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How to Be a Happy Bride from A to Z

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Planning your wedding doesn’t have to be stressful. At Emmaline Bride, our goal is to help you plan a beautiful wedding without the stress. I mean, it’s supposed to be fun, right? And we know that if you’re a happy bride, you’ll have an easier time planning your Best Day Ever. To help, we’ve made this helpful guide to keep things in perspective. You’ll also want to grab this and this, since they’ll outline tons of wedding ideas (without overwhelming you. Promise.) Read on to begin…

Happy Bride: A to Z

Want to be a happy bride? Just follow these simple rules, below.

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Ask for help when you need it.

And, appreciate help when you get it.

Be good to yourself.

You, beautiful you. You are perfect just the way you are. Don’t feel pressure to suddenly be a certain size, to spend a certain amount of money, or to look a particular way. Your fiancee proposed to YOU, because he wants to marry YOU. Stay true to yourself.

Continue doing regular things.

Watch your shows. Go out with friends. Take your fiance on regular date nights. Read. Exercise. Go for a walk. Work. Accomplish goals. Don’t let wedding planning consume you. You’ll have more fun with it if you don’t let it “take over” your regular day-to-day.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Hey, unexpected stuff is going to happen. Rolling with it and laughing? That’s how you stay happy.

Enjoy the little, fleeting moments.

Ah, those sweet little moments you get to experience while you plan (and during the wedding day itself) go by so fast. Savor them! The proposal. The engagement. The engagement photos. Picking out invitations. The dress. Fun times with bridesmaids. The list goes on and on. Bottom line? Enjoy it all.

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Find bridesmaid dresses that aren’t ridiculously expensive.

Happy Bridesmaids = Happy Bride. So, when you pick out a bridesmaid dress that isn’t super pricey, they’ll love you for it. While you’re at it, no bow on the butt. And nothing too short, showy, low cut, or unforgiving in material. Your lovely ladies will thank you for it.

Give thoughtful, useful gifts.

Give gifts with heart. Buy handmade. Support small businesses. Be thoughtful in gift-giving, whether it is for wedding party attendants, your parents, vendors, guests (favors), or gifts for your future spouse. Thoughtful gifts are more memorable and, therefore, rule.

High five your flower girls and ring bearer.

Hey, being the little guy or gal isn’t easy — and walking down that aisle is intimidating. Say good job and give them an awesome gift or toy for after ceremony (even if they didn’t quite make it down the aisle without sobbing or running away).

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Invest in a pretty bag for your essentials.

Being prepared for wedding day emergencies will keep you happy all day long. A pretty purse (like this one we spotted here) filled with 7 things you MUST pack in your wedding bag is all you need.

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good marvin

Jot down important must-haves.

Make a list of three most important things things to include at your wedding. Have your fiance do the same, and then make sure you include all of these on your big day.

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Keep things in perspective.

It can be really easy to let things get out of control while wedding planning. When you start to freak out because you don’t have these with ribbons tied on the backs of each one, STOP. Ask yourself, do I really need this? Do I really want to spend money on this? Will this make a HUGE difference in the quality of our day? If not, feel free to skip it.


Listen to your fiance when he tells you he wants a groom’s cake, or when he wants a certain song played at the reception. Listen when he doesn’t want to spend the entire night talking about color palettes because he wants to curl up and watch a movie with you. Listen to your bridesmaids when they try to talk you into picking one dress over another. You’ll learn more by listening.

Make lists and set realistic goals.

Making lists (and using checklists, like this free printable checklist, will keep you organized. Organized brides = less stressed out brides = happiness. Also, set a few goals along the way (like this week, I’ll order cake; next week, I’ll decide what shoes to wear). Don’t overload yourself.

Nix the negativity.

Those people on your Facebook wall that are always ranting about negative things? Hide them. Those wedding forums where people are overwhelming you by obsessing over their own, weird wedding goals? Stop reading them. Instead, surround yourself with positive people. You’ll radiate positivity, too.

Order something special for the honeymoon.

Do you know anyone who doesn’t get happy over new pjs, a new robe, or pretty underwear? Me either. There’s no better time than now to order it for your amazing honeymoon vacay.

Plan surprises for the groom.

A new watch delivered to his room before the ceremony? A special message sewn to the back of his tie? A pair of socks so he doesn’t get cold feet? A note that says, “I can’t wait to kiss you” delivered to him by the flower girl? (Swoon.) These are just a few cute ways to surprise the groom. These sweet surprises will make you giddy with excitement. It’s like Jimmy Durante said: “Make someone happy… and you will be happy, too“.

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That’s one of my favorite songs ever.

Or this “can’t wait to be your wife” card. So. cute.

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storey shop

Quit worrying so much.

There’s so much pressure on one day — and there’s bound to be a few unexpected twists along the way. I heard a quote that worrying is like standing outside with an umbrella waiting for it to rain. Believe it will be everything you’ve dreamed and it will be!

Register and have fun doing it.

Registering for your wedding is one of the most exciting things ever. It’s also a fun way to bond with your spouse-to-be and learn even more about their hobbies, style, and favorite things. Pair it with a dinner out and make a date of it. Oh, and when it starts to get tiring, QUIT. Start again another day.

Snap plenty of photos of everyone at your wedding.

I love this photo of all of your guests! Add it to your list.

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Try on tons of wedding gowns.

But do it for fun. You’ll eventually find it, but until you do… there’s no other time in life to try on beautiful, intricately made gowns with the possibility of ordering one to be custom made for you. And that’s pretty amazing in itself.

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Use the newlywed title to your advantage.

On your honeymoon, don’t be afraid to tell people you’re celebating. When A and I went on ours, we got an upgrade for our rental car (oh, hey, red convertible!) and a free dinner and other fun festive things.

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It’s not about getting stuff, either: it’s about the fun that comes with being the newlyweds! Finally. So don’t be afraid to tell people. People can be so awesome: we had complete strangers offering to snap photos of us (it’s important to get some of just the two of you, instead of awful selfies that are too close up or cut off your faces), along with sharing sweet words of advice. I swear, complete strangers + kindness = the best.

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Veer away from too many DIY projects.

DIY projects are fun (or they can be), but too many of them and not much time to complete them all? That’s just a headache. Pick a few that you want to do and start on them well in advance, if DIY is your thing. If not, delegate the tasks to someone else — then you’ll have even less on your plate to worry about.

Wear a new perfume.

When you wear a new perfume for the wedding, the scent will forever remind you of your big day. Do this — it’s such a great idea.


Hey, those endorphins get kicking and happiness takes over. Exercise is my go-to for instant happy.

Yes to Pampering.

Pamper yourself. Get a massage. Spoil yourself on the morning of the wedding with the works: full hair, makeup, nails, toenails. Buy a gorgeous pair of heels.

Zen = Gratefulness.

You’ll find your zen in gratefulness. After all, they say grateful people are the happiest people; that means grateful brides are the happiest brides.

What would you add to the list? Are you a stressed out bride, or a happy bride? How can we help?


The Easy Trick for Wedding Meal Options – Ask Emmaline

Holy smokes, you guys: keep the wedding advice questions coming! We’re loving ‘em! Today we’re sharing a question we received from Leah. She is getting married this spring but has a question on what to do about wedding meal options. Here’s her question:

The Easy Trick for Wedding Meal Options - Ask Emmaline

Wedding Meal Options

“I’m getting married in May and I’m worried about our reception dinner. Some of our guests have dietary restrictions and we’re having a family style dinner instead of a buffet. Our wedding meal options are chicken, fish, beef, or vegetarian. I don’t want anything to get mixed up with the meals, but I’m not sure how to go about labeling the place settings. Any ideas?”

Great question, and it couldn’t have come at a better time! We were just speaking with Tiffany of TiffZippy and she told us about her meal choice place cards. When you have a meal option place card at each place setting, you’ll eliminate confusion and ensure guests are given the proper meal. Plus, staff are really busy getting all the meals prepared and delivered to guests; an easy-to-see place card really saves them time.

Here are the meal choice place cards we talked about:

Go + Get ‘Em!

You can get these meal choice place cards here. After you receive guest RSVPs back with their wedding meal options, just write out the place cards with the appropriate meal choice. See? It’s easy! And now you have one less thing to worry about!

Happy Planning!


P.S. Have a question? Submit it to us! We’d love to hear from you + help eliminate any wedding planning stress!

Wedding Registry Online or In Store? – Ask Emmaline

We’ve received an Ask Emmaline question from bride-to-be, Ashlee about her wedding registry. She asks,

“I’ve heard a lot about online wedding registries. A friend of mine is using a certain online retailer as her exclusive wedding shower registry, but I’m not sure if my friends and family would be comfortable with online-only purchases. Do you have any advice on whether a wedding registry online or in store is better?”

Wedding Registry Online or In Store? - Ask Emmaline via

Wedding Registry Online or In Store?

Great question! When Andrew & I got married a few years back, Amazon was just starting to perfect its wedding registry service, and, to be honest, we weren’t really sure how it worked. Or comfortable completing a wedding registry online. However, online wedding registries have become a popular solution for some couples, particularly for off-the-cuff items like power tools to furniture to hobby or special interest items. But should you register for your wedding online?

Well, not exclusively.

If you want the freedom of registering for anything online and you like the ease and popularity of in store registries, we recommend the following: do a wedding registry online AND in store. Who says it has to be one OR the other? And here’s why.

Why Registering Online AND In Store Makes Perfect Sense

1. Gift givers tend to prefer seeing the purchase in person.

Have you ever ordered an item online only to be disappointed in person? You see, your Aunt or Grandmother doesn’t want to send you something before they can see it for themselves.

2. Not everyone is tech-savvy.

People are most comfortable with what they know. Since a traditional in store wedding registry has been the trend for so many years, it is going to be a tough sell to get everyone to figure out how to order online, and some people just aren’t comfortable shopping online.

3. People like options.

Some people won’t mind buying a gift online; others will love that they can go to a store and pick out something they know you’ll love. Give the people what they want–options! Plus, I’ve heard that it’s best to register for your wedding in at least two places, for variety (and convenience’s sake, depending on how close a store is located to a shopper).

4. Most stores do both anyway!

Most in-store registries are now available online, too, so you have the flexibility of registering online in your pajamas and guests can still either shop online for an item OR go in store to see it in person. Ah, the internet: it’s wonderful, isn’t it?

♥ | ♥ | ♥

Where should you register in store?

Even though many purchases occur online today, brick and mortar stores are — and will continue to be! — a popular choice for shoppers. For instance, places like Bed Bath & Beyond (+ those 20% off coupons! Love them), Target (who doesn’t love Target?), Crate & Barrel, and Macys are a few places that seem to be popular among engaged couples. Another favorite? Kohls (where if you’re not shopping using a Kohls charge and getting Kohls cash and flashing a 30% off coupon, you’re just doing it wrong).

These all offer many benefits of registry, along with ease of registering online or in person.

Where should you register online?

If you’re going to have one in-store registry and one online registry, you may not know where to begin for the online wedding registry. We have seen so many registries popping up in the last decade, but we’ve tried a bunch and Amazon is still our favorite. Here’s why:

Amazon Wedding Registry

Amazon‘s wedding registry is awesome! You get a 10% completion gift off most products on Amazon for a savings of up to $100. Plus, it’s universal: you can add items from OTHER WEBSITES with the universal button (so, shop your heart out– anywhere!) Plus, many people now utilize Amazon Prime, which means even last-minute shoppers can get your gift in time in only two days, guaranteed, for FREE.

It’s free and easy to get started, just click here or on the image below:

We’re affiliates of Amazon, but this in no way effects our recommendation. We just love ‘em anyway — we even shop Amazon ourselves!

I hope it helps and be sure to see these common wedding registry mistakes for more details. You should also check out how to register for your wedding for helpful tips & tricks.

So, tell us:

Are you registering online or in store and why?

Share your thoughts / questions / comments below!

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