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Vintage Locket Ring for the Bride

Last week, we talked about different ways to honor loved ones who have passed at your wedding. And then, as luck would have it, we spotted this other amazing idea: a vintage locket ring. It’s vintage inspired (so it’s not antique, but it looks the part) and can be used in a multitude of ways. First, if you have a loved one’s photo you’d like to go inside–add it–and then wear the ring on your right hand or tie to a ribbon and wrap it around your bouquet. Then, you can wear it after the wedding as a keepsake.

Vintage Locket Ring

As an alternate idea, you can also use it as a thematic bridesmaid gift idea for a vintage wedding. You can even include a small photo of the two of you together for a personalized touch.

Take a look! This ring was spotted at the lovely Kaori Kaori.

vintage locket ring

gold vintage locket ring

Go + Get It!

Want to get yours? Go to Kaori Kaori to buy (and to see more pieces of lovely jewelry)!


Mirror Table Number Idea – DIY Wedding Decor

Have you ever stumbled upon something so lovely AND functional that it becomes an a-ha moment? That’s pretty much what happened when I stumped upon this mirror table number idea, where photographer Mary Fields captured a most elegant photo shoot designed by I Heart Rehabs. Here at Emmaline Bride, we love handmade + re-purposed finds, so we couldn’t have been more excited to find a cool vintage find turned functional in this centerpiece idea. See? Table numbers don’t have to be boring.

Here, take a look:

Mirror Table Number

Vintage Mirror Table Number

via glamour and grace

Isn’t it lovely? It’s perfect for the vintage themed wedding! Look for vintage swing mirrors on Ebay (the word ‘ornate’ is a plus) or, for a lower price point, look for a shabby chic option like this. My word, that’s gorgeous. Then, use some liquid chalk right on the mirror to write the table number.

Also, double points because…

1. It won’t blow away.

Planning an outdoor wedding? A tabletop mirror will stay put. No worrying about it blowing away or keeping it in place.

2. It adds a thematic touch.

You can add any kind of mirror you choose to fit your theme: vintage, beachy-cottage, shabby chic, even modern! Here’s one I love (and it’s way smaller in person, even though this looks like a full-length mirror from the photo). And you know how much I love themes.

ornate shabby chic table mirror | use this as a vintage mirror table number! great find from amazon.

3. It’s reusable!

Give these away after the wedding because, really, who doesn’t love an old timey mirror? And who couldn’t use one for their vanity? (Raises hand.)


9 Romantically Vintage Wedding Accessory Ideas

Are you planning a vintage wedding? It’s one of my favorite themes: it is classic, elegant, and timeless. Plus, it is one wedding theme that will never go out of style. In my new book, The Inspired Wedding, the chapter entitled Romantically Vintage is overflowing with vintage wedding tips and suggestions for decor, attire, favors, and more. To give you a glimpse of this style, I’m sharing vintage wedding accessory ideas in this feature. It’s so easy to finish your bridal look with vintage touches: here are nine to get you started!

Vintage Wedding Accessory Ideas

1. Vintage Wedding Dress

This dress is one of my favorite true vintage finds to date. The open back, long sleeves, and lace detail is stunning.

vintage wedding dress - 9 Romantically Vintage Wedding Accessory Ideas

daughters of simone

2. Handkerchief

To use a hankie as an accessory, simply wrap it around the stems of your bouquet. Use a simple dress pin to keep it secure.

dreamy cottage

3. Bridal Capelet

Some brides like to cover their strapless dress for the ceremony; others just love the look of vintage detailing around the top. Here’s one stunning vintage detailed capelet as one example.

vintage wedding accessory ideas - bridal capelet

glory by jeannie lee | photo: white-klump photography via style me pretty

4. Burlap Bouquet with Vintage Lace

This bouquet will last forever! Plus, it’s gorgeous, especially with that layer of vintage lace underneath.

burlap bouquet vintage lace - 9 Romantically Vintage Wedding Accessory Ideas
jane’s daughters

5. Lace Heels

These heels are custom-made with a hint of lace for the vintage-loving bride. I want these just because.

gold champagne silver wedding heels with lace - 9 Romantically Vintage Wedding Accessory Ideas
becca and louise

6. Garter

This garter is vintage inspired with rhinestones set on a satin ribbon.

gold garter vintage wedding accessory ideas

gadegaard design

7. Earrings

These earrings are circa 1950s and are a true vintage find! They’re simple enough to go with any gown you choose, but stunning enough to make a statement.

vintage earrings

sweet and spark

8. Hair Comb

This hair comb–and her hairstyle!–is a perfect example of skipping a veil, yet still incorporating your vintage theme.

vintage wedding accessory ideas - hair comb

j. arends designs

9. Lace Clutch

And, last but not least, don’t forget a clutch purse to carry your essentials: it features a swatch of vintage lace to embellish the front.

vintage lace clutch purse

davie and chiyo

What do you think of these vintage wedding accessory ideas? You can find more vintage wedding ideas in my new book in bookstores now (Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, and Amazon).


Vintage Style Bridal Earrings

Psssst. Have you checked out / swooned over The Marketplace lately? There are all kinds of beautiful handmade wedding finds being added every day! We work with the most amazing vendors on the planet, like Lottie-Da Designs who added this vintage style bridal earrings set over the weekend. I especially love the added touch of the pearl — its perfect for the bride-to-be, especially one who loves a classic vintage wedding.

vintage style bridal earrings with pearl

vintage style bridal earrings with pearl

Vintage Style Bridal Earrings from Lottie-Da Designs

You can see the vintage style bridal earrings here. To view more earrings and other lovely accessories, check out Lottie-Da Designs’ shop.

We hope you’re having a great weekend! We can’t wait to kick off a brand new week of wedding inspiration starting bright + early tomorrow morning. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it!


5 Reasons You Probably Need a Bridal Brooch Bouquet

Do you need a bridal brooch bouquet? If you’re reading this post, there’s a good chance you just might. But why? Today we’re sharing five reasons why along with a plethora of wedding brooch bouquet ideas to inspire you. And, while you we use the super-strong word need lightly, you probably will really, really want one. And we don’t blame you. Here are five reasons why.

Wedding Brooch Bouquet Ideas

You probably need a bridal brooch bouquet if…

1. You want the flexibility of coordinating your colors, exactly.

Want pink, but a specific, ultra-bright pink that matches your bridesmaid dresses to a T? You probably need a bridal brooch bouquet.

gorgeous brooch bouquet with purple flower - Wedding Brooch Bouquet Ideas

the ritzy rose

pink silk and brooch bouquet - Wedding Brooch Bouquet Ideas

the ritzy rose

the ritzy rose

2. Your wedding will be held in an extremely hot, humid area.

This is especially true if your wedding is going to be held outdoors, where the sun and humidity is particularly cruel to beautiful blooms. Plus, it will be held by you, a bride who may or may not be sweating profusely after hours of hair and makeup and taking pre-ceremony photos outside. This is also applicable if you are not interested in having to spritz your bouquet with water to keep it fresh, or don’t want to have a cooler nearby to keep the bouquet(s) until it’s time for the ceremony to begin. Brooch bouquets look amazing at any temperature.

brooch bouquet up close - Wedding Brooch Bouquet Ideas

j. arends designs

red brooch bouquet

j. arends designs

3. You want a bouquet that lasts forever.

A fresh flower bouquet won’t last. It just won’t. It won’t even smell fantastic after a few days. Sure, you can hang it upside down and dry it out and arrange it in a pretty vase, but will it ever look exactly as it did on your wedding day? No. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I had a fresh flower bouquet and throwing it away was pretty devastating. So why didn’t I have a bridal brooch bouquet? BECAUSE I DIDN’T KNOW IT EXISTED! If I had, you bet I would have looked into it because I could still gaze at it on my desk.

bride-holding-brooch-bouquet - Wedding Brooch Bouquet Ideas

j. arends designs

j. arends designs

brooch bouquet with yellow details

the ritzy rose

4. You want to incorporate an heirloom or memento.

A bridal brooch bouquet is made with brooches attached to metal ‘stems’. With that being said, the flexibility of a brooch bouquet allows you to add special mementos or heirloom pieces to your custom bouquet. Your grandmother’s brooch? Added. The brooch your mother pinned to her dress sash in her own wedding? Added. It’s easy — and when you have professional brooch bouquet makers (like The Ritzy Rose or J. Arends Designs, both featured here) at the helm, you bet it will look FANTASTIC.

ivory brooch bouquet large

j. arends designs

bride holding brooch bouquet

the ritzy rose

red white and blue brooch bouquet - Wedding Brooch Bouquet Ideas

the ritzy rose

5. You want something different.

Fresh flowers are gorgeous, this is true; but, what if you want something different? Unique? Unlike anyone else’s? A brooch bouquet has been a trend for the last few years, but it is only growing in popularity. So, if you’re a discerning bride who wants a beautiful, bright, colorful, keepsake bouquet that lasts forever and is something your cousin isn’t having at HER wedding (oh, you’re so competitive), you probably need a brooch bouquet.

brooch bouquet with rhinestone initial and wrapped in satin ribbon - Wedding Brooch Bouquet Ideas

the ritzy rose

black and peacock brooch bouquet - Wedding Brooch Bouquet Ideas

j. arends designs

the ritzy rose

A sixth and unofficial point to state is that a wedding brooch bouquet is also a great way to invest your budget. It costs more than a traditional fresh bouquet, but since it lasts forever, you’re pretty much investing in a gorgeous piece that you’ll be able to pass down (or keep on that lovely china cabinet in the vase from your bridal shower for years to come).

So, what do you think? Are you going to have a brooch bouquet? Why or why not? Share your thoughts below in our comments section + we’ll discuss.


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