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10 Things Newly Engaged Brides Should Do

Here are the top ten things newly engaged brides should do right away! P.S. First things first, subscribe for the latest!

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10 Things Newly Engaged Brides Should Do | cute mug!

by max and mitch co.

‘Tis the season for engagements, fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-laaaaaa! A friend of mine had a really cute engagement story a few years back. Stephanie and Chris have an Advent calendar (like this) where you open a new box every day to reveal a note or small gift. On Day 21, lo and behold there was an engagement ring inside! (How cute is that?) It is one of my favorite proposals to date. With engagement season here (and through the holidays), we wanted to share the top ten things newly engaged brides should do right after the proposal. If you’re thinking I’m engaged, now what? we’ll show you what’s next. Read on for the list!

7 Tips for Buying Wedding Dresses Online

Thinking about buying a wedding dress online? Don’t miss this post! We’re outlining seven of the most important tips to safely buy your wedding dress online. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss wedding advice posts like this one!


by grace loves lace

Hi, loves! Emma here and if you’re worried about how safe it is to buy wedding dresses online, you’re not alone! Today’s bride wants instantaneous results. You don’t have time to run from shop to shop; you want to see everything right at your fingertips — and I totally get it. It’s amazing how easy it is to buy anything online. This is coming from the girl who orders this in bulk online (and I’m not even embarrassed to admit it because it is so convenient). I buy amazing socks like these that I can wear all winter long because it keeps your legs warm! (They’re brilliant.) I stock up on k-cups so I don’t ever have a coffee outage.

Buying things for your wedding is the same way. I talked to a couple who recently got married and it was incredible the number of things they bought online, sight-unseen. Almost everything was ordered online, from the table runners to the votive candles to these invitations. Even the bridesmaid dresses were ordered online! Things like digital proofs, super-helpful product reviews, and two-day shipping have made buying wedding things online super convenient, so why should wedding dresses be excluded from the list? With resources at your fingertips like The Marketplace filled to the brim with handmade dresses and accessories, along with sellers on Etsy and Amazon unveiling new collections all the time, it’s easier than ever to buy everything for your wedding online…

How to Secure Wedding Card Box? – Ask Emmaline

Wondering how to secure wedding card box at your reception? We’ll tell you! Be sure to subscribe for the latest to your inbox.

How to Secure Wedding Card Box at your Reception |

by sincerely sunshine co.

Hi, loves! We have a new Ask Emmaline question today from bride-to-be Ashleigh. We were just talking with one of our wedding clients this week about this very same question, so it couldn’t have come at a better time. Ashleigh writes,

Hi Emmaline! I was looking for a wedding card box at the store with a lock, but they didn’t sell any. I looked online and saw dozens but they will take too long to arrive for my December wedding. Do you have any suggestions on how to secure the card box at my wedding? I’m scared of someone taking the cards and money or stealing the card box altogether. I don’t want to be paranoid about it all evening. Any tips?

That’s a good question, Ashleigh! Most brides don’t think about this problem, yet it presents itself at every single wedding. I’m not suggesting your friends and family or wedding vendors will necessarily steal from you; however, you can’t always be certain and if there are other weddings happening at the same time, someone could walk by the door and grab the box and run. It’s horrible to think about, but you wouldn’t want all of your cards or gifts to go missing. There are some really easy ways to secure the card box and we’ll share those with you today! Read on for more…

How to Reserve Seats at Ceremony

We’re sharing ideas on how to reserve seats at ceremony for family members. For more tips and wedding planning advice, be sure to follow along!

How to Reserve Seats at Ceremony | photo: suzy wimbourne photography

photo: suzy wimbourne photography

Hi, loves! Today we’re tackling how to reserve seats at the ceremony. Your parents, immediate family members, and grandparents deserve VIP seating at your wedding ceremony and we’re sharing some ideas to make reserving chairs or rows super easy. It’s true that you can appoint ushers to handle reserved seating; however, if someone sits in your reserved row or rows without knowing it, you don’t want to embarrass them by being asked to move. Instead, plan ahead and keep things nice and easy with obvious signage in place. Here’s how to do it!

7 Wedding Seating Mistakes to Avoid

Wedding seating is so much easier when you know what to do — and what to avoid! Read this informative post before you make a wedding seating chart and subscribe for the latest.

Wedding seating chart

by blooming bouquet

An effective wedding seating plan can feel more like a game of Tetris, figuring out how to get everyone seated together in one perfect arrangement. If you’ve been putting off wedding seating for too long, it’s time to tackle it! Today we’re sharing a list of wedding seating mistakes to avoid to help you out. We are also sharing a few guest gripes so you can plan accordingly. Get ready to cross yet another big to-do off of that list — that’s what we’re here for! Enjoy!

Wedding Menu Cards: 3 Reasons You Need Them
(+ Giveaway!)

Wedding Menu Cards:  3 Reasons Why You Might Need/Want Them for Your Wedding | menu by Blush Paperie | via

by blush paperie

Hello, lovelies! Today we’re talking about an often overlooked reception topic: wedding menu cards. Do you need them? What can they do for your look and decor? Where do you buy them? We’ll be answering all of the above – and more! – with three reasons why you may need wedding menu cards for your reception. Plus, we’ve teamed up with Blush Paperie for a special giveaway for our readers: one lucky bride-to-be will win a set of 100 custom wedding menus! Read on to find out more…

Top 10 Benefits of Amazon Registry for Weddings

Amazon gift registry weddings, showers, and more! See why this online powerhouse is now a top pick for engaged couples getting married. Subscribe now for the latest, straight to your inbox!

Top 10 Benefits of Registering for Your Wedding on | Amazon Gift Registry Weddings & More

Hi, loves! Emma here and today we’re talking about the wedding gift registry — specifically, Amazon’s wedding gift registry. When I got married — which wasn’t really that long ago — our wedding registry was pretty traditional. Andrew and I registered at two big box chains and many items were only available in-store. Online shopping was somewhat popular but not as typical for bridal showers and weddings as it is today. But now, there are so many online registry options and it’s hard to know where to register. So today, we’re giving you a recommendation to make it easier. I’m sharing with you the top 10 benefits of the Amazon gift registry and why you might want to consider one for your wedding. Also, keep in mind that you can create a registry online and also have an alternate registry in-store, if you’d like. It is convenient to have two options for guests who might not shop online.

Read on to find out why an Amazon registry might be the perfect choice for you. The top reason (#1 at the bottom of this post) is one that might surprise you. And it’s pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. Enjoy!

10 Cheap Beach Wedding Dresses That Look Amazing

Some of the prettiest inexpensive beach wedding dresses are out there, you just need to know where to look! We’re here to help. See what we’ve found just for you!

Beautiful beach wedding dress by Barzelai | via Cheap Beach Wedding Dresses That Look Amazing |

by barzelai

Hi, loves! With fall in full swing, there is a definite chill in the air. I am loving it. It seems like those sunny beach days are far away from us, but I know it will be back sooner than we think. We already know our spring and summer brides are already hunting for the perfect beach wedding dress, so this blog post couldn’t have come at a better time. If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for cheap beach wedding dresses that don’t look cheap. You want something that won’t break the bank, but you want it to look beautiful while wearing it. We hear you! And we’re here to help. Today we’re showing you some helpful tips for beach brides including what kind of beach wedding dress to look for, what to avoid, and what shoes and veil to pair with it. Then we’ll inspire you with wedding dresses for beach weddings — and most are well under $300! Enjoy!

100 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Looking for the best ways to save money on your wedding? We’ve found 100 of them! While you’re here, Subscribe for future posts like this!

100 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding | via Emmaline Bride |

If you want to save money on your wedding, do not miss this blog post! We’ve rounded up one hundred of the best ways to save money on weddings with creative finds and unique places to skimp (where people won’t even notice). Bookmark this one and pin it for later! You’ll want to refer back to it while you plan your wedding. Enjoy!