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Maid of Honor: 15+ Duties You Absolutely Need to Do (Please!)

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Hey, beautiful Maid of Honor! This is your BFF (The Bride) and I wanted to let you know something: you’re really awesome. So awesome, in fact, that I chose you as my leading lady on my wedding day. And with that comes a few duties, but I have total confidence you’ll be great at it. Here’s the low-down on the Maid of Honor duties I’d really, really appreciate if you could tackle for me.

The Bride and Her Bridesmaids | Photo: Erich McVey

photo: erich mcvey

Maid of Honor Duties

Dear Maid of Honor,

Now THIS Is a Cute ‘Father of the Bride’ Gift Idea

Is there a sweeter gift for the father of the bride than this ‘Forever Your Little Girl’ photo idea? We think not. After seeing you in your gown for the first time, walking you down the aisle, sharing that Father / Daughter dance, and receiving this gift afterwards, he’s going to need a whole pack of handkerchiefs to contain his happy tears!

Forever Your Little Girl

It’s easy to borrow this idea: just grab a simple chalkboard and write ‘Forever Your Little Girl’ and use it as a photo prop while in your gown on your wedding day. (Fun Fact: If you’re an 80s kid and forget the ‘little’ part, it may seem like you’re quoting Paula Abdul’s top-selling album.) After the wedding, have the photo enlarged, printed and framed, or turn it into a canvas.

forever your little girl gift idea for father of the bride


12 Maid of Honor Mistakes to Avoid

Maid of Honor: this post’s for you! You were selected as the bride’s right-hand lady and there are a handful of maid of honor duties she’ll need you to tackle on the wedding day. The last thing you want to do is forget to do these important tasks, so listen up as we present the twelve maid of honor mistakes to avoid on the wedding day. You are totally going to win at this MOH thing; here are just a few things to keep in mind…

12 Maid of Honor Mistakes to Avoid |
butler photography | see the real wedding

Maid of Honor Mistakes to Avoid — Top 12 List

MOH Mistake #1. Forgetting to be her BFF.

She picked you because you’re her bestie. Her rock. Be there for her. In a sea full of craziness and stress, be the anchor. Make her laugh. Tell her how awesome she is and how much she rocks that wedding gown. And remind her to enjoy the day, because it really does go way too fast.

MOH Mistake #2. Forgetting two rules of the dress.

If her dress has a train, make sure it stays fluffed out throughout the ceremony. Also, learn how her dress bustles in the back to help her at the reception. You might also need to hold her dress when she goes to the restroom.

12 Maid of Honor Mistakes to Avoid |
butler photography | see the real wedding

MOH Mistake #3. Not being on lipstick / food-in-teeth / underwear showing / hair flyaways / garlic breath patrol.

Lipstick on the teeth? Food in the teeth? Mint required? Be that spot checker she needs because she’ll be talking to a LOT of people. Spinach looks good in no one’s mouth. Also, if not you, who?

MOH Mistake #4. Not reminding the bride about the marriage license.

For real. You’d be surprised how many people forget to get one three days in advance.

MOH Mistake #5. Falling behind schedule.

Keep the crew on schedule, especially in the morning when getting ready. You don’t want the bride hurrying to get to the ceremony on time, with her hair half-done.

MOH Mistake #6. Not keeping a list of important numbers.

Have important numbers on hand for wedding vendors and anyone else you may need to contact. This is just in case something happens (flowers don’t show, DJ is late, etc.) It helps to be on it before the bride even notices.

MOH Mistake #7. Forgetting to drop off decor or items to the ceremony and/or reception, if needed.

This might include aisle decor setup for the ceremony, the aisle runner, signage, or reception decor like escort cards, place cards, card box, etc. This is typically required if the bride does not have a wedding planner. And, this is really only if the bride asks you to do so.

MOH Mistake #8. Not helping with the dress.

Getting the dress on is not an easy task, especially for a nervous bride. Make sure she has the essentials on hand before you begin (hosiery, accessories, undergarments).

12 Maid of Honor Mistakes to Avoid |
butler photography | see the real wedding

MOH Mistake #9. Not being her gatekeeper.

Be true to the bride’s wishes: if she doesn’t want someone to see her before the wedding (like the groom), make sure he sure as heck doesn’t.

MOH Mistake #10. Forgetting to write + rehearse your speech.

During the reception, it’s customary for the Best Man speech and Maid of Honor speech to take place. Make sure you have yours written out on paper (at least jot a few notes if you have it memorized) and don’t wing it.

12 Maid of Honor Mistakes to Avoid |
butler photography | see the real wedding

MOH Mistake #11. Not going with the flow.

There are few times in life where you really, really need to keep your you-know-what together and this is one of those times. If the cake falls apart, figure out how to get a sheet cake delivered from the grocery store stat, etc.

MOH Mistake #12. Not dropping it like it’s hot.

Not a good dancer? Turns out today’s the day to prove yourself wrong because she’ll need you out there to help her get her dance on! Hey, the fast songs are easy, just keep moving. That’s what I do.

12 Maid of Honor Mistakes to Avoid |
butler photography | see the real wedding

What maid of honor duties would you add to our list? Have you been a maid of honor in the past? If so, which duties were the most important in your opinion?


8 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed & Blue
(+ Where to Buy a Sixpence)

Do you need ideas for something old, new, borrowed, and blue? We’ve found eight of them! This wedding tradition (from an old English rhyme) is said to bring good luck to the bride. It doesn’t mean you’ll have bad luck if you don’t oblige, but it’s a fun wedding tradition to participate in nonetheless. On a strict budget? Don’t panic: most of these items can be borrowed from a loved one (old, borrowed, and blue) and your ‘new’ can always be your wedding dress. Read on to see our ideas for something old, new, borrowed, and blue; PLUS, find out where you can get a sought-after sixpence for your shoe!

8 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (via - antique ring box via housewarming

via housewarming

7 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue


For something old, think vintage handkerchiefs (wrapped around your bouquet), vintage lockets (worn as day-of jewelry), or a vintage wedding purse.

1. Vintage Handkerchief

8 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (via - vintage handkerchief by duryea place designs

by duryea place designs

2. Vintage Shell Wedding Purse

8 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (via - vintage wedding purse via all for love, l.o.v.e.

by all for love, l.o.v.e.


New is the most fun – it means you, you know, have to buy a little something for you! A dress sash, garter, or new pair of heels are a few favorites. If you don’t want to spend extra, your new wedding dress can count!

3. Dress Sash

8 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (via - Dress Sash by Eclu

by eclu

4. Garter

8 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (via - Garter by The Garter Girl

by the garter girl


“Something Borrowed” can be anyhting: a ring you borrowed from your sister, a brooch from your grandmother, or do what I did: wear your mother’s veil. Lucky for me, my mom has exceptional taste. You can also use part of her veil and turn it into a custom hair piece or blusher veil.

5. Blusher Veil

8 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (via - 1920's inspired blusher veil by Letters to Jane, photo by Allison Lee Photography, Model - Hannah Joest

by letters to jane, photo by allison lee, model: hannah joest

6. Brooch

8 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (via - Brooch by Big Rock Bridal

by big rock bridal


“Something Blue” can be completely bold or very subtle. A clutch purse with a blue flower pin, for instance, or a pair of blue earrings are perfect examples. For even more subtlety, pin a thin light blue ribbon to the underside of your gown with a simple safety pin. A single stitch of blue thread (hidden, of course) is another great example. A pair of something blue underwear is another easy example: I mean, who needs an excuse to shop for pretty underthings? (I heart these. Plus, this weekend, 40% off and free shipping. Score. And, no, they’re not a sponsor, just one of my most favorite stores!) And, last but not least, we’ve seen a lot of these shoes popping up in Real Weddings. The back logo has, you guessed it, just the right amount of blue.

7. Something Blue Flower Clutch

8 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (via - Clutch by Eclu

by eclu

8. Blue Earrings

8 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (via - Earrings by Jewelsalem

by jewelsalem

Where to Buy a Sixpence?

And, last but not least: a sixpence for your shoe! I had no idea where to buy a sixpence for my wedding. You can grab one here. Also, the sixpence is traditionally placed in the bride’s left shoe.


by darice

Happy Planning, loves!


Now it’s your turn: what are YOUR ideas for something old, new, borrowed, and blue?

How to Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day

Hello, loves! Happy Friday! Today we’re talking about how to look your best on your wedding day. Every bride wants to look her best; this top ten list will help you achieve your perfect wedding day look. By being prepared, you can look (and feel!) your best on one of the biggest days of your life. Read on to find out more…

How to Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day: Top 10 Tips (via | photo: rose street studio

photo, left: rose street studio | view the entire real wedding here!

How to Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day

Looking good means you’re feeling good, which leads us to the first of these top 10 tips:

1. When you feel good, you look good.

One of my pet peeves is how there is such an emphasis in the wedding industry on weight loss for the wedding day, as though you have to be a thin bride to be a happy one. So. not. true. Women ought to be comfortable in their own skin, confident about how sexy they are, and be healthy so they feel as good as they look. Of course, being healthy (eating right and exercising) will make you feel good, which in turn makes you look good. And, drinking plenty of water will give your skin a little extra radiance and you’ll reap the benefits of having plenty of energy, sleeping well, and feeling less stressed. My favorite exercise is Zumba (so. fun.) and Yoga (great for de-stressing!). (And, I love these 20 fitness accessories to try right now.)

2. Get plenty of sleep.

Get plenty of sleep before your wedding to combat any under-eye circles. Your skin will look more radiant with adequate sleep and you’ll feel great, too.

3. Moisturize.

All over. And often.

4. Bring two pairs of shoes.

A big mistake brides make is buying brand new shoes before the wedding and not wearing them in. If you don’t give your shoes a little time to stretch and adjust to your feet, your feet will hurt after the ceremony. Since you won’t want to wear your shoes out before the big day, just bring an extra pair to wear after the ceremony – or, just in case your shoes start to hurt. Grimacing down the aisle or at the reception doesn’t look good on anyone.

5. Wear comfy (and seamless) shape-wear under your gown.

Your dress will fit comfortably – and look great – with the proper shape-wear. One of my favorites? Sassybax. Have you heard of them yet? If not, they’re worth a look. They sent me a pair of underwear shape-wear to try and they’re so comfy! They offer so many options in their collection, like pretty shape wear panties, camisole tops, slips that can be worn as strapless dresses, and more. Plus, after the wedding, you can continue to wear your shape-wear under your favorite dressy attire. (You may even love them so much they become part of your daily wear. For instance, I have a pair of their convertible leggings and I call them my happypants. So. insanely. comfortable. And, they look good, too. I practically live in them.) Proper shape-wear will make your dress fit better, will look seamless under your gown, and will help you look your very best.

6. Get a manicure.

Your ring will look so amazing with a set of freshly-painted nails. And, any photos that are snapped with your hand will look so much prettier with a nice manicure. And, if you’re like me, when my nails are done, my look feels more pulled together. Oh, and having your nails done is so relaxing, so it gets bonus points in my book for being a great pre-wedding destressor.

How to Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day: Top 10 Tips (via | photo: justin battenfield

photo: justin battenfield | see the full real wedding here!

7. Plan a run-through for hair and makeup before the big day.

Don’t stress about how your hair and makeup will look: have a run-though done ahead of time! A run-through with your stylist will ensure the look is perfect for your big day. And, as just a tip, try to look as natural as possible. Your wedding is not the time to try a dramatic new look (and you don’t want to regret it later in your photos). For long-lasting makeup, consider paying a little extra for airbrush makeup (or get a kit for wedding day and beyond). I’ve talked about airbrush makeup in the past and now I swear by my airbrush kit. It’s so easy to use!

8. Two words: waterproof mascara.

You will most likely shed a tear or two. Or a bucket. Or a waterfall. Prepare yourself with a waterproof mascara so you don’t have runny makeup mid-ceremony. And, ask your Maid of Honor to keep a tissue or two to hand to you during the ceremony, just in case.

9. Whiten your teeth.

Make an appointment for professional teeth whitening or buy an at-home kit to enhance the quality of your pearly whites. You’ll be thankful you did later when you see those beautiful photos. Would you rather whiten at home? I’ve tried these whitening strips and swear by ’em. (I’m just being honest. No one paid me to say that.)

How to Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day: Top 10 Tips (via | photo: melissa prosser

photo: melissa prosser | see the full real wedding here!

10. Smile.

You’re never fully dressed without one.

So, loves, there you have it: how to look your best on your wedding day. These are my favorite top 10 tips… what are yours?

Happy Planning!


If It Rains on Your Wedding Day…

If it rains on your wedding day, embrace it! Who says a little rain has to stand in the way of your fun? Step outside for a photo shoot sans umbrella and show Mother Nature who’s boss.

if it rains on your wedding day

via rosa clara via pinterest

rain on your wedding day

via rosa clara via pinterest

Be sure to pack a pair of these (and a few for bridesmaids) which only adds to the fun. Happy puddle jumping!

More coming up next! Stay tuned!


How to Keep Your Flower Girl Happy (5 Surefire Steps)

We typically focus on the bride, the groom, or the bridal party as a whole, but there is one important person in your bridal party you don’t want to overlook: your flower girl! She is the one who looks up to you and wants to make you proud, even if she feels too scared to walk down the aisle and scatter the petals around for you. To make her feel less nervous on the big day and show her how special she is to the wedding ceremony, follow these five surefire steps we’ve devised on how to keep your flower girl happy. After all, the only tears seen on your wedding day ought to be your own (and those are happy ones, of course!) Begin reading the five steps after the jump!


How to Keep Your Flower Girl Happy

1. Give her a pretty dress to wear. This one’s easy. If you want her to be happy, she ought to be comfortable. We love these eco-friendly handmade flower girl dresses by the lovely Olive & Fern as an example:

how to keep your flower girl happy
how to keep your flower girl happy
how to keep your flower girl happy

dresses by olive & fern

2. Give her a gift of jewelry such as a pretty wrist corsage. A soft floral accessory she can wear around her wrist will be comfortable + airy enough to wear on the wedding day and beyond!

how to keep your flower girl happy
how to keep your flower girl happy

wrist corsages above by poppy and pearl co.

3. Include her in “big girl” items with just-for-her miniature versions. She’ll feel like a special part of the bridal party with her version of items bridesmaids are using like these mason jar tumblers (complete with a straw and lid for no spillage on her pretty new dress)…

how to keep your flower girl happy

mason jar tumblers (both, above) by poppy and pearl co.

… or a pretty clutch made in a miniature version to fit in tiny hands, but identical to match the bridesmaids.

how to keep your flower girl happy

miniature clutch by eclu

how to keep your flower girl happy

miniature clutch in bright yellow by lolos

4. Opt for a flower girl wand instead of a traditional basket and petal routine. Tossing petals down the aisle may seem intimidating to first-time flower girls. As an alternative, you could ask her to carry something easier instead – like a flower girl wand, which we love – so she can carry something that makes her feel like a princess. Plus, she can keep it after the wedding and it will never wilt. For inspiration, check out this beautiful bloom in blue by Blume Bloom

how to keep your flower girl happy

… and another favorite by Maihar Design for the flower girl who prefers pink…

5. Keep her warm! A little chill in the air, particularly late fall or winter weddings, can make anyone uncomfortable. Gift your flower girl a special sweater or custom handmade cardigan to wear to keep her toasty warm after the ceremony so she has fun out on the dance floor.

how to keep your flower girl happy

grey sweater with flower by lil threadz clothing

how to keep your flower girl happy

And, a few things that also might help is a candy buffet (kids of all ages love it, adults included!) or a bag of her favorite candy like gummi bears; a toy or some games with which to play; a few twirls out on the dance floor with her favorite bride; and, of course, a ring bearer or another flower girl with whom she can run around with at the reception. It doesn’t take much to make her happy but a few of these above tips will definitely keep her smiling all day long!


Necktie for the Groom

Happy Monday! We’re kicking off the week with a quiz: what’s more fun than a handmade necktie for the groom? Read on for your answer…

necktie for the groom

— (and the answer is…) a handmade necktie with a cute, custom embroidered message! We love handmade because each item holds more meaning and sentiment. A necktie with a special message on the back is about as sentimental as you can get. This Humble Abode – a featured artisan in The Marketplace and an overall awesome company – can create your custom necktie for the groom featuring a message embroidered right on the back. First, take a peek at a few of the custom prints and patterns available…

necktie for the groom
necktie for the groom
necktie for the groom
necktie for the groom
necktie for the groom

Now, take a look at this custom tie with embroidered ‘babe’ on the back…

custom necktie

I know… perfect, right? We love this sweet sentiment smack dab on your man’s tie. Get yours at This Humble Abode! This image is from Jill + Matt’s wedding

necktie, above, handmade by This Humble Abode // worn by: Matt (see Matt + Jill’s real wedding here!) // photographed by Rikki Ward Photography

Happy Planning!


Something Blue Hairpiece with Feathers

Are you looking for “something blue” with a little subtlety? We spotted this sweet yet subtle something blue hairpiece featuring a petite feather clip and a tiny pop of aqua blue accent feathers. Hackle feathers, ivory ostrich wisps, and the pearl cluster embellishment (which I love) finishes this pretty piece. By The Headband Shoppe.

something blue hairpiece
something blue bridal hairpiece


Jeny and Colby’s Green DIY Wedding

Jeny and Colby’s green DIY wedding features so many beautiful details at the premier Mildale Farms. The details from this Kansas wedding were so well crafted by the bride and groom. Most of the DIY wedding details by the bride included handmade centerpiece boxes covered in green moss and wrapped in deep plum ribbon. Jeny also created green ornamental moss balls of different sizes and scattered them across the tables. You’ll see in the pictures below the beautiful green moss covered monogram hanging above the wedding party table and the two grapevine chandeliers with hanging candles in the center of the room. Other great DIY wedding details include the painted antique windows and an arbor made by the groom for the ceremony. The couple’s love and DIY wedding details were well captured by Kansas wedding photographer Melissa from Melissa Rieke Photography.

The bride Jeny tells us, “Colby and I were both set on an outdoor wedding. We are both very outdoorsy people and wanted a
classy rustic wedding. We first planned to have the wedding at my parents land, but my mom talked me in to looking at a venue called Mildale Farms. When we pulled in to Mildale Farms we knew this it would be the perfect place for our wedding. Mildale Farms is up a long curvy drive to a large brick estate house and then to a small pale yellow cottage, back in the distance a large horse barn with stables and brick paved road that leads the way. One great thing about Mildale Farms was that we were able to rent the venue from Thursday to Monday. We started our so called wedding week on Thursday and were able to stay at the farm until Sunday night. This was great! Family and friends from out of town can to help decorate and join the excitement.

Colby built us an arbor for the ceremony that now sits in our backyard that I absolutely adore. We are very blessed to have such wonderful and talented family and friends. Our photographer, Melissa Rieke is a family friend; we also had my Godmother do all the catering from Jazzy Girls Catering. Last, a friend of our plays acoustical guitar and was able to play the perfect songs for the girls and I to walk down the aisle. Colby’s grandma had passed away recently and the song that reminded him so much of her, and that he loved the music to was “Sissy’s Song” by Alan Jackson. Garin was not able to learn the cords for this, but played the music in the background for my walk down the aisle, and played the guitar to “Remember When” by Alan Jackson for the bridal party. My nephews and niece, whose ages were 3, 2 and 6 months at the time drove down the aisle in a shiny red battery operated sports car. It turned out perfect.

We incorporated a lot of personal things in the wedding and also a lot of DIY wedding ideas! I had so much fun planning and getting ready for our big day. We drove off with the wedding party piled on back of Colby’s 1979 bright blue Ford truck that he loves. The memories that were made that weekend were wonderful. What an amazing time, from figuring out how to get a 6’x8’ arbor to the ceremony, to seeing the buddies drive the car down the aisle and the little one being so tiny you couldn’t even see her in the car.

Having our wedding at Mildale Farms allowed us to do what we love most and that is to cherish our
friends and family, letting them know how truly important they are to us. Our photographer was
able to catch all the details and all to memories and perfect moments of the entire day. I will be able
to go back 20 years from now, look at my pictures and remember how I felt on my wedding night. For that I am forever grateful.”

DIY Wedding Details and Vendors

Bridal Gown: Maggie Sorrento, The Gown Gallery in Kansas City
Bridal Shoes: Michael Shannon plum purple strappy heals for the ceremony and cowboy boots
Bolero: Had guitar player that played Alan Jackson’s Remember when music, walked down the aisle to the music of Sissy’s Song by Alan Jackson.
DJ: Complete Music
Bracelet: Groom’s late Grandmothers pearls
Hair Accessories: Salon Beyond
Flowers :: McLouth Flower Loft
Centerpieces :: lime green hydrangeas in moss covered boxes with deep plum ribbons; Tall vases with lime green spider mums, birch branches, green apples, bells of Ireland; Lose purple alstroemeria among vintage vases and moss balls
Rentals :: Arrow Rentals
Cake Topper :: Green roses, green spider mums and purple alstroemeria cascading down tiers
Cake:Spectacular Cakes

To view more photos from this Kansas Wedding photographer, check out Melissa’s website Melissa Rieke Photography.

You can also view this photographer’s listing in the Emmaline Bride Bridal Book.

All images courtesy of Melissa Rieke Photography. All Rights Reserved.