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Why These Silk Bouquets Are Brilliant for Weddings


by fashion touch weddings

Silk wedding bouquets are a brilliant alternative to fresh flowers when the bride wants a bouquet that lasts forever. Instead of putting a lot of money into a bouquet that wilts and gets thrown in the trash, a silk bouquet looks beautiful for years to come. I’m very particular when it comes so silk bouquets, but when I spotted these over at Fashion Touch Weddings I knew we had found something beautiful. These are handmade bouquets, made with two hands, love, and high-quality materials not found in other bouquets. Plus, they’re an exceptional price! Wait until you see my favorite bouquets I’ve hand-picked just for you. My favorite? It has to be the blush pink peonies — you’ll know which one when you see it below! Enjoy!

How to Decorate with Burlap and Lace

how to decorate weddings with burlap and lace

by ling’s wedding

Hi, loves! Today we’re fielding a new Ask Emmaline question from Jen who wants to know about decorating her wedding with burlap and lace — a popular combination. She asks a question we know other brides are probably wondering, too! ↓

[su_quote cite=”Jen”]

Hi Emmaline! My wedding is rustic and shabby chic. I want to use burlap and lace as decor but I’m not sure where to start. Do I buy a roll from the store and make everything myself? What do you recommend? I am trying mostly DIY projects and need advice. Thank you!


Hi, Jen! Great question. Burlap is a tricky material to work with, even though everywhere you look you see perfectly executed runners, wraps, favors, bouquets, and more. While you certainly can give burlap a solid go with a roll from a craft store (I’ve grabbed some from Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon online for a little savings), I generally don’t recommend it unless you’ve worked with it before. Here’s why: burlap is a tough, strong-smelling fabric that sheds everywhere. And while I love it, your best bet is to use imitation burlap (especially on tables because the smell really is that strong!) OR buy your supplies from a pro burlap designer (who uses both real and faux burlap). For accents like table runners with lace, for example, getting one pre-made is the best route because the designer has worked with it before and will have a custom table runner made to fit your specifications (and table sizes)…

Flower Inspired Bags / Clutches for Weddings

When you are blessed to see so many beautiful handmade finds on a daily basis as we are, you might assume we see the things over and over again. But that’s the beauty of handmade weddings: there’s always something new to love. To admire. To adore. There’s always a new collection launching, a new color palette inspiring, and a new trend hitting the market. And, we have to tell you: the creativity that comes from small shops turns into BIG ideas. That’s why we love, love, love our community here at Emmaline Bride and we’re so excited you’re here to plan your wedding along with us. Just wanted to tell you that. :)

When it comes to clutch purses, for instance, you would think after seeing hundreds of styles and designs, we’ve seen them all. But that’s not the case. As one example, have you seen the beautiful flower inspired bags and clutches over at ANGEE W.? It’s brimming with lacy textures and feminine detailing! And their ivory rosebud clutch is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Today we’re sharing a handful of our favorites from their shop to show you what we mean. Plus, we’ve teamed up with them to give one of these beautiful bags away to a lucky bride-to-be! Will it be you? Find out which bag is our newest wedding giveaway and enter for a chance to win!

(Pssst. If you’re not subscribed, you’re missing out on all the fun! Do it now — it’s quick & easy and you can do it over morning coffee.)

chiffon flower clutch | flower bags clutches weddings by ANGEE W.

clutch: angee w.

Silk Bridal Clutch with Brooch

It’s time for another fab giveaway! Do you need a place to store your wedding day essentials? Want a beautifully handmade silk bridal clutch that has a stunning brooch and a whimsical inner lining? We’ve found it… and you can win it right here! We’ve teamed up with Natalie of PaperFlora to offer this silk bridal clutch with brooch to one lucky reader. Find out the scoop below!

bridal clutch purse inner lining

Silk Bridal Clutch

This stunning, one of a kind clutch is perfect for your special day. It is designed from winter white silk fabric and to add a touch of sparkle it has a gorgeous brooch. The brooch is removable so you can wear on a sweater or coat and be reminded of your special day!

It includes a metal chain handle that can be removed or just tucked inside the bag when not in use.

bridal clutch purse inner lining

When you open the clutch you’ll see the special black and white lining with all the words that represent your wedding day! They include, “Mr. & Mrs.” “Kiss the Bride” “Happily Ever After” and “I Do” to name a few.

bridal clutch purse inner lining

Giveaway: Win a silk bridal clutch purse!

➳➳ Enter for a Chance to Win!

o Enter between 12/19-12/25/14 (11:59pm EST)
o Prize: Win a silk bridal clutch with brooch from PaperFlora
o Winner has 72 hours to respond to email or new winner will be selected
o Free shipping included to U.S. only
o No purchase necessary
o Winner has 3 months to claim prize
o Prize value: $75 | No cash value
o Past giveaway winners within 30 days not eligible to win
o Use entry form below to enter…

Good Luck!

27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year

Hi, lovelies! This is one BIG post, so pin it, tweet it out, share it on your timeline, or kick it old-school and bookmark it (CTRL + D) ’cause you’re going to need this list! Did you know there are twenty-seven traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year? It’s true! In this post, we’ll share a plethora of amazing anniversary gift ideas by year so you can wow ’em with your awesomeness. We’ll explain why there’s only twenty-seven suggestions AND dazzle you with a few handmade (+ a few non-handmade) gift ideas. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year via Emmaline Bride

Anniversary Gifts by Year

First and foremost, you may be wondering, but Emma, there are only twenty-seven suggestions. What gives? Great question. You see, whomever constructed these ‘traditional’ anniversary gift ideas either a) ran out of ideas, or b) wanted to give free reign to gift-givers on those in-between years. (We vote the latter.) So, there are suggestions for anniversary gifts by year from 1st through 15th, after which you’re shopping totally on your own until 20th. The list picks back up again, but only at the 5s and 10s: 25th, 30th, 35th, 40th, 50th, and 60th. Hence: 27 suggestions in total. Sidebar: you start with paper at the 1st year, concluding the list with diamond on the 60th. Just putting it out there: diamond pretty much puts any gift after the 60th to shame, don’t you think? They should have saved it for 70th. :) #longlifehusbandwife

Anyway, I digress. It’s time to get to the list of hand-picked, totally knock-your-socks-off anniversary gifts. Ready to get started? Me too. Let’s start with 1st… paper, which is actually sweeter than it sounds.

1st Paper

Paper! On your first anniversary, celebrate by eating the top tier of your wedding cake (that you froze on your wedding day, right?) and give each other a simple, totally heartfelt gift: a card. A card is simple and sweet: gifts don’t have to be pricey to be meaningful. This one, for instance, says, “I’ve been in love with you for _____ days.” Cute idea!

ive been in love with you for days card via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year


Another idea? Make paper flowers.

paper flowers via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year

whimseybox (pssst. get $5 off!)

Other paper ideas: movie tickets, football tickets, lottery tickets, a book they’ve been wanting to read, or this book which puts all other journals to shame.

one line a day book anniversary

chronicle books

2nd Cotton

Year two: cotton. An embroidery hoop with cotton fabric and custom embroidery is an excellent idea.

cotton anniversary gift embroidery hoop by merriweather council via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year

merriweather council

3rd Leather

Leather luggage tags with ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ inscribed on them are a traveler’s dream. Perfect for your big three!

custom leather luggage tags via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year

kiki’s leather shop

Alternate ideas: nice leather oxfords for him and this adorable leather purse for her (love the look of ‘Biscuit’ online).

rebecca minkoff leather bag via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year
rebecca minkoff

4th Fruit / Flowers

For the 4th wedding anniversary gift, you can choose either fruit or flowers: your choice. I chose fruit as the example and picked a fruit tree. Plant it in your backyard or place on a patio and enjoy the fruit for years to come.

fruit plant anniversary gift idea via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year

miracle fruit farm

5th Wood

Andrew & I celebrated our five year anniversary in December, and ironically our entire year revolved around wood: we built a wood fence, stained said fence, and then had about a hundred old wood planks (from our old, weathered fence) to cut and recycle. We also bought a new wood coffee table. I then undertook a project where I was making table numbers out of reclaimed wood, but since scrapped it and recycled it (I was apparently not meant to be a table number maker). Also, we received this beautiful teak wood shelf. It makes a fantastic anniversary gift! Click here for more info.

teak wood shelf minimalist via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year


Full disclosure, I received the shelf above from our friends over at UncommonGoods so we could review it for our readers. THIS SHELF IS AWESOME. Not only is it beautifully made, but the color is gorgeous and the teak wood smells amazing! I also love the minimalist design. This shelf is great for small spaces, too, because since it drills right on your wall, it takes up no floor space! I give it five stars. We’ll cherish this piece in our home for years to come.

Another idea that I just had to mention is a state shaped cutting board. I gifted one of these to my sister and brother-in-law a few years ago. It’s a great way to show your stately pride.

michigan cutting board via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year

totally bamboo

6th Candy / Iron

This is another year where you can pick between two: candy or iron. I like candy like the next girl, but this iron “You & Me” sign is too amazing to pass up.

steel you and me heart shaped metal decoration via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year

grizzly custom steel

7th Wool / Copper

For your 7th wedding anniversary, the suggested gifts are wool or copper. For wool, we love these decorative felted wool dolls.

wool felted dolls couple custom via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year

f for felt

Or, try you hand at making your own (or animals even, like these adorable creatures. Okay, maybe not so much for an anniversary gift, but I couldn’t help myself since that looked too adorable. (Can’t you tell I’m a new mom?) Sidebar: while browsing, I also spotted this insanely ridiculous book… unless you’re a crazy cat lady, I suppose.

For copper, I love these stacking rings:

stackable rings via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year

little hill jewelry

8th Pottery / Bronze

For year eight, pottery or bronze are the suggested gift options. For pottery, I spotted one for her and one for him. For her, a ring holder dish is a lovely (+ functional) gift…

pottery anniversary gift ring dish via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year

elise thomas designs

For him, I’ve selected a clay shaving mug and brush set.

clay shaving mug via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year

miri hardy pottery

And, I spotted this bronze and leather bracelet for him that would also fit into the ‘bronze’ suggestion nicely.

bronze leather bracelet via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year

roundhouse jewelry

Or how about a bronze wall art piece that ALSO doubles as a wine rack? Get out.

bronze wine rack via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year

southern enterprises

9th Willow

Okay, I know this one says ‘willow’, but I couldn’t help but think of Willow Tree, you know, those beautiful sculptures? You’ve probably seen one like this example below:

willow tree promise sculpture via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year


Oh, and this makes me tear up!

If you want a literal use of willow, try this gold foil willow tree print for your home:

willow tree gold foil print via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year

willow and olive

… or plant a willow tree in your backyard. Sidebar: does a willow tree make anyone else think of the movie My Girl, when Vada reads that poem for Thomas J? Oh just me? Moving on…

10th Aluminum

For 10 years, it is suggested to give gifts of aluminum. Here are a pair of aluminum stamped collar stays for him…

i belong with you you belong with me collar stays via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year

block and hammer

For her, a hand-stamped aluminum cuff bracelet:

hidden message cuff bracelet via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year

lalabel creations

For the couple, this aluminum ‘love’ sign:

aluminum love sign via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year

heather borer designs

11th Steel

Toast to eleven sweet years together with a stainless steel champagne bucket.

steel champagne bucket via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year


12th Silk

Ah, silk: a soft, sumptuous fabric. One of my favorite items? This soft bamboo jersey robe with 100% silk-trim.

silk trim robe


13th Lace

For a lace anniversary gift, consider a lace scarf…

lace scarf via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year

celestine dreams

… lace necklace…

lace necklace via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year

branch bound

… and since all of the lace finds are typically for women, we’re skipping the lace find for men. Skip it and pick something you think he could use instead.

14th Ivory

Ivory is such a general category; for this, I chose an ivory and gold personalized art print.

gold and ivory anniversary print via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year

sweet peony press

15th Crystal

My favorite suggestion for crystal: crystal stemware. I heart Riedel, simply because their glassware is so sleek, chic, and modern.

riedel stemless wine glass via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year


20th China

The 20th anniversary is china, aka your chance to grab those gorg china plates over at Anthropologie or restock your kitchen with new dinner plates.

anthropologie china dinner plate via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year


25th Silver

You can’t go wrong on 25th with anything silver. Here’s a unique canvas I spotted at UncommonGoods.

silver anniversary gift 25 years canvas via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year


30th Pearl

A pearl-covered clutch is just right for her on your 30th…

pearl covered clutch via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year


… paired with this three-strand pearl necklace…

three strand pearl necklace

laura stark

And I couldn’t help but share this bracelet (can you tell I love pearl?)

pearl bracelet

tara pearls

For him, maybe these mother of pearl cufflinks?

mother of pearl cufflinks via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year

me she designs llc

Sidebar: admittedly, once you get to 35th and into the gemstones, it becomes increasingly more difficult to find men’s gifts that he’ll actually want. The way I figure it, these are more or less suggestions for her, and she should buy him something he really wants or needs instead. (And, of course, same goes for the wife if she’s not really into the suggested gift category.) Suggestions: cigars! That new fishing pole he’s been eying. Tickets to a football game. Movie tickets where you let him pick the movie. And you watch it and you don’t complain or, you know, fall asleep (Lord of the Rings — all three movies — yes, I confess). Something that really means a lot to him means more than anything! So, for these next suggestions, I’ll just be providing a gift idea for the lady.

35th Coral

You can select coral gemstones for this one (like a necklace, earring set, or ring) but I like this alternative: a pretty watch with a coral strap.

coral fossil watch via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year

40th Ruby

Love, love, love this ruby quartz pave diamond necklace! It’s gorgeous.

ruby pave necklace via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year

oh kuol

45th Sapphire

For 45th, sapphire is the gemstone of choice. Here’s a blue sapphire bracelet…

blue sapphire bracelet via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year

oh kuol

Or this gorgeous ring…

scattered sapphire twig band via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year

kristin coffin

Or THIS. Holy smokes, this is so pretty.

sapphire ring kristin coffin via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year

kristin coffin

50th Gold

Gold: the possibilities are endless! Here’s a beautiful 14k gold bar necklace…

solid 14k gold bar necklace via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year

lilyemme jewelry

… or this triple initial necklace in solid gold…

triple solid gold initial necklace via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year

lilyemme jewelry

60th Diamond

And, last but not least, we have diamond. This one’s easy: diamond jewelry, or, diamonds around a timepiece. You can go with a gorgeous in-your-face diamond bracelet…

diamond bracelet

perfect jewelry

… this green cushion-cut diamond ring…

green cushion diamond ring via 27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year

kristin coffin

… or these diamond stud earrings.

diamond stud earrings


Just for kicks, we looked up the most expensive diamond on Amazon. Holy smokes, over $100k, that’s some serious cheddar.

And, like I said earlier, after 60th… you’re on your own with gift-giving ideas. But by then you won’t need anyone’s gift-giving help because you’ll know your spouse better than anyone! Here’s to 60+ years of wedded bliss! ♡

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27 Amazing Anniversary Gifts by Year


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Anniversary Gifts by Year

What would you add to our list? What do you think of these anniversary gift suggestions?

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5 Shabby Chic Wedding Garters

Are you planning a shabby chic wedding? Then you won’t want to miss these gorgeous shabby chic wedding garters spotted over at Etta August! These soft, ultra-feminine shades, silk detail, and rosettes are ideal for your shabby chic or vintage inspired wedding. Since you can pick from a variety of colors, there’s bound to be one for every bride. However, if you don’t find one you’re head-over-heels for, you can have one custom-made just for you (one of the many reasons why we love handmade!). Read on to see which wedding garters we hand-picked for this feature and enter for a chance to win one of your own!

Shabby Chic Wedding Garters

1. The Emma

Up first, we have the ‘Emma’. I promise I didn’t pick it to be at the top because of its name (well, okay, half-promise). I love this color… and the rhinestone detail is the perfect touch.

mint silk wedding garter via 5 Shabby Chic Wedding Garters at

2. The Charlotte

Is yellow your favorite shade? The Charlotte garter is made with layers of georgette ribbon and a handmade rosette. Shown in Lemon Chiffon and featured with a peony bloom.

yellow silk garter via 5 Shabby Chic Wedding Garters at

3. The Adelaide

The Adelaide garter is created with a bouquet of handmade silk georgette roses in blush, peony, and lemon chiffon. Band is blush lace. This garter measures 1″ wide.

silk garter with roses via 5 Shabby Chic Wedding Garters at

4. The Clementine

The Clementine garter is shown with blush, orchid, and lilac colors in an ombre style.

silk garter in blush orchid and lilac via 5 Shabby Chic Wedding Garters at

5. The Blythe

If you love a bit of bling, the Blythe is right for you. This soft lace garter features a georgette silk bow and rhinestone brooch. Shown in gilded rose.

blythe silk garter via 5 Shabby Chic Wedding Garters at

Shabby Chic Wedding Garter Giveaway!

Do you need a wedding garter to complete your bridal look? We’re giving one an Adelaide wedding garter (shown below) thanks to the folks over at Etta August! Find out the full details below.

garter giveaway via 5 Shabby Chic Wedding Garters at

Choose your custom colors from this palette:

color palette

About the Garter

A bouquet of handmade silk georgette roses in shades of blush, peony and lemon chiffon adorn a blush lace covered band. Adelaide measures 1″ wide. Etta August garters stretch to comfortably fit 15″-23″ around. Each garter is packaged in our lovely keepsake box.

Each Etta August garter is handcrafted using only the highest quality materials and methods. We begin by carefully selecting and hand dying fabrics, allowing us to create a range of gorgeous hues. Details like handmade flowers and delicate lace help define our line. Etta August accessories are truly bespoke and heirloom quality.


o Enter between 5/7/14-5/13/14 (11:59pm EST)
o Prize: Adelaide wedding garter in custom colors of winner’s choice. Pick colors from Etta August’s color palette (above).
o Winner will be randomly selected and announced on 5/14; winner announced on this blog post and emailed
o Winner has 72 hours to respond to email or new winner will be selected
o FREE shipping included anywhere worldwide
o No purchase necessary
o Winner has 1 year to claim prize
o Prize value: $94 | No cash value
o Past giveaway winners within 30 days not eligible to win
o Use entry form below to enter


Spring Clutch Purses from Eclu

Hi, loves! Have you seen / fallen in love with the spring clutch purses at Eclu yet? I know I have. I swear, every time I pop into the shop I find something new to love, whether it’s the clutches, the sashes, or the gorgeous hair blooms. Today, though, let’s just spend a few moments taking in the loveliness of the clutches, shall we?

spring clutch purses eclu

Spring Clutch Purses at Eclu

There’s loveliness blooming at Eclu… and it’s in the form of pretty spring clutches with pastel-inspired floral blooms and bows! A clutch purse would make a great gift for your MOH, bridesmaids, or yourself. You can even customize the colors and add an inscription inside for a pinch of personalization.

pastel spring clutch purses

bevy of blue spring clutch purses

pastel spring wedding clutch purses

yellow pink purple bow clutches

pink clutch purse lace

bride and bridesmaids holding clutch purses

yellow green pink orchid spring clutch purses

orchid spring clutch purse

pastel purple pink ivory spring clutch purses

Doesn’t this collection just inspire you for the season? Go ahead and pin your favorite and see more at Eclu.

There’s more coming up next… stay tuned!

Happy Planning!


Faux Flower Bouquets: Yay or Nay?

What do you think about faux flower bouquets? Would you carry fake blooms instead of fresh flowers down the aisle? The emerging trend of fake flower bouquets has become increasingly more popular among brides — and for good reason. Read on to find out why and get inspired with faux flower bouquets for your big day…

Faux Flower Bouquets (bouquet: the ritzy rose)

by the ritzy rose

Faux Flower Bouquets

Unlike fresh flowers, faux bouquets will never wilt; they last forever. Your bouquet becomes a lasting heirloom instead of a temporary purchase. If you’re allergic to fresh flowers, a bouquet alternative won’t make your nose run or your eyes itch. And, any type of bloom is in season for silk blooms year-round!

1. Brooch Bouquet

A brooch bouquet is constructed with antique brooches and wire to form a ‘bouquet’. This is my favorite bouquet alternative style; where was it when I tied the knot? By The Ritzy Rose.

Faux Flower Bouquets (bouquet: the ritzy rose)

by the ritzy rose

2. Button Bouquet

The button bouquet is another brilliant idea and similar to the brooch bouquet. Instead of brooches, buttons are used. This bouquet is by Lillybuds and I simply adore it.

Faux Flower Bouquets (bouquet: letters4lilly)

by lillybuds

3. Sola Wooden Flowers

Wooden sola flowers are perfect for rustic weddings. By LA Farm Girl Mercantile.

Faux Flower Bouquets (bouquet: la farm girl mercantile)

by la farmgirl mercantile

4. Sheet Music Bouquet

Turn your favorite sheet music into a bouquet! By Surroundings.

Faux Flower Bouquets - Sheet Music Bouquet (bouquet: surroundings online, photo by ashley rose)

by surroundings, photo by ashley rose

5. Vintage Fabric Bouquet

I love the touches of lace and vintage fabrics used in this fab flower arrangement. There are so many varieties available, too. By Innstyches.

Faux Flower Bouquets (bouquet: innstyches)

by innstyches

6. Peony Bouquet

Love peonies year-round? These cupped peonies are some of the prettiest silks I’ve ever seen. By Jasmine Burgess Crafts.

Faux Flower Bouquets - Pink Silk Peony Bouquet (bouquet: jasmine burgess crafts)

by jasmine burgess crafts

7. Rosette Flower Bouquet

Something blue… and faux, too! By The Sunflower Stand.

Faux Flower Bouquets (bouquet: the sunflower stand)

by the sunflower stand

8. Fabric Flower Bouquet

Your bridesmaids can carry faux flower bouquets, too! Check out this pretty style by Autumn and Grace Bridal.

Faux Flower Bouquets (bouquet: autumn and grace bridal)

by autumn and grace bridal

9. Felt Flower Bouquet

Felt takes on a fresh new look as a wildflower bouquet. By Handmade Colectibles.

Faux Flower Bouquets (bouquet: handmade colectibles)

by handmade colectibles

It’s your turn! Do you like faux flower bouquets? Yay or Nay? What will you carry on your wedding day?


Wedding Bow Clutches (+ Win Yours!)

Ok, brides, now that you know 7 things you MUST pack in your wedding bag, you’ll need something chic to carry it in, right? Now’s your chance! We’ve teamed up with Jami of Eclu to offer an exclusive Emmaline Bride giveaway. One lucky reader will win one of these custom wedding bow clutches. Carry your clutch down the aisle, gift to your MOH or bridesmaid, or carry about town (+ look chic) while running those last-minute wedding errands. These wedding bow clutches are a favorite of mine; I’ve even had the opportunity to see Jami’s work up-close. Believe me, these aren’t your typical wedding clutches – these are heirloom quality! After the wedding planning is over, wouldn’t it be nice to have a keepsake you can actually use? This is it! Read on for the scoop…

wedding bow clutches giveaway via (clutches by eclu)

Wedding Bow Clutches

These ultra-chic wedding bow clutches are made with silk dupioni and feature a magnetic snap closure. Each bag is handmade – just for you! – and can be color customized to suit your style. Retail price: $62. Which of these bags would you like to carry on your wedding day?

Wedding Bow Clutches (by Eclu)Wedding Bow Clutches (by Eclu)Wedding Bow Clutches (by Eclu)Wedding Bow Clutches (by Eclu)Wedding Bow Clutches (by Eclu)

Ooh, look at these lovely pops of color!

Wedding Bow Clutches (by Eclu)

Win! Wedding Bow Clutch Giveaway
Giveaway lasts from 6/26/13 – 7/2/13 (11:59pm EST). Good luck!
– – –

– – –

Happy Planning!


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