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Tea Wedding Favors: The Ultimate Guide

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Tea Wedding Favors:  The Ultimate Guide | via

by custom favours

Hi, loves! Emma here. It is the first Friday of fall (still can’t believe it) and we’re bringing forth some awesome tea wedding favors your way. I am a huge fan of coffee myself (and I probably drink more coffee than a Gilmore — speaking of, have you seen this? I’m obsessed). However, I know for many of you, tea is your jam and so I’m sharing some of our favorite picks for tea wedding favors including boxes, bags, containers, and more. We even have a DIY idea up first from stamp expert Felicette to make your own tea favors for your wedding or bridal shower. Enjoy!

These Affordable Reception Dresses
Are Really Beautiful

Affordable reception dresses (also called second wedding dresses) are on the blog today! Find out if you should wear a reception dress for your wedding and get inspired with affordable dresses. Be sure to follow on Instagram for the latest.

Floor length gown by Barzelai | via Affordable Reception Dresses -

by barzelai

Should I wear a second wedding dress for my reception?” This is a question that rolled in from Shannon the other day and we couldn’t wait to answer it for her. Emma here and today we’re talking about if you need a reception dress for your wedding. I like the idea of reception dresses — a dressy but not overly formal second wedding dress the bride changes into after the ceremony. But to be totally and completely honest, as I always am here, you really only need a reception dress if you want one. Some reasons why a bride might wear a reception dress is if she thinks her wedding gown is too big or poofy, perhaps uncomfortable, or may get in the way of dancing throughout the night. In these cases, I say go for it! On the other hand, if you love your wedding gown and can picture yourself wearing it all day and all night, a reception dress isn’t a requirement by any means. As with all wedding decisions, the choice is totally up to you! If you want to wear a second dress for your wedding, I urge you to consider affordable options. Your wedding dress is likely one of the biggest expenses for your wedding and a second dress for your reception doesn’t have to break the bank (especially when you consider the small amount of time it will be worn). With that being said, we’ve gathered up some beautiful and surprisingly affordable reception dresses for you to consider. Oh, and another thing to consider are these wedding shoe mistakes to avoid, but that’s another topic for another day. Now, on to the dresses!

“Card Box with Lock?” — Ask Emmaline

We’re answering an Ask Emmaline question today! Find out why you might need a card box with lock — and where to find it. Follow us on Instagram for the latest. ♥

Happy Thursday, loves! Today we’re tackling a wedding advice question from bride-to-be, Lindsey. She writes,

“Hi Emmaline, I am looking for a card box with lock because I want to keep the cards safe at my reception. Do you have any idea where I can find one? Do they exist? I have only seen open card boxes or baskets. Thanks!

Medium white card box with lock

by burlap and linen co.

Great question, Lindsey! While open card boxes and baskets are common at wedding receptions, they’re not recommended. A card box with lock is the best way to keep your wedding cards and gifts secure. This is not to say we expect anyone will try to lift your cards, but reception halls (as one example) have many people coming and going and you can never be too careful. With a lock, you know with certainty that each card deposited will go home with you safely. Now, on to the card boxes! We’ve rounded up a few card boxes with locks to show you they do exist – you just need to know where to find them! Hope it helps!

4 Reasons to Use a Poster Guest Book

We’re talking about a fun idea today: the poster guest book! Find out why we love it below. P.S. Did you subscribe yet?

Poster Guest Book

by the red key shop

While a classic guest book has been the guest book staple for years, it is not your only option! Meet the poster guest book, a fresh alternative to the traditional flip-through guest book. In this post, you’ll discover four reasons to use a poster guest book, get inspired by The Red Key Shop‘s guest book collection, and realize why you need one of your very own. (P.S. There’s a free printable hidden in this post!) Enjoy!

Mason Jar Guest Book Sign — Handmade-a-Day

mason jar guest book sign

by down in the boondocks

Today’s handmade-a-day wedding pick is perfect for country lovin’ couples! This mason jar guest book sign from Down in the Boondocks is handmade from wood. The sign features a wood heart, personalized with your initials, and jute twine around the “lid” of the jar. Guests can add signatures directly to the sign to display for years to come. This is a beautiful thematic touch for your western themed wedding.

How to Assign Wedding Seats in 4 Easy Steps

How to Assign Wedding Seats in 4 Easy Steps |

by aquariusds

If you are planning a sit-down dinner at your reception, you will need to assign seats to guests. You don’t necessarily need to have guests assigned at specific seats, but you’ll want to assign them to specific tables. In today’s blog post, you’ll find out how to assign wedding seats, why assigned seating is important, who to ask for guidance, whether guest names should be arranged alphabetically or by table, and more! We’re also sharing a few of our favorite seating charts for weddings to inspire you. Let’s cross this one off the to-do list! Read on to get started…

Fun Idea: Wedding Mad Libs

We’re sharing wedding mad libs today at Emmaline Bride! This fun idea will entertain guests of all ages. Read on for more — and don’t forget to subscribe!

wedding mad libs big hearts

by cami’s paperie

If your guests are a fun group of partygoers (like ours were), they will certainly appreciate this interactive idea! We spotted these wedding advice mad libs over at Cami’s Paperie and love the creativity behind it. Instead of a traditional guest book, guests fill out a wedding mad libs card — WITHOUT PEEKING! The result reads as a hilarious and memorable bit of advice they’ve created based on filling in a few easy verbs, adverbs, adjectives, and nouns, where indicated. After the wedding, simply hole-punch the sides and arrange in a binder or place in a scrapbook to re-read for years to come. Check them out!

75+ Most Creative Wedding Table Names

We’re talking wedding table names today! Find out how you can put a creative spin on your reception decor. Want content to your inbox? Subscribe now!

favorite cafe table names by papercharmstore

by paper charm store

Happy Friday, lovelies! We get it, wedding table numbers might not be your thing. You crave different. You want something unique. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Wedding table names are more interactive; guests will spark conversation immediately upon entering your reception. In this post, you’ll find the ultimate list of wedding table names so you can incorporate your own personal, heartfelt touches into your handcrafted wedding. Check out the list and tell us: which table names are your favorite? Which ones would you absolutely never pick? What would YOU add? Enjoy!

14 Rustic Table Number Ideas for Weddings

We’re sharing gorgeous rustic table number ideas in this post! Get inspired for your upcoming with these fantastic finds. P.S. Are you on the list yet?

elegant rustic table numbers

by sweet carolina collective

Hi, loves! Happy Friday! If you’re planning a rustic wedding, you’ll want to check out these table number ideas to pull your centerpieces together. From moss to wood to burlap hang tags, we’ve found a little bit of everything in a variety of textures you’re sure to love. Let us know which table number is your favorite!