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30 Best Ombre Wedding Ideas (PHOTOS)

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If there’s a wedding trend we will always love, it is ombre. Ombre is an effect where tones of color shade into each other, graduating from light to dark. This ombre trend has been making big waves in the wedding scene. We’ve seen ombre wedding invitations, bouquets, dresses — even wedding centerpieces. In today’s post, we’re sharing thirty of our favorite ombre wedding ideas with a little something for everyone. We’ve scoured the web to bring you the best, love, so we hope there’s something here you’ll find yourself pinning for later! Enjoy!

Ombre Wedding Ideas

1. This cake. Oh, this cake.

ombre wedding cake | via 30 Best Ombre Wedding Ideas

via mywedding

Trend Alert: Maid of Honor Wearing a Different Dress

You’ve heard of mismatched bridesmaid dresses, but have you heard of the maid of honor wearing a different dress? It’s a fun new trend that’s happening now and is a way to have her stand out from the bridesmaids. Here are a visuals to show you how it looks!

Maid of Honor Wearing a Different Dress

maid of honor wearing a different dress

via oi

Maid of Honor Wearing a Different Dress

photo: sarah ashley peters

Maid of Honor Wearing a Different Dress

photo: judy pak via style me pretty

This one is especially fun because the MOH gets to wear a gold sequin dress. I want.

Maid of Honor Wearing a Different Dress

photo: megan w

So, loves… what do you think of this trend?

is your maid of honor wearing a different dress?

Rug Aisle Runner — Love It or Leave It? (VOTE)

Hi, loves! I have to say, I think we’ve officially seen it all. Have you heard of / seen this rug aisle runner trend? It’s interesting.

rug aisle runner

Oh, and I say interesting when I don’t know what to think.

rug aisle runner

I’ve really tried, you guys. But I just don’t get it. I just don’t like it. There, I said it. It’s not for me. Not to mention, it’s such a tripping hazard.

rug aisle runner
via twofold LA

So, here’s what I think: aisle runners deserve to be grand. Elegant. Full-length. Throw rugs deserve to be thrown around. Messy. Unkempt. Sometimes they’re luxuriously soft, delightful for warming under your feet while sipping on a hot cup of tea. They’re also the first place I look for Geppetto and Shadow when and the first place they go when throw rugs are fresh outta the dryer. Maybe it’s just me, but I just don’t see this being a trend that’ll stick around: I like throw rugs as throw rugs, not aisle runners.

I do, however, admire those who think outside the box like this. Maybe I just haven’t seen THE ONE that’s enough to win me over.

And hey, every wedding trend isn’t for everyone. That’s what makes weddings so fun and diverse and unique.

Enough about me. I’m passing this on to our trusty readers:

What do YOU think?

VOTE: Rug Aisle Runner

So, what says you? Do you like a rug aisle runner or do you think throw rugs belong at home? I already told you what I think; now it’s time to hear from you!


4 New Wedding Stationery Trends 2014

Can you believe it’s already March? That means two things: winter is finally almost over and spring wedding season is underway! If you’re wondering what the hottest new wedding stationery trends for 2014 are, you’ve come to the right place! Today we’re warming you up with hot new prints, patterns, trends, and ideas for 2014 to inspire your upcoming wedding. Read on to get started…

Wedding Stationery Trends 2014

1. Floral Elements

One of the biggest wedding invitation trends for 2014 is the use of floral elements, especially for the spring and summer season.

Lucky in Love Foil Invitation - Wedding Stationery Trends 2014 via
Outstanding Occasion - Foil Detail - Wedding Stationery Trends 2014 via

2. Watercolor

We've talked about watercolor as one of the leading wedding invitation trends in 2013, but it’s growing in popularity this year! Watercolors provide colors which are reminiscent of sunshine, warmth, and happiness.

Watercolor - Wedding Stationery Trends 2014 via EmmalineBride.comWatercolor Invitation - Wedding Stationery Trends 2014 via

3. Faux Shimmer, Shine + Foil

Look for faux applications like shimmer and foil designs for weddings in all four seasons.

Lovely Day foil invitation - Wedding Stationery Trends 2014 via EmmalineBride.comWith Joyful Hearts Invitation - Wedding Stationery Trends 2014 via

4. Vintage Botanicals

Vintage romance is a popular trend for spring and summer weddings. Just add vintage botanicals and you have a look that’s feminine, romantic, and elegant, infused with a modern twist.

Winsome Blooms Suite - Wedding Stationery Trends 2014 via EmmalineBride.comSpring Trends Wedding Invitation - Wedding Stationery Trends 2014 via

If you liked what you’ve seen here, you’ll love the entire collection over at Wedding Paper Divas!

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6 Jaw Dropping Naked Wedding Cakes

Ah, the naked wedding cake: a simple, au naturale look that never goes out of style! Have you heard / seen / fallen in love with naked wedding cakes yet? You may after seeing this post! We’re uncovering six of our favorite naked wedding cakes to inspire you… and, we want to know: would YOU go naked?

Naked Wedding Cakes

First things first: what is a “naked wedding cake”? A naked wedding cake is a sponge-like cake that has icing on the top and inside its layers, without any icing on the sides. This style of cake allows emphasis to be placed on the exterior of the cake, revealing its layers. While it appears super easy-to-tackle, it’s actually more difficult than a traditional wedding cake. Since the layers are exposed, the cake itself must be free of imperfections. Also, since icing adds to the moistness of the cake, it must be extra-moist to begin with so it won’t dry out. When working with naked wedding cakes, you can use icing or cream cheese as layers — or get creative with delicious fillings. Naked wedding cakes are especially popular in the summer when seasonal fruits are ripe for the picking (like strawberries and blueberries). In this example, fresh fruit adds texture to the cake (and requires no additional cake topper).

Naked Wedding Cakes | This cake has strawberries and blueberries, which add color and texture to this natural cake.  This type of cake is ideal in the summer when fresh fruit is in season.

photo: bayly & moore via style me pretty

In this next example, a lovely tower of cake is placed on a white pedestal and adorned with a wood ‘love’ cake topper; fresh flowers add color and texture.

Naked wedding cakes look great as-is, or add a unique topper to add a personalized touch.  This wood cake topper by Better Off Wed Rustics is one of our favorite looks.

via better off wed rustics

Of all the naked wedding cakes, this one is my favorite — and it’s the simplest. A single floral bloom adorns this naked cake, which features two small tiers.

Naked Wedding Cakes - This naked two-tiered wedding cake features a simple floral bloom.

photo: loft photographie via style me pretty

A small dusting of powdered sugar makes this cake unique, while small floral buds and blooms are staggered across the sides.

Naked wedding cakes - Add a dusting of powdered sugar and adorn the cake with floral blooms.

photo: rachel whyte via style me pretty

Mmm, chocolate! This is a simple chocolate wedding cake with white icing and natural naked layers. See? No topper needed.

Naked wedding cakes - We  love the contrast of a chocolate wedding cake and white icing.

photo: jon duenas via style me pretty

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention this naked bundt cake. While it’s a totally different style than the above naked wedding cakes, it is still a ‘naked’ and natural cake alternative. Place on a clear cake stand and top with a simple banner for a whimsical look.

Naked Wedding Cakes | For a whimsical wedding, try bundt cakes instead of regular cake.

topper by readygo

Now it’s YOUR turn: would you go naked? Do you like naked wedding cakes? Why or why not? Tell us with a comment below!

2013 Wedding Trends: Succulents and Birch Bark

Hello, loves! Today we’re talking about one of our favorite 2013 Wedding Trends: succulents and birch bark! If you’re planning a spring or summer 2013 wedding, you won’t want to miss this post: we’re showing you how to perfect the look and where to find supplies for fabulous DIY projects! Read on for more…

2013 Wedding Trends: Succulents + Birch Bark (by Afloral via Emmaline Bride) #wedding

2013 Wedding Trends: Succulents and Birch Bark

Succulents and birch bark containers are competing for the leading role in popular wedding décor trends. And, for good reason: both are incredibly gorgeous and versatile! Let’s begin with the succulent.

2013 Wedding Trends: Succulents + Birch Bark (by Afloral via Emmaline Bride) #wedding

A succulent is a large, bold stem, most commonly seen in wedding bouquets and wedding centerpieces. If you’re including a succulent in your bridal bouquet, typically one succulent is enough, especially when it is large (approx. 6-8 inches in diameter).

Or, add a simple succulent stem to any flower arrangement for a chic DIY centerpiece.

2013 Wedding Trends: Succulents and Birch Bark (by Afloral via Emmaline Bride)

If you prefer a rustic chic look, consider birch bark containers for centerpieces. Birch bark containers are natural, rustic, and functional: a birch bark container makes a terrific vase for wildflowers, greenery, and multi-colored stems to be displayed.

2013 Wedding Trends: Succulents and Birch Bark (by Afloral via Emmaline Bride)

A vivid, eclectic and bohemian look is in with bright assortments of flowers and pairings of colorful bottles and votives.

2013 Wedding Trends: Succulents and Birch Bark (by Afloral via Emmaline Bride)

We also love the pairing of natural grapevine with birch bark and greenery for a rustic look that ties in effortlessly with burlap table linens.

2013 Wedding Trends: Succulents and Birch Bark (by Afloral via Emmaline Bride)

Where to Buy

You can buy succulents and birch bark containers from Afloral, the leading provider of high quality artificial flowers, floral supplies, and bouquet accessories. Check out their site here.

Tell Us!

Do you like this trend? Do you prefer succulents or birch bark? Will you incorporate this look into your wedding décor? Tell us below!

This is a sponsored post by Afloral.

Happy Planning!


2013 Wedding Trends: Pleats!

Hello, loves! Happy Tuesday! Today we’re talking about one of our favorite hot new 2013 wedding trends: pleats! A pleat (also known as a plait) is a double or multiple fold, typically in garments. There are various of pleat styles used (like accordion, box, and knife) and pleats were originally used to provide movement of freedom in clothing. Today, pleats are often used for style, one we that seems to be popping up everywhere lately! Read on to see five hand-picked handmade items using pleats to inspire your upcoming wedding. Then, tell us… do you love pleats? Or is this a trend you’d on which you’d like to pass? Enjoy!

2013 Wedding Trend: Pleats!

1. Flower Girls in Pleated Dresses

My #1 essential rule of flower girl dresses? Twirlabiity. This particular style offers just that AND in an exceptional color palette with a flowing style she’ll love. By Nastershum Wedding.

pleated flower girl dresses

by nastershum wedding

2. The Pleated Bag

Gorgeous accessory shop, Lolos specializes in pleated bags… in fact, Lolo offers an incredible collection of pleated bags with romantic handmade rosettes. Plus, there are TONS of colors from which to choose.

pleated bridesmaid bag
pleated bridesmaid clutch

3. Pleated Gowns (+ Bridesmaid Dresses)

Ah… I know I’m not alone when I say that designer Claire La Faye can do no wrong. This stunning ‘Love Me Do’ bohemian wedding gown features silk chiffon and a diagonal row of organza and chiffon flowers with swoon-worthy silk pleating detail.

pleated wedding gown

dress by claire la faye, photo by jeff shanes

And… this pink pleated dress for bridesmaids? Incredible. By Wonderxue.

pleated wedding dress

by wonderxue

4. Pretty in Pearls + Pleats

Pleats aren’t limited to ensemble alone: incorporate this feminine style into your accessories, too, like your garter. This particular pleated garter (with pearls) is by Atelier Rousseau and I love it oh-so-much.

pleated pink garter by atelier rousseau

pleated garter by atelier rousseau

5. Pleated Ruffle Necklace

And, last but not least, take a peek at this pretty pleated necklace with ruffles by Femme Petal, a perfect gift for bridesmaids.

pleated necklace with ruffles

by femme petal

Discuss: Do you like pleats?

P.S. Crave creative handmade wedding ideas? Take a look here!