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Now THIS Is a Cute ‘Father of the Bride’ Gift Idea

Is there a sweeter gift for the father of the bride than this ‘Forever Your Little Girl’ photo idea? We think not. After seeing you in your gown for the first time, walking you down the aisle, sharing that Father / Daughter dance, and receiving this gift afterwards, he’s going to need a whole pack of handkerchiefs to contain his happy tears!

Forever Your Little Girl

It’s easy to borrow this idea: just grab a simple chalkboard and write ‘Forever Your Little Girl’ and use it as a photo prop while in your gown on your wedding day. (Fun Fact: If you’re an 80s kid and forget the ‘little’ part, it may seem like you’re quoting Paula Abdul’s top-selling album.) After the wedding, have the photo enlarged, printed and framed, or turn it into a canvas.

forever your little girl gift idea for father of the bride


Maid of Honor Duties: 12 Mistakes to Avoid

Maid of Honor: this post’s for you! You were selected as the bride’s right-hand lady and there are a handful of maid of honor duties she’ll need you to tackle on the wedding day. The last thing you want to do is forget to do these important tasks, so listen up as we present the twelve maid of honor mistakes to avoid on the wedding day. You are totally going to win at this MOH thing; here are just a few things to keep in mind…

maid of honor and bridesmaids at ceremony // maid of honor duties

butler photography | see the real wedding

Maid of Honor Duties

12 Mistakes to Avoid

MOH Mistake #1. Forgetting to be her BFF.

She picked you because you’re her bestie. Her rock. Be there for her. In a sea full of craziness and stress, be the anchor. Make her laugh. Tell her how awesome she is and how much she rocks that wedding gown. And remind her to enjoy the day, because it really does go way too fast.

MOH Mistake #2. Forgetting two rules of the dress.

If her dress has a train, make sure it stays fluffed out throughout the ceremony. Also, learn how her dress bustles in the back to help her at the reception. You might also need to hold her dress when she goes to the restroom.

maid of honor duties: bustling gown for bride

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MOH Mistake #3. Not being on lipstick / food-in-teeth / underwear showing / hair flyaways / garlic breath patrol.

Lipstick on the teeth? Food in the teeth? Mint required? Be that spot checker she needs because she’ll be talking to a LOT of people. Spinach looks good in no one’s mouth. Also, if not you, who?

MOH Mistake #4. Not reminding the bride about the marriage license.

For real. You’d be surprised how many people forget to get one three days in advance.

MOH Mistake #5. Falling behind schedule.

Keep the crew on schedule, especially in the morning when getting ready. You don’t want the bride hurrying to get to the ceremony on time, with her hair half-done.

MOH Mistake #6. Not keeping a list of important numbers.

Have important numbers on hand for wedding vendors and anyone else you may need to contact. This is just in case something happens (flowers don’t show, DJ is late, etc.) It helps to be on it before the bride even notices.

MOH Mistake #7. Forgetting to drop off decor or items to the ceremony and/or reception, if needed.

This might include aisle decor setup for the ceremony, the aisle runner, signage, or reception decor like escort cards, place cards, card box, etc. This is typically required if the bride does not have a wedding planner. And, this is really only if the bride asks you to do so.

MOH Mistake #8. Not helping with the dress.

Getting the dress on is not an easy task, especially for a nervous bride. Make sure she has the essentials on hand before you begin (hosiery, accessories, undergarments).

maid of honor helping bride get wedding dress on // maid of honor duties

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MOH Mistake #9. Not being her gatekeeper.

Be true to the bride’s wishes: if she doesn’t want someone to see her before the wedding (like the groom), make sure he sure as heck doesn’t.

MOH Mistake #10. Forgetting to write + rehearse your speech.

During the reception, it’s customary for the Best Man speech and Maid of Honor speech to take place. Make sure you have yours written out on paper (at least jot a few notes if you have it memorized) and don’t wing it.

maid of honor hugging bride at reception // maid of honor duties

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MOH Mistake #11. Not going with the flow.

There are few times in life where you really, really need to keep your you-know-what together and this is one of those times. If the cake falls apart, figure out how to get a sheet cake delivered from the grocery store stat, etc.

MOH Mistake #12. Not dropping it like it’s hot.

Not a good dancer? Turns out today’s the day to prove yourself wrong because she’ll need you out there to help her get her dance on! Hey, the fast songs are easy, just keep moving. That’s what I do.

bride dancing at reception // maid of honor duties: get out there and dance with her

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What maid of honor duties would you add to our list? Have you been a maid of honor in the past? If so, which duties were the most important in your opinion?


8 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed & Blue
(+ Where to Buy a Sixpence)

Do you need ideas for something old, new, borrowed, and blue? We’ve found eight of them! This wedding tradition (from an old English rhyme) is said to bring good luck to the bride. It doesn’t mean you’ll have bad luck if you don’t oblige, but it’s a fun wedding tradition to participate in nonetheless. On a strict budget? Don’t panic: most of these items can be borrowed from a loved one (old, borrowed, and blue) and your ‘new’ can always be your wedding dress. Read on to see our ideas for something old, new, borrowed, and blue; PLUS, find out where you can get a sought-after sixpence for your shoe!

8 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (via - antique ring box via housewarming

via housewarming

7 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue


For something old, think vintage handkerchiefs (wrapped around your bouquet), vintage lockets (worn as day-of jewelry), or a vintage wedding purse.

1. Vintage Handkerchief

8 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (via - vintage handkerchief by duryea place designs

by duryea place designs

2. Vintage Shell Wedding Purse

8 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (via - vintage wedding purse via all for love, l.o.v.e.

by all for love, l.o.v.e.


New is the most fun – it means you, you know, have to buy a little something for you! A dress sash, garter, or new pair of heels are a few favorites. If you don’t want to spend extra, your new wedding dress can count!

3. Dress Sash

8 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (via - Dress Sash by Eclu

by eclu

4. Garter

8 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (via - Garter by The Garter Girl

by the garter girl


“Something Borrowed” can be anyhting: a ring you borrowed from your sister, a brooch from your grandmother, or do what I did: wear your mother’s veil. Lucky for me, my mom has exceptional taste. You can also use part of her veil and turn it into a custom hair piece or blusher veil.

5. Blusher Veil

8 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (via - 1920's inspired blusher veil by Letters to Jane, photo by Allison Lee Photography, Model - Hannah Joest

by letters to jane, photo by allison lee, model: hannah joest

6. Brooch

8 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (via - Brooch by Big Rock Bridal

by big rock bridal


“Something Blue” can be completely bold or very subtle. A clutch purse with a blue flower pin, for instance, or a pair of blue earrings are perfect examples. For even more subtlety, pin a thin light blue ribbon to the underside of your gown with a simple safety pin. A single stitch of blue thread (hidden, of course) is another great example. A pair of something blue underwear is another easy example: I mean, who needs an excuse to shop for pretty underthings? (I heart these. Plus, this weekend, 40% off and free shipping. Score. And, no, they’re not a sponsor, just one of my most favorite stores!) And, last but not least, we’ve seen a lot of these shoes popping up in Real Weddings. The back logo has, you guessed it, just the right amount of blue.

7. Something Blue Flower Clutch

8 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (via - Clutch by Eclu

by eclu

8. Blue Earrings

8 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (via - Earrings by Jewelsalem

by jewelsalem

Where to Buy a Sixpence?

And, last but not least: a sixpence for your shoe! I had no idea where to buy a sixpence for my wedding. You can grab one here. Also, the sixpence is traditionally placed in the bride’s left shoe.


by darice

Happy Planning, loves!


Now it’s your turn: what are YOUR ideas for something old, new, borrowed, and blue?