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4th Annual Holiday Giveaway Palooza! – Day 1

Hello, loves! Merry Christmas Eve! Yesterday, all I could think about was how it was already Christmas Eve Eve (or, as my sister likes to call it, “the day before the day before Christmas” which has a nice ring to it). The holidays sure do sneak up quickly! Every Monday at Emmaline Bride, we kick off a brand new handmade giveaway; we thought today was an awesome opportunity to showcase the last official giveaway of 2012 and launch our 4th Annual Holiday Giveaway Palooza! This giveaway series is unique: each day, visit Emmaline Bride to view the day’s new prizes (by a few lovely Featured Artisans from The Marketplace) and enter for your chance to win. Each day is a new chance to win… and this year, the prizes are BIGGER + better than ever! So… grab a huge cup of morning coffee, snuggle into some slippers, and read on for YOUR chance to win handmade goodies for yourself or a friend! Enjoy!

NOTE: This giveaway is closed (ended 11:59pm EST Dec. 24th). The winners are Stacey G, Kelly Anne, and Monica! Please check your inbox on how to claim your prize.

emmaline bride 4th annual holiday giveaway

– – –

Today’s Prizes: 3 Total – December 24th

1. Personalized Spa Robe

by Embroidery by Melissa | “LIKE” on Facebook!

embroidery by melissa

Win one (1) personalized spa robe with embroidery of your choice. PLUS, free shipping to the U.S.

2. Bow Tie

by This Humble Abode | “LIKE” on Facebook!

bow tie this humble abode

Adjustable and self-tying bow tie. Features Liberty of London floral fabric in “Garden Blush”. Valued at $80.

3. Poms + Paper Wheels

by Simply Nesting | “LIKE” on Facebook!

simply nesting

This kit includes 5 poms (2 small 10 inch; 2 medium 15 inch; 1 large 18 inch) + 5 paper wheels (4 small 10 inch; 1 menium 15 inch) + 10 yards of clear monofilament + fluffing instructions. Winner selects their own colors from color chart; sponsor pays FREE shipping in US (international ship not included).

– – –

How to Enter

Each day (except Christmas Day), visit for a new chance to win! Brand new prizes are announced each morning from December 24th through December 28th. You must enter by 11:59pm EST each day for a chance to win.

To enter, do ANY or ALL of the following…

– visit each artisan’s shop and comment on which items are your favorite
(visit each shop and leave a separate comment for each to increase your chances!)
– share the giveaway link on Facebook*
– sharing the giveaway link on Twitter*
– pinning the giveaway on Pinterest*
– “liking” the artisan’s shop on Facebook*
(“like” each shop and leave a separate comment below to increase your chances!)


We will randomly select three (3) winners, each of whom will select one (1) of the prizes above. First winner will select which of the three prizes he/she would like first; followed by second winner; and, lastly, third. Shipping is included to US entrants FREE by the sponsor. International winners must cover shipping costs. Winner will be contacted by email on or about December 28th, 2012. Winners’ first names will be posted here as an official announcement on December 31st.

Good Luck!


Questions? E-mail us + we’ll be glad to help!

The Wedding Bow Tie Guide

The wedding bow tie is a classic look, synonymous with the likes of Sinatra, Astaire, or Bond. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite bow ties to show you handmade finds, unique patterns, and helpful tips on how to tie a bow tie. We’ve even included some helpful do’s and don’ts. Enjoy!

Wedding Bow Tie Guide

groom bow tie with black and white stripes
photo by erin hearts court

When shopping for a bow tie, consider handmade bow ties! They’re totally unique, handmade just for you, and available in plenty of styles and patters. Have you heard of Southern Beaus? They offer a variety of handmade wedding bow ties featuring prints, stripes, and even thematic styles. This ‘Carolina Red’ wedding bow tie is one of our favorites from their collection:

carolina red wedding bow tie

by southern beaus

Love a bright, sunny yellow? Take a peek at this beauty…

yellow stripe wedding bow tie

by southern beaus

If floral is more your style, consider one of these whimsical wedding bow tie patterns discovered at This Humble Abode:

floral print wedding bow tie

by this humble abode

wedding bow tie liberty of london

by this humble abode

Don’t forget another classic staple: the pocket square! The folks at Zelma Rose offer an amazing selection of wedding bow tie styles and coordinating pocket squares for the groom…

orange chevron wedding handkerchief and bow tie

by zelma rose

mustard yellow bow tie

by zelma rose

5 Do’s and Don’t’s of the Wedding Bow Tie

1. DO wear a bow tie if you like the style.

Not scared to rock a bow tie down the aisle? Know you can pull it off? You go, groom. A bow tie is a great way to accentuate your personal style and isn’t considered ‘just a trend’ when done right. This means if it’s a style that makes you comfortable, go for it!

2. DON’T force groomsmen to necessarily follow suit.

Just because the groom wants to wear a bow tie doesn’t mean his groomsmen will be as keen. The groomsmen don’t have to match the groom; in fact, it makes the groom stand out a little more when the others opt for traditional neckties instead. Here’s an example:

groom wearing bow tie

photo by erin hearts court

3. DO coordinate + complement.

Wear a bow tie that coordinates with your attire and / or complements your wedding theme. For a nautical wedding, we love the idea of incorporating a bow tie like this ‘Anchors Away’ style by Southern Beaus:

nautical wedding bow tie

4. DON’T make your groom wear a bow tie if he doesn’t like the style.

If the groom didn’t select your gown for you, why select his attire? He shouldn’t have to wear a bow tie if he doesn’t want to… likewise, if he wants to wear one, encourage him.

5. DON’T forget to learn how to tie it!

Don’t arrive at your ceremony without a few bow tie lessons first! (Your best man may have no idea, either.) Here’s a handy guide to help you get started:

how to tie a bow tie
via blog landerette via jared purrington

What do you think of the bow tie trend?

Necktie for the Groom

Happy Monday! We’re kicking off the week with a quiz: what’s more fun than a handmade necktie for the groom? Read on for your answer…

necktie for the groom

— (and the answer is…) a handmade necktie with a cute, custom embroidered message! We love handmade because each item holds more meaning and sentiment. A necktie with a special message on the back is about as sentimental as you can get. This Humble Abode – a featured artisan in The Marketplace and an overall awesome company – can create your custom necktie for the groom featuring a message embroidered right on the back. First, take a peek at a few of the custom prints and patterns available…

necktie for the groom
necktie for the groom
necktie for the groom
necktie for the groom
necktie for the groom

Now, take a look at this custom tie with embroidered ‘babe’ on the back…

custom necktie

I know… perfect, right? We love this sweet sentiment smack dab on your man’s tie. Get yours at This Humble Abode! This image is from Jill + Matt’s wedding

necktie, above, handmade by This Humble Abode // worn by: Matt (see Matt + Jill’s real wedding here!) // photographed by Rikki Ward Photography

Happy Planning!