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This Popcorn Favor is Quick and Easy to Make for Weddings

Learn how to make the popcorn favor weddings love! This popcorn favor bag is today’s handmade find. Find out more below and subscribe so you stay in the loop!

Hi, loves! Today we’re sharing a really fun and colorful popcorn wedding favor you can make in a weekend thanks to some clever styling from Mavora Art and Design. And this isn’t just any popcorn… this is the colorful popcorn, the kind that reminds you of the carnival and tastes just a little sweeter. And it’s packaged in a beautifully-designed popcorn bag! If the colorful popcorn isn’t your thing, feel free to switch it up with caramel popcorn, kettle corn, cheddar cheese, or regular ol’ popcorn, which is always a classic. Guests of all ages love popcorn, so this is one favor you know they’ll enjoy.

Colorful Popcorn Wedding Favor Bags by Mavora Art and Design | via popcorn favor weddings

popcorn favor wedding bags by mavora

Popcorn Wedding Favors

First, you’ll need to order your popcorn favor bags here. Since these are so popular, we recommend ordering ASAP — their schedule fills up quickly, especially for the busy wedding season. Here are some of the designs you can choose from…

popcorn favors weddings

popcorn favor wedding bags by mavora

All of these popcorn favor bags are made of white, unlined, food safe paper.

popcorn favor wedding bags by mavora

popcorn favors weddings - bags by Mavora Art and Design | via

thank you popcorn favor weddings

popcorn favor wedding bags by mavora

How to Make the Popcorn Favor Weddings L O V E

1. Pick your favorite design from their shop & place your order.

It can even be customized with your names and wedding date! *Note: This also makes a cute bridal shower favor, too. Take care of it all right here.

You’ll also want to order some colorful washi tape for sealing the bags. It really adds a fun pop of color to your favors. Any color which coordinates with your wedding will do! These are also from Mavora:

colorful washi tape

popcorn favor wedding bags by mavora

2. Order your popcorn in bulk — or make your own.


Each favor bag can hold up to 2 cups of popcorn, so keep that in mind when ordering. Here are some helpful links:

Buy Online

o Pre-popped rainbow popcorn in bulk

Note: Rainbow popcorn has a very sweet and distinct taste. Try some before you commit just to be sure.

Or, try…

o this delicious caramel popcorn I’ve tried myself from Costco. So good!

o this kettle cooked popcorn that has great reviews (and is available in an 18 gal/180 cup bag — awesome!)

o this popcorn site has a ton of different flavors you can order, or you can shop by color here

o or this buttery popcorn that has great reviews and is also available in a gigantic bag

Buy In-Store

o Head over to your local Costco or Sam’s Club and buy their varieties of popcorn in bulk

o Find a bulk food store near you and ask about large orders

Make Your Own

Here’s a recipe for how to make colorful popcorn at home. It looks so good and makes me want to make my own! You’ll want to use a bulk jug of plain kernels (like this) and an air popper. And that means you’ll have an excuse to have a popcorn maker in your cabinet, which will get plenty of use on movie nights.

To save you even more time, just pop these rainbow kernels or this option in your air popper. Full disclosure: I’m not sure how colorful these kernels are, so you might want to give it a go before you decide to make 100+ favors. Or, try the do-it-yourself recipe so you can really customize the colors.

3. Assemble the bags.

Use a handy-dandy scoop to fill your popcorn bags. Seal with your washi tape — and make sure you seal them tight. Air can cause the popcorn to get stale. Place bags in a sealed box away from heat and light.

rustic and gold popcorn favor bags by Mavora Art and Design | via popcorn favor weddings

popcorn favor wedding bags by mavora

sweet love caramel popcorn bags by Mavora Art and Design | via popcorn favor weddings

popcorn favor wedding bags by mavora

4. Relax.

Cross “wedding favors” off of your to-do list and celebrate, preferrably with some leftover popcorn you stole from the bulk bag you ordered and a tv marathon on Netflix. Andrew and I have been into The Amazing Race reruns lately. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it. It’s a fun way to travel the world from your comfy couch — and root for your favorite teams!

5. Present to guests.

Place your popcorn favors on a table where guests can easily see them. (Want them to stand flat? Mavora Art and Design has a tutorial for diy favor closures). A ‘please take one’ sign displayed on the table will encourage guests to take the bags to-go or enjoy at the reception.

popcorn favor bags in box by Mavora Art and Design | via popcorn favor weddings

popcorn favor wedding bags by mavora

– – –

What do you think about popcorn favors for weddings?

What do you think of popcorn favors? Will you be making your own? If so, what kind of popcorn are you using? I love the colorful kind, but I’m really into kettle cooked lately. There’s this popcorn from Costco called Angie’s Kettle Corn and I love it. But every time I go to get it, it’s gone. And then when I don’t feel like it, it’s there. Costco is great but I swear, sometimes they get you hooked on something and then it’s gone! So keep those eyes open if you head over and see it. That kettle corn is the best I’ve ever had.


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Topsail Island Engagement Pictures-1

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Topsail Island couple's engagement session

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