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How to Decorate with Burlap and Lace

how to decorate weddings with burlap and lace

by ling’s wedding

Hi, loves! Today we’re fielding a new Ask Emmaline question from Jen who wants to know about decorating her wedding with burlap and lace — a popular combination. She asks a question we know other brides are probably wondering, too! ↓

Hi Emmaline! My wedding is rustic and shabby chic. I want to use burlap and lace as decor but I’m not sure where to start. Do I buy a roll from the store and make everything myself? What do you recommend? I am trying mostly DIY projects and need advice. Thank you!


Hi, Jen! Great question. Burlap is a tricky material to work with, even though everywhere you look you see perfectly executed runners, wraps, favors, bouquets, and more. While you certainly can give burlap a solid go with a roll from a craft store (I’ve grabbed some from Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon online for a little savings), I generally don’t recommend it unless you’ve worked with it before. Here’s why: burlap is a tough, strong-smelling fabric that sheds everywhere. And while I love it, your best bet is to use imitation burlap (especially on tables because the smell really is that strong!) OR buy your supplies from a pro burlap designer (who uses both real and faux burlap). For accents like table runners with lace, for example, getting one pre-made is the best route because the designer has worked with it before and will have a custom table runner made to fit your specifications (and table sizes)…

How to: “Love Is Sweet” Wedding Favors

love is sweet candy bars

by sweet paper shop

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we wanted to share this Love Is Sweet wedding favor inspiration to get your creativity going! While this theme is especially perfect this month, it honestly works any time of year and in any season. After all, candies and cookies and chocolate are all welcome anytime, right? ;) So break out the conversation hearts and get ready to be inspired with some seriously sweet ideas…

“Do You Really Need a Guest Book?” – Ask Emmaline

do you really need a guest book

It’s time for a new Ask Emmaline question! Bride-to-be, Stacy, asks us:

Dear Emmaline, I have been seeing many guest books and I am wondering, do we really need a guest book?


Great question, Stacy! When you’re planning a wedding, there are many details which you may be thinking of skipping to save some money. But should you skip the guest book? We’ll tell you…

Cute Idea → Personalized “Our Love Story” Sign


by the craft and cupboard

I love to discover new and creative ways to personalize your wedding space. One of my favorite ideas is to include a small table at your reception with a few must-haves: a guest book, a card box, a photo collage, and an “Our Love Story” chalkboard, which divulges important dates as a couple (i.e. first date, first kiss, proposal, etc.) to guests. One charming example of this comes to us from The Craft and Cupboard, who has created a charming decor setup which pulls the pieces together with beauty and ease. See how it’s done…

Coloring Guest Book: A Fun Idea for Weddings

color it in guest book

by forever heyday

Have you heard about the latest adult coloring book craze? (You know, Ryan Gosling or Unicorns are Jerks, or even Swoon? Those are the fun ones. You’ve probably seen this in stores, but I’ll admit, there are plenty of hilarious ones out there.) My high school English teacher used to swear by color therapy as a way to de-stress, encouraging us to bring crayons and paper for her lectures. She would even stop class sometimes to admire someone’s work. And now, some years later, it’s the big new thing. Now, I don’t really color (who has time?!) but I do chase around my toddler who loves to get his hands on crayons or markers and draw on anything, and I admit I have filled in a page or two of his beloved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles book (so it counts). So when I heard coloring was a fun new trend at weddings, you bet I got on board. This coloring guest book sounds like a great way to get guests to mingle and leave you with a truly unique piece of art. And let’s face it, guests have scribbled in the same old guest book a hundred times before. It’s time to mix it up a little… and this coloring guest book from Forever Heyday is one way to do it! Take a look!

6 Cute Signs for the Flower Girl/Ring Bearer to Hold

here comes the bride ring bearer walking down aisle with pennant flag

by the ritzy rose | photo: studio tran

Today we’re tackling one part of your ceremony: what the flower girl and/or ring bearer will hold or carry down the aisle. There is the traditional choice of a flower basket or ring pillow, but what if you don’t want to do what everyone does? If your venue won’t let you toss petals, your flower girl or ring bearer is shy, or you just want to do something unique, you’ll love these signs for the flower girl or ring bearer to hold from The Ritzy Rose. These range from cute phrases like, “You think I’m cute? Wait for the bride” to “Uncle ___, here comes your girl”. Check out our favorite six signs below including one for the reception! Enjoy!

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