaids with clutches

Vicki: “If you are a bride on a budget, I would advise you to decide what details are most important to you. For example, ours were photography, and foot & alcohol. We cut flowers completely out of the budget (saving a couple thousand dollars in the process!) because I didn’t feel like I needed them. My advice: figure out what is important and what is not in the beginning; it makes it much easier in the long run!”

What were the easiest details to DIY? What were the most challenging?

Vicki: “Our entire wedding was DIY. We were paying for the wedding mostly ourselves, so DIY elements and handmade finds were extremely helpful in keeping with the budget. Our DIY projects also allowed us to have our personalities show! The easiest DIY was the centerpieces (blue mason jars tied with twine with dried baby’s breath and lavender).”

shown here:


“We also had burlap runners that I cut from a roll paired with two tea lights from IKEA. The most challenging was the invites—I’m sure everyone has struggled with formatting and printing issues with irregular documents! With the help of my husband, I figured it out, but it was good I had extra paper!”

♥ | ♥ | ♥

Great advice, Vicki! Thanks for sharing with our readers! You can see Vicki’s Real Wedding here.

So, loves: what’s a wedding detail you might do without? Share below in the comments section!


All photos above courtesy of BG Productions Photography & Videography

When to Say No to the Dress (+ Real Bride Tips!)

You always hear about people saying yes to the dress, but what about saying no? It’s tough to say no sometimes, but it’s so essential to one’s happiness. Why say yes to a dress you’re not totally, 100% in love with? After all, you get to pick one dress… so make it a good one. Today we’re sharing three tips on when to say no to the dress, along with an exciting Real Bride update with EB Bride Blogger, Vanessa. Hint: She said yes to her dress– and she’s got some tips to help you do the same! Enjoy!

When to Say No to the Dress (+ Real Bride Tips!)

When to Say No to the Dress

Say NO to the Dress If… it doesn’t make you feel absolutely beautiful.

If the dress doesn’t make you feel totally gorgeous, guess what? It’s NOT the one! Simple as that.

Say NO to the Dress If… it’s only because of a style you always wanted

Don’t fall into the trap of shopping only for the dress style you THINK you want. Be sure to try on styles even if you don’t think they’d look good on you. You might be surprised! Vanessa, one of our EB Real Bride Bloggers, gives this advice to brides after she tried on her dresses. “My advice is to try on as many styles as possible at your first stop. I found that styles I originally loved were not really for me after all, and by your second stop you will have a better idea of what you want!”

Say NO to the Dress If… you have doubts.

If you really like a dress, but you’re not 100% sure it’s The One, sleep on it. Walk away and think it over. If you find yourself dreaming about it days later, go back and try it on again. Then you’ll know for sure.

EB TIP: How do you know when it’s the perfect dress? Well, you won’t want to take it off. :)

Real Bride Update: Vanessa Finds Her Dress!

We’re happy to report that EB Bride Blogger, Vanessa, has found her wedding dress!


Vanessa gives us some tips + an update:

“I found my dress! That was really exciting because I thought that process might be really time-consuming, but the fourth dress I tried on at the second store was The One. Also, don’t forget to look online ahead of time and bookmark photos of the styles you want. My mom printed photos of every dress I wanted to try on and placed them in the order of what I liked best — this saved so much time, since bridal appointments fly by!”

Great tips, Vanessa!

Well, what does it look like?!?

I know, we’re dying to know, too! However, Vanessa is keeping her dress a secret, and we don’t blame her– we wouldn’t want her groom to see it before the wedding! We even know where she bought it, but we think that might give it away so our lips are sealed!

Have you found your dress yet?

Tell us your successes (and failures!) of wedding dress shopping so far. We’d love to hear from you!


The Easy Trick for Wedding Meal Options – Ask Emmaline

Holy smokes, you guys: keep the wedding advice questions coming! We’re loving ‘em! Today we’re sharing a question we received from Leah. She is getting married this spring but has a question on what to do about wedding meal options. Here’s her question:

The Easy Trick for Wedding Meal Options - Ask Emmaline

Wedding Meal Options

“I’m getting married in May and I’m worried about our reception dinner. Some of our guests have dietary restrictions and we’re having a family style dinner instead of a buffet. Our wedding meal options are chicken, fish, beef, or vegetarian. I don’t want anything to get mixed up with the meals, but I’m not sure how to go about labeling the place settings. Any ideas?”

Great question, and it couldn’t have come at a better time! We were just speaking with Tiffany of TiffZippy and she told us about her meal choice place cards. When you have a meal option place card at each place setting, you’ll eliminate confusion and ensure guests are given the proper meal. Plus, staff are really busy getting all the meals prepared and delivered to guests; an easy-to-see place card really saves them time.

Here are the meal choice place cards we talked about:

Go + Get ‘Em!

You can get these meal choice place cards here. After you receive guest RSVPs back with their wedding meal options, just write out the place cards with the appropriate meal choice. See? It’s easy! And now you have one less thing to worry about!

Happy Planning!


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