Playing Dress Up: Tu-Tu Love + Pretty Pinks

Let me first begin this post by saying it all began when I spotted these lovely little tu-tus at Molly Dendy…


… adorable!  These would be so perfect for flower girls?  Every little girl loves to play dress up!

It got me to thinking back to when I was a little girl.  I loved to play dress up.  I pretty much lived in my pink leotard, tulle skirt, and pink slippers from approximately age 2 until age 6.   The funny part is, I didn’t even take ballet – I just thought it was fun to wear.  I would put on my pink leotard and play Pretty, Pretty Princess where the winner of the game gets to wear all the jewelry – even the beloved tiara.   The funny part is, I recall the jewelry from the game to be somewhat magical… I recalled diamonds on the points of the tiara, the earrings (albeit, clip-on’s) were real rubies, and those necklaces.. well, you get the idea.  I treasured those jewelry pieces! {And, if you share this memory like I do, I here’s an FYI – don’t look it up in Google images like I did.  Savor the memory!  I considered posting the image here but couldn’t bear to do that to our lovely readers.}

So, after a lovely stroll down memory lane, I realized how much I still adore the tu-tu!  Of course I don’t wear it (or my leotard) around the house anymore, but when I see little flower girls wearing them at weddings it makes me remember twirling in mine out in my backyard.  Bottom line?  I love tu-tus, EB hearts Molly Dendy, and we’re thrilled to see the tu-tu in full swing in the handcrafted wedding world!

Now, on to Part B:  since your flower girl gets to play dress up, you do, too… right? ;)

We present to you… a dress / tu-tu way too sweet for words, definitely swoon-worthy, and, I must add: I might just wear this all around the house, the office, driving in my car…


And, a girl’s gotta have accessories, so we present you with today’s Inspiration Board featuring pretty little things:


THE HAUTE LIST: top – tu-tus by Molly Dendy |  sweetheart neckline tu-tu by ouma |

{ one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten }


P.S. We have an amazing REAL WEDDING coming at you this afternoon, so stay tuned!

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Oh my gosh, those girls are so adorable! I’m now half minded to get divorced just so I can get married all over again with inspirations from this gorgeously romantic post!


I love this feature! the colors are so soft and romantic! very dreamy indeed! Thank you for including my headband!


Wonderful collection! Thank you for including my evening bag :)


i love tutu’s!!! this is so pretty like a dream!