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How to Honor Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding

Spotted: we found a sweet and heartfelt way to honor lost loved ones at your wedding. At a side table or entry way table at your reception, include a lighted candle alongside a framed sign that reads something along the lines of, “This candle burns in loving memory of those who are forever present in our hearts.” Make sure you choose a tall hurricane-style vessel — something like this would work — and a lower candle so it is not a safety hazard. Also, check with your venue to make sure you can have candles. If they prohibit real flames, use one of these instead.

How to Honor Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding | Photo by Our Labor of Love

photo by our labor of love

“Favors for Kids at Weddings?” – Ask Emmaline

Favors for kids at weddings are definitely a great idea! Find out why & subscribe for the latest.

Favors for Kids at Weddings?

handmade by confetti gift company

Hey, loves! Happy Monday! We received this Ask Emmaline wedding advice question from Melissa over the weekend. She wants to know if there are any fun ideas to entertain kids at weddings, particularly before dinner begins. She asks,

My fiancé and I both come from large families with lots of kids. We decided to invite all kids because we want everyone to be a part of the celebration. I’m concerned some of the kids who are under ten (and some even younger) won’t have anything fun to do. I want to give the kids something they can enjoy during dinner and speeches when there is a lull and before dancing starts. Any ideas?

8 Beautiful Decorations for Winter Weddings

Are decorations for winter weddings on your radar? You’ve found some beautiful ones! Be sure to subscribe for the latest.

First, take a look at this night wedding in the winter! I’m in love… it’s so romantic!


by dream wedding box

Winter weddings hold a special place in my heart because we tied the knot in December. It was a beautiful day and oddly, not as cold as one would think. It snowed just a little bit when we left the church — enough to capture a beautiful flurry on camera and accentuate the beauty of winter. When you’re looking for decorations for winter weddings, it can be tough to know where to start. If you don’t want something holiday-ish (like a red and green wedding) you might not want an icy blue one either. But what are you supposed to do? How do you pull it all together, and where do you even start with decorations? Well, I’m glad you asked because we just found the easiest, most beautiful decorations for winter weddings available and you can get them all in one complete package. We spotted these at Dream Wedding Box where winter weddings are a favorite of theirs. They love decorations so much they’ve created a “complete wedding package” complete with wedding signs and chalkboard signs, garland, table numbers, table number holders, banners, drink signs, gold sequin table runners, and bride and groom chair signs. They’ve created winter wedding decorations in a complete package so the guesswork is done: just purchase it and assemble at your wedding. From these decorations, you can gather inspiration for your color palette and then incorporate everything else where you see fit — your save the date, invitations, cake topper, favors, and more. In this decor package, you’ll receive eight types of decorations for winter weddings with a few of each.

These Drink Koozies Just Upgraded Wedding Favors

Drink koozies for weddings, bachelorette parties, and more! Stick with us: we’ll show you where the best finds really are. Subscribe for the latest.

Drink Koozies Weddings, Bachelorette Parties & Bridal Showers | By Sip Hip Hooray |

by sip hip hooray

When you think of drink koozies (aka can coolers), the first adjective that comes to mind probably isn’t the word beautiful by any stretch of the imagination. But the latest koozies on the market for use as bridal shower favors or wedding favors are exactly that! The brilliant typography, bold pops of color, charming one-liners and personalized details on these can coolers from Sip Hip Hooray have forever changed my mind. Guests will actually use these koozies again — proudly! — on patios, at the beach, on the front porch, poolside, and of course, at your wedding reception. And while many people associate drink koozies for use with beer or cider, you’ll be happy to know they’re functional on any can or bottle (including lemonade, iced tea, and your favorite soda pop). Unlike other wedding favors, these drink koozies also serve an important function: to keep drinks cold.

Take a look at these surprisingly beautiful can coolers and be sure to grab a few extra when you order. We don’t think there will be any leftovers! Cheers!

Drink Koozies Weddings, Bachelorette Parties & Bridal Showers | By Sip Hip Hooray |

by sip hip hooray

This is the Coolest Beer Bar for Weddings

Spotted: the coolest wedding beer bar ever. Instead of worrying about a bartender, guests can serve themselves from kegs hidden behind. This is the easiest way to serve brews at your wedding — especially perfect for outdoor rustic, woodland, or mountain weddings. Don’t forget the custom cups — they totally tie the whole thing together. Oh, and you’ll definitely want these for the wedding party.

Beer Bar for Weddings

Beer Bar for Weddings | Photo by Time Bandit Photography

Do You NEED a Cake Server?

Do you need a cake server set? We’ll tell you if it’s a must-have on your wedding list. Be sure to subscribe for future posts like this!

WEDDING ADVICE:  Do you NEED a cake server? |

by hans creations

Do you really need a wedding cake server? That’s the question we received this weekend from bride-to-be, Kristina. She asks,

“I’m ordering decorations for my wedding reception and it occurred to me that I don’t have a wedding cake server for the cake cutting. I’ve seen them in wedding photos but I don’t know if I really need a cake server or if they’re just photo props. I don’t want to buy things I don’t really need, so your advice is most appreciated. Thanks!”

Here Comes the Bride Sign — Handmade-a-Day


by lily and val

I love a classic chalkboard sign, especially when it features lovely hand-drawn lettering from Lily and Val. That’s why when I saw this Here Comes the Bride sign, I couldn’t resist sharing it immediately as our Handmade-a-Day pick. As a bonus, this sign is double-sided and features the words Just Married on the opposite side. Your flower girl can carry this sign down the aisle in lieu of tossing petals before your grand entrance. After the ceremony, she can flip it over and lead the way for the newlyweds through the procession. The Just Married sign can also be used as reception decor or even on your getaway car en route to your honeymoon. Take a look!

Clay Flower Cake Toppers for Weddings

Clay flower cake toppers are first up today! Which one is your favorite? While you’re here, subscribe for the latest straight to your inbox.


by parsi

Happy Monday, loves! How was your weekend? I hope you rested up because we’re throwing a whole bunch of wedding inspiration at you all week long and you’ll be able to cross some major to-do’s from your wedding list! It’ll be a piece of cake. Speaking of, have you thought about what will go on top of your wedding cake yet? The wedding cake is a big part of your reception and a cake topper is a wedding reception essential. There are many different types of cake toppers to choose from: flower cake toppers (which we’ll talk about today), monograms, peg dolls, figurines, wire cake toppers, words, even animals (like owls), just to name a few. One popular trend we’ve been seeing lately is clay flower cake toppers, particularly in large blooms and in bright bold colors. It’s one way to really make your wedding cake pop! Today we’re sharing some clay flower toppers from Parsi I know you’ll absolutely love. These clay flowers are incredible. Just wait until you see how realistic they look…