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How to Plan an Engagement Party

Posted July 11, 2013 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 3 Comments

Engaged and wondering what’s next? Plan an engagement party! If you’re planning an engagement party for yourself, a friend, or family member, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll answer your top engagement party planning questions, inspire you with engagement party ideas, and show you one of the greatest engagement party surprises we’ve ever seen. Let’s get started!

How to Plan an Engagement Party via EmmalineBride.com

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How to Plan a Rustic Fairytale Wedding

Posted June 25, 2013 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 10 Comments

Hello, loves! Today we’re sharing some delightfully rustic inspiration in the form of a rustic fairytale wedding theme. But first… I recently went camping and my almost seven-year-old niece taught me a thing or two about fairies. At the campfire, she looked into the woods and pointed at brief sparks of light. These sparks – lightning bugs, naturally – are not lightning bugs. They’re fairies. Acorns? Fairy hats. Holes in the tree? Fairy houses. Moss? Moss is just moss. (I thought – pixie dust! – but she informed me, “No, Aunt Emma, that’s just moss.” Bless her heart.) I wanted to share that story to remind you that a wedding theme can be ANYTHING you dream it to be. A fairytale wedding doesn’t have to be all Cinderella carriages, castles, and crowns. If you’re an eco-bride, would prefer a position as princess of the woods vs. the ballroom, and you need some serious inspiration for a unique wedding theme, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’re sharing an exclusive Enchanted rustic fairytale wedding shoot by a stellar team of wedding pros with photography by Jessy Carté. So, without further adieu… let’s get started!

How to Plan a Rustic Fairytale Wedding (photo by Jessy Carte via EmmalineBride.com)

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Hanging Spheres: The Hottest New Decor Trend

Posted June 5, 2013 by EmmalineBride | ♥ Leave a Comment!

Move over, poms – there’s a hot new decor trend in town! I’ve seen hanging spheres before (also called hanging string balls, but ‘spheres’ has a nice ring to it, no?) but I’ve never seen anything quite like these from The Find Sac. A & I have been discussing how we plan to update our backyard this summer. We recently hung these, I excitedly put our patio set and hot red umbrella out for the season, and I jokingly asked him 99 questions about pergolas yesterday. (I secretly just want something chic onto which I can display lanterns, poms, hanging spheres, and these for entertaining.) Anyways, all this outdoor planning has got me thinking about new trends for outdoor weddings. Paper poms and paper lanterns have been popular for years and have undoubtedly opened the door for fresh ideas yet to come to fruition. I’ll never tire of the aforementioned party decor, but I’m ready for something new. You, too? Read on for four reasons why they’re the hottest new thing in town for weddings, showers, and outdoor entertaining this summer…

hanging spheres (by the find sac, photo by ee photography) via Emmaline Bride

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4th Annual Holiday Giveaway Palooza! – Day 1

Posted December 24, 2012 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 58 Comments

Hello, loves! Merry Christmas Eve! Yesterday, all I could think about was how it was already Christmas Eve Eve (or, as my sister likes to call it, “the day before the day before Christmas” which has a nice ring to it). The holidays sure do sneak up quickly! Every Monday at Emmaline Bride, we kick off a brand new handmade giveaway; we thought today was an awesome opportunity to showcase the last official giveaway of 2012 and launch our 4th Annual Holiday Giveaway Palooza! This giveaway series is unique: each day, visit Emmaline Bride to view the day’s new prizes (by a few lovely Featured Artisans from The Marketplace) and enter for your chance to win. Each day is a new chance to win… and this year, the prizes are BIGGER + better than ever! So… grab a huge cup of morning coffee, snuggle into some slippers, and read on for YOUR chance to win handmade goodies for yourself or a friend! Enjoy!

NOTE: This giveaway is closed (ended 11:59pm EST Dec. 24th). The winners are Stacey G, Kelly Anne, and Monica! Please check your inbox on how to claim your prize.

emmaline bride 4th annual holiday giveaway

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Rustic Wedding Ceremony

Posted August 4, 2011 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 9 Comments

Holy wow – this is one amazing rustic wedding ceremony site! Have you ever seen anything like it? There’s so much going on in this image – the hanging poms (how did they… ?), the wooden benches, the rose petals, the burlap aisle runner, the hanging garland, the altar, the TREES, and my goodness – the lighting. This is the stuff wedding dreams are made of, people… wedding dreams. ♥

rustic wedding ceremony

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Doily Poms: DIY Kits

Posted February 3, 2011 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 25 Comments

If you’re looking for a twist on the tissue pom, these doily poms may be perfect for you. These poms were spotted at My Haley Girl and are available in a multitude of colors. They can even come packaged as cute little DIY kits so you can make ‘em yourself at home! Poms of all shapes and sizes add whimsical decor to your photo booth, cake buffet tables, and ceremony/reception sites.

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Crepe Paper Carnations

Posted February 2, 2011 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 14 Comments

Carnations have been given a bad name as a cheap filler flower. Carnations are usually the flower used in school graduations and proms since they can be purchased at a bulk rate. They are available in any color under the rainbow and are famous for their very inexpensive price tag. This doesn’t make them a bad flower – in fact, they are perfect for making pomanders or bunching together as decor. However, in individual form I think they leave much to be desired. In our peony post earlier, we tackled the difficult task of finding a realistic handmade alternative to the stunning peony, while imitating its natural loveliness and hot pink hue (mission accomplished). In this post the tables have turned: we spotted the most gorgeous crepe paper carnations that give real carnations a run for their money.

handmade carnations

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Handmade Accessories: Pretty Pinnings, Peonies & Poms!

Posted December 22, 2010 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 3 Comments

We are in love with this new line of handmade accessories by Postcard Vintage called “Peony + Me”. Simply adorable!  EB TIP:  Use as a decorative seating pin for a bridal shower. It will add a burst of color and make for a lovely take-home favor, not to mention a fun conversation piece. LOVE. ♥

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Spooky Handcrafted Halloween

Posted October 31, 2010 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 1 Comment

{image via HGTV}

Happy Halloween! This is such a great time of year. The leaves are in full-color mode, the air is delightfully crisp and the cider+donuts are plentiful! I was at Target the other day and saw a little girl dressed in her costume, shopping with Mom. She was a fairy princess, and when I looked at her she just beamed, and did a little curtsy. So cute. I immediately thought two things: one, what a nice mom to let her wear her costume out all around town, and two, remember what it was like to be so excited to wear that costume that you just couldn’t resist wearing it for days leading up to Halloween?

I used to “break into” our family costume trunk a few weeks before Halloween. It was this old, rickety, dusty trunk with a broken lock, stashed in the back of the basement, covered in cobwebs and dust. Every year, I’d get the nerve to walk to the very back corner of the basement, among the spiders, cobwebs, and ghosts (as a kid, it’s a terror zone in the basement) just to peek inside the trunk and try on the costumes. I am not quite sure why I felt the need to “sneak” down there to look; I’m quite positive if I asked my Mom if I could go have fun she’d be all about it. But, I think that’s part of being a kid, feeling like you’re doing something in secret and getting away with it that makes it even more fun. There were so many costumes to choose from, what with being the youngest of four kids. My brothers’ GI Joe outfits with the ammo clips; a pirate outfit complete with plastic sword and eye patch; my cat costume with black bodysuit and tail; ‘Belle’ from Beauty and the Beast (the year my Mom even let me play with her makeup and curl my hair to look the part). There are so many memories stored in that trunk, and to this day it still sits, in the back of my parent’s basement, and I’m sure one day my little one will sneak in there just to try them all on…

We rounded up some terrific handcrafted Halloween items + we just had to share! I hope everyone has a scarily spectacular Halloween + don’t forget to eat a few pieces of candy. Some chocolate, a good scary movie, and some snuggle time under a blanket is the perfect recipe for a holiday night.

Can’t wait until Monday when we kick off another week filled with handcrafted wedding goodness! Stay safe out there, kiddos!


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DIY: Pom & Pinwheel Escort Cards

Posted September 15, 2010 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 2 Comments

By Lauren Elise, EB DIY Expert

The multi-tasker in me can always appreciate products that have two or more functions.  This mentality especially comes in handy when you are on a budget.  The next tutorial is perfect for the bride looking to get the most out of her wedding day décor.  Not only can these escort cards direct guests to their seats but they can also double as lapel pins that guests can wear and take home.  I plan to display my pom and pinwheels on cardigans, dresses, and purses.  I always love a colorful, handmade detail!

What you’ll need:

1. Fabric – This project is a great opportunity to use fabric scraps that have been accumulating.  I think it is fun to mix colors and patterns so the funkier the better (it adds to that rustic, handmade feel).  Another great option is to repurpose old t-shirts, clothes, sheets, blankets, etc.  For the pom fabric flowers, I used an old jersey knit t-shirt of my brothers (it had previously been destined for the rag pile so no stealing was involved) and it worked perfectly.

2. Cardstock Template – I used a cardstock circle as my template for the fabric pinwheels.  The diameter of my circle was 2 7/8” but vary your size depending on how large you would like the pinwheels to be.  My 2 7/8” fabric circle turned into a 1 ½” pinwheel.

3. Fabric for the Pom Flowers – Like I said above, I used a jersey knit for this fabric flower but you could use anything.  I used the thread spool as my circle template, so it was a circle with a 1 ¼” diameter.

4. Thread & Needle

5. Date & Text Stamp (& Ink)

6. Manila Shipping Tags – Any size could work but I used tags that were 4 ¾” x 2 3/8”.

Other things you will need:


-Hole Punch

-Pin Backings


1. Make pinwheels out of your fabric circles (the size of mine was 2 7/8”) by sewing around the edges.  Lightly pull the thread as you sew and your pinwheel will start to take shape.  Once you have sewn all the way around, pull tight and tie a knot to secure your pinwheel.  In the crafting world, these pinwheels are also called yo-yos.  You can buy yo-yo maker tools at Joann’s and other craft stores.  Sew a pin backing onto the back of your finished pinwheel.

2. Make pom flowers with your small fabric circles (mine were 1 ¼” in diameter).  You will need about 6-8 circles per flower.  Take one circle, fold it in half, and then fold it in half again.  Stitch through the bottom.  Repeat this with each circle.  Finish the flower by stitching through each folded circle again and then tying with a knot. Sew a pin backing onto the back when finished.

3. Stamp guests names, your wedding date, and table numbers (or any other message) onto the manila shipping tags with date and text stamps.  Punch two holes in the tag for the pin backing.  Attach your pom and pinwheel pins to the manila tags.

4. Display as escort cards and then encourage guests to sport their new pins!


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