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10 Effortless Ways to Entertain Kids at Weddings

If you’re inviting kids to your wedding, you’ll probably want to keep them entertained, right? If not, they’ll get bored and unless they have something to do they’ll be taking turns trying to sneak icing from your cake on their fingers and play hide and seek underneath your decorated tables.

Their parents are probably keeping a watchful eye, but doesn’t that sound like what you’d do if you were a kid bored at a wedding? Me too. So, let’s change the dynamic. Let’s make it fun for them. Let’s make kids a part of the party. They don’t want to sit through speeches and wait through dinner. They aren’t that interested in dancing, at least not the slow stuff. And they’re all dressed up and their bowties or dresses are uncomfortable and all they want to do is play. So let them! Here are some ways you can keep kids entertained at weddings so they can be a part of the fun (and their parents can enjoy the party all night long). Enjoy!

This might be the cutest thing I’ve ever at a ceremony. Flower girls being pulled on a wagon by the ring bearer? Now that’s adorable.

flower girls being pulled on wagon by ring bearer

photo: brett heidebrecht via wedding chicks

10 Effortless Ways to Entertain Kids at Weddings

1. Bubble Basket at Ceremony

Provide a basket of bubble jars at your ceremony. It’s fun for all ages (and unlike confetti, it doesn’t leave any cleanup behind). Tiny jars are so inexpensive, too!

bubble box for kids via 10 Effortless Ways to Entertain Kids at Weddings at

kristin moore photography

2. What Shall I Photograph?

Provide each kid with a disposable camera and a list of things to photograph at the wedding. This will keep them busy (and you’ll have a cute arrangement of photos taken from a child’s view).

what shall i photograph kids idea at wedding via 10 Effortless Ways to Entertain Kids at Weddings at

via not on the high street

3. Life-size Lawn Games

HUGE life-size versions of Connect Four or Jenga or Jumbo Checkers are sure to keep them entertained outdoors!

huge connect four game via 10 Effortless Ways to Entertain Kids at Weddings at

style me pretty

tall lawn jenga

photo: larsen’s photography

You can buy them here: Connect Four | Lawn Jenga | Jumbo Checkers

4. Kids Only Area

Make a kids-only area with toys, coloring books, crayons, and blankets.

style me pretty, photos: jillian mitchell

5. Lego Building

Put legos in a bowl at a kids table and let them go to town!

legos at table via 10 Effortless Ways to Entertain Kids at Weddings at

photo: gemma clarke photography

6. Color a Card

Place these packets at each child’s place that includes crayons, candy, and a card. There’s a note that tells them to ‘color a card for the bride and groom’.

color a card for the bride and groom via 10 Effortless Ways to Entertain Kids at Weddings at


7. Bounce Castle

Kids love bounce castles! Adults, too. :)

bride groom bounce castle via 10 Effortless Ways to Entertain Kids at Weddings at


8. Milk + Cookies

Have milk and cookies given to kids in lieu of their champagne toast. Cute idea!

milk and cookies for kids at wedding via 10 Effortless Ways to Entertain Kids at Weddings at


9. Candy Bar

Help-yourself favors at a candy bar is the ultimate treat for kids! Don’t forget gummy bears! They’re my favorite.

gummy bears at candy bar via 10 Effortless Ways to Entertain Kids at Weddings at

studio b photography

10. Project Video Games

Use a projector and a screen on a giant white wall to project video games! Wii, Kinect, Guitar Hero… the options are endless! Kids (and pretty much everyone at the wedding) will want to play! This works especially well if there’s a room off to the side at your reception so as to not distract from the goings-on of the reception itself.

project video games at your reception via 10 Effortless Ways to Entertain Kids at Weddings at

via offbeat bride

Which of these is your favorite? I love the bounce house for summer weddings and I adore the disposable camera / list idea!

Are you having kids at your wedding?


Jumping the Broom >> Photo of the Day

Check out this ecstatic couple jumping the broom at their wedding reception. This fun custom can symbolize a new beginning and a sweeping away of the past. Their reason for jumping the broom was to continue a family tradition. This photograph and wedding was captured by Kelli from Third Line Studios. Do you plan on starting or preserving any traditions at your wedding?

bride and groom jumping the broom at wedding photographed by third line studios

Jumping the Broom

Looking for your wedding photographer? Check out great photographers like Third Line Studios in our list of preferred wedding vendors.

Steal This Look: Pearls as Chair Decor

Are you planning a vintage wedding, or better yet, hoping to cross vintage wedding chair decorations from your to-do list? Maybe that’s a bit specific, but when you find a look you would steal yourself you just can’t help but share it.

For instance, when I spotted these pearls, I knew it would make an elegant chair decoration for a vintage wedding. Now, I’m not crazy enough to suggest or even dream of these pearls as chair decorations for every single chair. That just sounds like a headache.

Instead, I think here less is definitely more! Use the pearls as chair decor solely for the bride and groom’s chairs, or even just for the bride. An elegant, satin-ribbon-ensconced chair sounds like the perfect bridal chair adornment. It would look lovely for the bridal shower, too. I just love this.

Pearls as Chair Decorations

The gold Chiavari chairs are a nice touch, no?

pearls as chair backs - wedding chair decorations

photo: andy griffin photography


Every Wedding Should Have These Coasters

When I went to a wedding last summer, the funniest thing happened. Every time I went to dance, I came back and my drink was gone. Poof. Not empty… missing. Does this happen to you, too? It’s a common occurrence at wedding receptions where the tables are constantly cleared of glasses and silverware in an attempt to keep things neat and tidy.

I get it, I really do. But honestly. I was only gone a minute!

Anyways, that’s why after I found these, I had to let you in on the secret. Every wedding should have these coasters.

wedding coasters im dancing dont take my drink

The coasters read—quite brilliantly, might I add—“Please don’t take my drink. I’m dancing”.

Smart. Simple. I like.

Love These Wedding Coasters?

I found them at Evermine where you can order yours in a plethora of pretty colors.


DIY Mojito in a Jar for your Wedding

We’re always looking for cute, inspiring ways to make your wedding reception awesome. Case in point? This diy mojito in a jar we spotted over at Company Forty Two. I loved these right away, so I knew you’d probably want to see them, too. I always see the traditional mason jars, but rarely do people use these quilted jelly jars nearly enough. And I don’t know why because they’re so insanely cute.

DIY Mojito in a Jar for your Wedding

Plus, they’re a smaller size which makes it easier for filling at drink dispensers.

DIY Mojito in a Jar for your Wedding

These custom drink stirrers from Company Forty Two are the finishing touch to a perfect mojito in a jar. And don’t forget those mint leaves + lime wedges as garnish.

DIY Mojito in a Jar for your Wedding

Pin this for summer, lovelies: this is one cold drink that will be hot in the spring and summer wedding season.

DIY Mojito in a Jar for your Wedding

Mojito in a Jar » Recipe

Here’s an excellent big-batch mojito recipe we found for you from Chow. It yields 20 servings, which is perfect for putting in one of these.

yields 20 servings

You’ll need…

♥ 8 oz. jelly jars

For the base:

♥ 1 cup granulated sugar
♥ 1 cup water
♥ 1 (4-inch) piece fresh ginger, peeled and grated on the large holes of a box grater (about 1/3 cup packed)
♥ 2 cups tightly packed fresh mint leaves (from about 2 bunches)
♥ 1 (750-milliliter) bottle white rum
♥ 1 1/2 cups freshly squeezed lime juice (from about 18 medium limes)

To serve:

♥ Ice
♥ 2 1/4 cups club soda, chilled
♥ 12 fresh mint sprigs

Make up a batch!

For the base:

1. In a small saucepan, bring the sugar, water, and ginger to a boil over high heat, stirring to dissolve the sugar, about 5 minutes. Remove from the heat, add the mint leaves, stir to combine, and let cool to room temperature, about 1 hour.

2. Place a fine-mesh strainer over a 1-1/2- to 2-quart container and strain the syrup, discarding the solids. Add the rum and lime juice and stir to combine. Cover and refrigerate until well chilled.

To serve:

1. For 1 drink, fill an 8-oz jar with ice. Add 1/2 cup of the Mojito base, top with 3 tablespoons of the club soda, and stir to combine. Garnish with a mint sprig.


♥ | ♥ | ♥

If you’re a mojito maven + plan to whip up these for dinner parties on the regular, add this to your registry. It even comes with a muddler!

(Don’t forget to grab the drink stirrers here!)


Don’t Let it Fall! BIG Wedding Jenga >> POTD

Don’t let it fall! This big wedding Jenga photo is terrific. This giant size tumble tower is a hit among party guests for receptions and especially a way to keep all the kids (even the big ones) having fun! The blocks were tumbling just as Tamara from Silver Thumb Photography captured the guests’ reaction. The couple Meghan and John definitely know how to throw a party!

Big Wedding Jenga

Big wedding Jenga game, terrific reception fun

We love this photo! Check out more photos from this wedding. Find your wedding vendors in our wedding vendor guide!

P.S. Want a life-size tumble tower? Get one here.

Spontaneous Tie Limbo >> Photo of the Day

This spontaneous tie limbo broke out between some friends at a recent wedding reception. You have to love these guys mad skills at busting loose and having fun on the dance floor! Hey, you want your reception to be lively right? So if you have the liquid courage, forget the limbo bar, get creative and limbo under the ties. Kendal from Kendal J. Bush Photography captured this sweet photo!

Spontaneous Tie Limbo wedding reception party

Spontaneous Tie Limbo

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75+ Creative Wedding Table Names

We get it, wedding table numbers might not be your thing. You crave different. You’re searching for something unique. Well, darling, you’ve come to the right place! Wedding table names are more interactive; guests will spark conversation immediately upon entering your reception. In this post, you’ll find the ultimate list of wedding table names so you can incorporate your own personal, heartfelt touches into your handcrafted wedding. Which wedding table names are your favorite? Which ones would you absolutely never pick? What would you add to the list?

Wedding Table Names

1. Significant dates (when you met, when you got engaged, etc.)

wedding table names day in may we met