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100 Best Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

It’s here! The ultimate guide to non traditional engagement rings! We’ve found the most unique engagement rings from handmade artisans. Wait until you see them all… be sure to subscribe for the latest!

100 Best Non-Traditional Engagement Rings | via http://emmalinebride.com/engagement/non-traditional-engagement-rings/

by andrea bonelli jewelry

Hi, loves! ‘Tis the season for engagements… and non-traditional engagement rings are trending for all the right reasons! Emma here and if you’re after an engagement ring unlike anything you’ve seen before, you’ll find it on this list. Non-traditional rings — also known as alternative engagement rings — are a popular trend because each ring is so unique. Unlike rings you might find in a factory, these handmade engagement rings are individually produced with love and care just for you. Rather than a traditional diamond stone, band, or classic settings, these are made with your unique style and personality in mind. And if you’re going to look at it every day, you might as well love it, right? That’s what we think, too!

To help you find the perfect engagement ring for your style (and budget), we’ve rounded up 100 of the best non-traditional engagement rings from top experts. We’ve included a little bit of everything: art deco inspired rings, moissanite engagement rings, gemstones, raw stones, modern and minimalist designs, vintage inspired rings, sparkly diamond rings, and more. We think you’re going to love what we’ve found! Now, on to the list — and tell me which one you like best! Enjoy!

40 Most Beautiful Engagement Rings on Etsy

‘Tis the season for engagements and we’re here to help! When you’re picking out the perfect engagement ring (or hinting at your favorite style for an upcoming proposal), it can be overwhelming to know where to look. To help, we’ve curated a HUGE list of favorite hand-picked engagement rings on Etsy for handmade options. If you find one you like, just click on the image or link below it to find out pricing, details, sizes, etc. Also, just as a note: many of these engagement rings are also available in your choice of gold (white, yellow, or rose) — just ask! For the quality and craftsmanship you’ll get from these handmade rings, you won’t believe some of these amazing prices. Okay, on to the list!

Best Handmade Engagement Rings on Etsy


By Melanie Casey Jewelry.

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Best Herkimer Diamond Engagement Ring on Etsy
(+ Under $100!)

Etsy herkimer diamond engagement ring by Gaia's Candy, photo by Derya Voelzke Fotografie | http://emmalinebride.com/jewelry/etsy-herkimer-diamond-engagement-ring

by gaia’s candy, photo by derya voelzke fotografie)

Are you looking for an Etsy herkimer diamond engagement ring for an upcoming proposal? Or are you a bride-to-be who wants to “propose” to your girls and ask them to Be My Bridesmaid for the big day? At this price, you can do both!

Emma here and herkimer diamond rings are my favorite handmade engagement rings right now. I also love the idea of a ring as a gift for the bride the morning of the wedding, or as a unique bridesmaid gift idea. But what makes a herkimer diamond so unique? Read on to find out!

“Steal the Ring” Bridal Shower Game

Spotted: a fun and totally easy bridal shower game called Steal the Ring! How it works is pretty self-explanatory, so guests will definitely love to play. On a table, place a bowl full of rings (something like this, or these) for guests to take. Include a sign that reads, “Take a ring – do not say ‘wedding’ or ‘bride’. Steal rings from those that do!” You can mix up this game to include the bride’s name, the wedding date, the groom’s name, or something similar. It’s a lot of fun! The guest with the most rings at the end of the shower gets a prize. It’s funny how often you realize you’re about to say the bride’s name, or groom’s name, or the word wedding while at the shower. It’s actually a tough game to play!

Steal the Ring Bridal Shower Game

“Modern Wedding Rings for Men?” – Ask Emmaline

squarish 3

by lily emme jewelry

Hi, loves! Ready for a new Ask Emmaline question? This one comes to us from Hannah who asks,

Hi Emmaline! My fiancee and I prefer modern style and I’ve already picked out my wedding band. But we’re looking for a ring for him and we haven’t been able to find anything modern enough to suit his style. Do you have any suggestions?

Great question, Hannah! We sure do — and just wait until you see the modern wedding rings we’ve gathered to show you from LilyEmme Jewelry. Read on for more…

Tiny Personalized Rings for Bridesmaids — #HANDMADEADAY

These teeny-tiny personalized stacked rings make the cutest gifts for your girls! You can customize each ring with her name, nickname, date, word or phrase, etc. She’ll love to pair it with other rings for a daily stacked look. We’ve picked these rings by Silvermore as today’s #HANDMADEADAY find! Oh and P.S. the price is incredible! Take a look…

Tiny Personalized Rings

Tiny Personalized Rings | by Silvermore

by silver more

8 Sapphire Engagement Rings Just as Beautiful as Diamonds

While you may already have an engagement ring, perhaps you have a friend who is looking at rings or you know someone who is thinking about popping the question — so this one’s for them! Feel free to subscribe and pass it on!

We know that diamonds are known as a girl’s best friend, but sapphire engagement rings (along with other diamond alternatives) are emerging as a new trend. In fact, I know a handful of newly engaged ladies who are sporting non-diamond rings including sapphires, emeralds, and pearls. This proves that rings are never one-style-fits-all: the ring you select should reflect the ring recipient’s unique style! Today we’re inspiring you with our favorite sapphire engagement rings in sparkling shades of blue. These rings can also double as your “Something Blue”, so, hey, another thing to cross off that never-ending list. :)

Which of these (all handmade, of course) engagement rings is your favorite?

Sapphire Engagement Rings

P.S. This first ring is our handpicked #HANDMADEADAY find! It is handmade by Kristin Coffin.