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How to Get Whiter Teeth

Happy Tuesday! Question: what goes well with a white wedding dress? Whiter teeth, of course! Today we’re sharing one of the most sought after beauty secrets: how to get whiter teeth. Everyone wants a whiter, brighter, aisle-ready smile and today we’re going to show you how to get it! Read on to find out how to get whiter teeth just in time for your wedding day…

how to get whiter teeth - smiling bride with white teeth

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How to Get Whiter Teeth

Ready to learn how to get whiter teeth and a brighter smile? Check out the following eight easy steps + get ready for a pearly-white smile!

how to get whiter teeth - smiling bride

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1. Avoid drinks that yellow teeth.

Coffee, cola, chocolate, tea, and red wine are just a few things that contribute to a yellowing smile. If you’re preparing for your big day, skipping out on these habits might just prove to give you a whiter smile. If you can’t curb your coffee or cola addiction, take a cue from my hygienist who suggested drinking beverages – like cola – from a straw instead.

2. Eat your way to a whiter smile.

According to Dr. Timothy Chase of SmilesNY (via Miso Vegan), a few foods that can help promote a white smile include apples, carrots, strawberries, and oranges. Dr. Chase also adds that, “rubbing an orange peel or a strawberry over your teeth, followed by washing your mouth out with water” can act as a natural teeth polish.”

3. Just add baking soda.

Never in a million years would I have grown to love baking soda so much. I am a sucker for home remedies and nearly every cleaning remedy includes baking soda in some capacity. For whiter teeth, you can brush your teeth once a week with a baking soda + water paste (as you would with toothpaste, rinsed with water) for a gradually whiter smile.

4. Skip dark red lipsticks and glosses.

Bold reds, oranges, or cool shades of lipstick tend to bring out the yellow in your teeth, even if your teeth are already stunningly white. Instead, opt for a neutral or warm shade.

5. Chew sugarless gum.

According to Web MD, chewing sugarless gum can lead to whiter teeth because it cleanses your teeth and triggers saliva, which neutralizes the acid the causes tooth decay.

6. Give your toothpaste a boost.

Make sure your toothpaste and mouthwash are both formulated for a whiter smile. You can also add a whitening agent to your favorite toothpaste to give it a boost: I’ve tried Whitening Booster by Arm and Hammer and really liked the results.

7. Try whitening strips at home.

Whitening strips can be used in the convenience of your home and can make a dramatic difference to your smile. There are plenty of kinds to choose from at the drugstore – even some dentists offer take-home kits you can try. I’ve tried a few myself in the past, but recently had the opportunity to try a set of Crest 3D White Intensive Professional Effects Whitestrips and give my opinion. The result? I noticed visibly whiter teeth after my first application! This whitening kit has a higher price tag than others and requires 14 days of in-home whitening, but the results are well worth it. Plus, they’re great for on-the-go girls like me: these strips adhere easily so you can even eat or drink while whitening. (Give ’em a try here.)

8. Visit your dentist.

If you have sensitive teeth or prefer professional whitening in one visit, simply see your dentist. He or she can let you know if your teeth are as white as they should be – and give you the necessary treatments to make your teeth look their best. Plus, healthy teeth are the foundation of a whiter, brighter smile, so it’s important to get regular checkups.

Then… get ready to smile big + enjoy your happy day!

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Happy Planning!


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