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Why Mini Veils Are Trending for Weddings

blusher veil

by over the moon bridal

Mini veils are trending for weddings — and here’s why! Brides love the idea of a classic veiled look, but some brides don’t want the long veiled look or crave something more modern. In that case, mini veils — a tulle pouf, blusher veil, or a birdcage veil — work beautifully as traditional veil alternatives. Today we’re showing you a few examples of mini veils we spotted over at Over the Moon Bridal. Which one is most your style?

25 Flower Inspired Ideas for Spring Weddings


by lovebirds goods

Hi, lovelies! Happy Monday! Emma here and I am so happy to see you here on this beautiful Monday morning. How is your wedding planning going? Need some fresh inspiration? We’ve been busy whipping up some fun ideas for you and we know you’ll love what we have in store. (P.S. Be sure you’re subscribed for the latest!) Today we’re sharing flower inspired wedding ideas with pops of pretty pink. You don’t even have to plan a flower themed wedding; just a few hints here and there will really highlight the beautiful spring season. Check out our twenty-five finds below and tell us: which one is your favorite?

“When to Take Off Veil at Wedding?” – Ask Emmaline

bride wearing birdcage veil

by shelby ashley bridal fashions, photo: stacy vitallo

It’s Wedding Advice Wednesday! Today we’re tackling an Ask Emmaline question submitted by bride-to-be Caroline. She asks…

[su_quote cite=”Caroline”]

Hi Emmaline, I’ve picked a long veil for my wedding. Do I wear it for the entire wedding, or just the ceremony? When do I take it off?


Great question, Caroline! Everybody knows the veil is an important part of the bride’s ensemble, but no one ever tells you when to put it on or when to take it off. We’re here to help!

This Crystal Beaded Headpiece is Absolutely Gorgeous – #HANDMADEADAY

Happy Sunday! It is the perfect fall day outside — not a cloud in the sky! We hope it’s beautiful where you are, too. We’re popping in to share this crystal beaded headpiece (today’s #HANDMADEADAY find!), which is a part of the new 2016 collection by Nestina Accessories! The brand new collection is being shown at NY Bridal Market this weekend (Oct. 10th through Oct. 12th — stop by and say hi to Ernestine at Pier 94, booth #918!). The new collection will be showcased right here on Emmaline Bride on Tuesday (and available for purchase in her shop). We can’t wait to show you all the gorgeous, jaw-dropping accessories! Ah, so excited!

Until then, we leave you with this beautiful headpiece — and encourage you to subscribe so you don’t miss the collection unveiling on Tuesday!

Crystal Beaded Headpiece


by nestina accessories, photo: melanie gabrielle photography


by nestina accessories, photo: melanie gabrielle photography

Now get out there and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine before the new week begins!


7 Mantilla Veils That Will Look Beautiful for Classic Weddings

Hi, lovelies! Happy Monday! Today we’re helping you find the perfect wedding veil for your big day. Have you thought about a mantilla wedding veil? A mantilla veil is a unique bridal veil style typically made of lace and worn over the head and shoulders. The length varies but they are usually hip-length, chapel, or cathedral length. We have been admiring the mantilla veils over at SIBO Designs and today we’re sharing seven of our handpicked favorites. These intricate veils feature the finest tulle, floral lace, and beading we’ve seen yet and each veil is handcrafted just for you. Take a look below and find out which veil is today’s #HANDMADEADAY find! Also, tell us: what is your favorite wedding veil style?

Mantilla Veils for Weddings

1. Floral Lace Mantilla Wedding Veil

floral lace mantilla wedding veil | mantilla veils weddings | by SIBO Designs | Photo: Brumley & Wells

by sibo designs | photo: brumley & wells

This Cathedral Length Veil is Perfect for Classic Weddings

It’s classic themed weddings week at Emmaline Bride! Many of our posts will encompass a classic themed wedding with accessories and decor. Be sure you are subscribed so you don’t miss a single post. Also, be sure to grab this with a full chapter dedicated to this theme.

Happy Monday, loves! We’re kicking off our beautiful Classic Themed Weddings Week with our first handmade-a-day find. This cathedral length veil has a long, flowing train and is the ideal style veil for a traditional wedding. This veil has a slightly modern twist, too: it features metallic lace ivory and metallic thread to give it a little shine. The edge is finished with delicate Chantilly lace, measures a stunning 108″ in length, and is finished with a gold or silver plated comb for easy addition to any hairstyle. This veil is lovingly handmade by SIBO Designs. Take a look!

Cathedral Length Wedding Veil

beautiful cathedral length veil weddings by SIBO Designs, photo: Brumley & Wells |

veil by sibo designs, photo: brumley & wells

beautiful cathedral length veil weddings by SIBO Designs, photo: Brumley & Wells |

veil by sibo designs, photo: brumley & wells

beautiful cathedral length veil weddings by SIBO Designs, photo: Brumley & Wells |

veil by sibo designs, photo: brumley & wells

veil by sibo designs, photo: brumley & wells

If you liked this veil, you can find out more about it here. This shop features a ton of bridal accessories including more cathedral length veils and bridal accessories we know you’ll love. Tell Sheila that Emmaline Bride sent you! She’s wonderful to work with, so we know you’re in good hands.

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