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Wedding Hair Extensions: Do’s and Don’ts

I’ve never had hair extensions, but the idea of using them has always intrigued me. Luckily (or unluckily, depending on what style I’m going for) my hair grows extremely fast, so I’ve never considered adding hair extensions to my ‘do. However, hair extensions aren’t just for length: they can add instant oomph and volume to any wedding hairstyle, whether you wear it up or down. After receiving an ‘Ask Emmaline’ wedding advice request last week regarding the topic, I’ve made it my mission to jump head-in to this topic, so to speak. Victoria asks us, “I was wondering if you have any suggestions of clip in hair extension pieces for weddings. I’m planning on DIYing my hair. Do you know of any good wedding hair extensions that won’t break the bank? Thanks, Emmaline!” Great question, Victoria! In today’s post, we’re sharing hair extension do’s and don’ts, amazing finds for hair extension clip-in pieces, PLUS we’re giving away a pretty accessory for your hair (whether au naturale or with extensions in place). Read on to begin!

Wedding Hair Extensions: Do's and Don'ts

hair extensions

Wedding Hair Extensions: Do’s and Don’ts

Hair extensions are helpful if you want to add instant volume or length to your hair. Extensions are also popular for brides-to-be who have thin hair and want to try a particular wedding hairstyle. Here are some tips to follow when considering hair extensions for your wedding:

Hair Extension – Do’s

o DO put in hair extensions at least one to two weeks in advance
your wedding day is not the day to try out a dramatic new style, including extensions

o DO use multi-color extensions to look blended and more natural

o DO schedule a trial run before the wedding day with hairstyles
just in case

o DO prepare for the expense: using real hair will look more natural
it will cost you more, but worth the price if you want it to look best

o DO wash and condition hair extensions before the big day

o DO your homework: find an expert stylist
find one that is skilled in hair extensions and knows how to care for and style them

Hair Extensions – Don’ts

o DON’T shampoo hair for at least 48 hours after extensions have been applied

o DON’T use too much hair if using clip-in extensions
or it will look unnatural

o DON’T go crazy with colors
avoid using eccentric colors — you’ll want your hair to look natural

o DON’T (or be careful with) ‘glue-in’ hair extensions
from reviews I’ve read, people report it ruining their hair. always go to an expert stylist and heed his or her advice.

Hair Extensions + Clip-Ins

Hair extensions don’t have to be an all-or-nothing decision. You can use hair extensions as clips or hair pieces to change up your look. Here are a few of our favorite ideas.

Long Clip-in Hair Extensions

These clip-in hair extensions were one of the products I came across while doing research. These are VERY inexpensive, which means they’re not made of real hair. But, I think it’s fair to note that they have decent reviews. If I was considering an application of wedding hair extensions, I might buy one of these just to see if I like the look of extensions first. After all, it’s only a five dollar investment and it actually had good reviews. I wouldn’t recommend them for wedding hair extensions, but these would still be fun to try.

long clip-in hair extensions - Wedding Hair Extensions: Do's and Don'ts

clip-in hair extensions

Hair Extensions for a Prettier Ponytail

Dress up your ponytail! This is one I am definitely going to try. This hair extension is by HairDo (I’ve heard great reviews!) and features an extra strand to wrap around / disguise / dress up your ponytail. There are TONS of colors available so you can easily find a match to your natural hair color.

hair-extensions-ponytail - Wedding Hair Extensions: Do's and Don'tsprettier ponytail with extensions - Wedding Hair Extensions: Do's and Don'ts

from hairdo

Bang Extensions

Ok, quick story: so a few months ago, I was getting my hair cut and on a total whim (as it always happens) I was all, “I want bangs.” My hairstylist was like, “Are you sure? I mean, this seems sudden.” And I said, “I’m feeling adventurous today.” Yeah. Anytime you feel adventurous at the hair salon, cancel the mission immediately. She gave me bangs, and, bless her heart, she did a nice job. I liked them initially. I thought, okay, I can rock these. Twenty minutes later, I got home and was looking in the mirror and I felt like I was twelve years old again. I hated the feeling like I couldn’t just go back to ‘normal’ grown-out bangs (and would have to pin them back for the next 3 weeks until they grew out). THEN I FOUND THESE. Have you ever heard of clip in bangs? What a genius idea. Plus, it’s brought to you by Ken Paves, the celeb stylist (most notable for styling Jessica Simpson). I can’t wait to try these, stat. You can put ’em in, take ’em out. No tears. No ugly bobby pin for 3 weeks. No ‘oh-my-goodness-what-did-i-just-do-to-my-hair’. Just beautiful, removable bangs. Thanks, K.Paves.


ken paves

Pump Up the Volume

This isn’t technically a hair extension, but it is clipped into one’s hair and acts more as a volumizer.

pump up the volume hair extensions - Wedding Hair Extensions: Do's and Don'ts


You can also try these extensions and clip into the back of your hair as instant length. What I love about these is they can be heated like normal hair, so you can curl or straighten (up to 350 degrees).

Hair Accessory Giveaway!

Now that you’ve had a chance to explore some hair extensions for your wedding, let’s switch the focus onto an accessory for your ‘do! We love this bridal hair flower headband by Sterling Gurl Designs and we’re giving one away! Use entry form below to enter (between 2/12-2/18/14 11:59pm EST). No purchase necessary. Prize value: $50. Shipping included to U.S. only. No cash value. Past giveaway winners within 30 days not eligible to win. Ready-to-ship! This couture handmade headpiece is made of Swarovski vintage crystal rhinestones, millinery stamens in off-white/ivory hues, and a handmade white feature plume. Illusion tulle is used as a ‘mini veil’. Placed on a metal headband (which can be covered in white satin ribbon or ivory satin ribbon, or left as-is) for easy addition to any hairstyle. Good luck!


bridal hair flower headband

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Happy Planning!


P.S. Check out these wedding hairstyles for inspiration!

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How to Get More Volume in Your Hair

Have you ever wondered how to get more volume in your hair? Today we’re going to show you how to achieve that thicker, fuller look for your wedding day – and beyond – with a few of our favorite tutorials. I have always admired voluminous hair in magazines and photo shoots wishing that I, too, had lustrous, voluminous hair. Then I realized something: I can keep wishing for more volume or I can make it happen. Voluminous hair is the result of a few key essentials like a good diet (high protein can lead to healthier, thicker hair with less breakage), plenty of H20, proper blow-drying techniques (here’s a video to get you started), plenty of hairspray, and abundant amounts of teasing, product-applying, and styling. If you’re opting for a bridal veil alternative, keep in mind that your hair will have nothing to hide behind. If you don’t want your hair to go from fabulous to flat as you walk down the aisle, be sure to give your hair plenty of lift. So, now, let’s show you how to get more volume in your hair with these tutorials PLUS a few hand-picked bridal headbands perfect for sporting your voluminous new ‘do. Enjoy!

how to get more volume in your hair

image via keiko lynn

You may remember the next image from our braided hairstyles round-up a few months back. It is from a fabulous hair tutorial we spotted via Keiko Lynn which shows you how to get a pretty up-do with braids and plenty of volume:

how to get more volume in your hair

Although she has an unfair advantage (her hair is gorgeous to begin with), she styles it from this…

how to get more volume in your hairhow to get more volume in your hair

…to this:

how to get more volume in your hair

It looks beautiful! And, as a side note, I’m totally loving the hot pink lipstick.

If a braid isn’t your style of choice, how about a messy side ponytail? This tutorial via A Cup of Jo (photography by Jamie Beck) shows you an easy-to-do side ponytail:

how to get more volume in your hair

Or, try a voluminous puffy bun which takes your hair from flat to fabulous in seconds! This tutorial (below) is via Extra Petite and offers a full video tutorial!

via EmmalineBride.comvia EmmalineBride.com

And, for brides with shorter-length hair, learn how to get more volume on top with a video tutorial from The Small Things Blog. I recently discovered this blog and love its easy-to-follow video tutorials – always a plus!

how to get more volume in your hair

Looks beautiful!

You’ll need some hair accessories to complement your wedding-ready volume, so take a peek at a few handmade bridal headbands:

how to get more volume in your hair

how to get more volume in your hair

This headband (above) was spotted via Memento*, a hair accessories shop with plenty of sparkly headbands. We love this one in particular, which features Swarovski rhinestones in a tiara/princess-style headband.

how to get more volume in your hair

This headband by Tiffani Saxton Designs is made with Swarovski crystal, freshwater pearl, and a sterling silver tiara. Stunning!

how to get more volume in your hair

This headband is by LoBoheme and features Russian veiling. Gorgeous!

And, finally, this rhinestone adorned silk chiffon bridal headband is quite lovely, isn’t it? We spotted it via Twigs & Honey (photography by Lisa Warninger).

how to get more volume in your hair