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Burlap Candle Holder + Vase

When you begin planning your wedding centerpieces, keep an eye out for accessories that offer multi-functionality. Accessories which offer dual functions will reduce your centerpiece set up time dramatically and eliminate clutter on your tables. This is especially useful when planning an outdoor wedding reception, as tables are typically smaller in size and space is limited. One of our favorite decor pieces which offers dual functionality is this rustic burlap candle holder + vase combination. By day, this burlap vase displays floral bouquets beautifully (tip: use wildflowers for added whimsy!). By night, replace the flowers with votive candles for a romantic glow at your reception site. The vase is re-purposed with handmade details by Sweet C’s Designs. It is wrapped in burlap and tied with jute ribbon for a rustic look. The vase can be customzes with small initials, a fleur de lis, a custom quote, or your wedding day for a personalized touch.

burlap candle holder

Rustic Real Wedding with DIY Charm

Today we are sharing with you an incredible rustic real wedding with tons of handmade elements and a rustic, homespun flair. We love to hear the details directly from the bride, so take it away, Kendel!

She tells us, “Country, rustic, charming, antique, old-fashion, warm, fun and intimate. Just a few words I would use to describe our wedding day, August 14th, 2010. If I had to describe it in one sentence it would be: The most amazing day that I got to marry my best friend while surrounded by the charming handiwork of my friends and family who all came together to make our day really special and memorable.

Our wedding took place at Balls Falls Conservation Area in Jordan ON. During the reception we had a slide show and several games throughout the evening including the shoe game and the newly wed game, which were a lot of fun. We ended the night with a few fireworks and our car drove through two large fountain style fireworks as our exit.

Our wedding was truly a DIY wedding and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. If it wasn’t something I made personally then it was an item made by a friend or family member, and together everything came out looking great, and it was even nicer knowing it was made with love and hard work from those involved in the day.

We worked with a relatively small budget and yet everything was exactly what I wanted. I hope the images of our wedding inspire other couples to really consider DIY as well as the power of asking friends and family members for their expertise when it comes to planning a wedding. You don’t always have to rely on the ‘experts’ when there are experts all around you amongst your friends and family!

rustic real wedding

Rustic Wedding Photo Display

I am in love with this rustic wedding photo display spotted via Martha Stewart Weddings. If you’re getting married outdoors, cover your favorite tree with clotheslines and secure favorite photos with clothespins. Or, to make it fun + interactive for your guests, construct a DIY photobooth and use a polaroid camera. Instruct guests to hang their completed polaroid photos on the clotheline for the entire wedding to see! Oh, Martha – (you + your team are positively) BRILLIANT.

wedding photo display