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Footless Baby Sleepsuits — and Why They Rock

by Emma Arendoski

What do you think of baby jumpsuits?

I love ’em. I don’t look so good in a jumpsuit myself, I don’t think I can really pull it off.

But babies? They rock the heck out of them. Babies can wear anything and look cute.

My sister can wear a jumpsuit, my mom, my best friend. But I put it on and I look like my shirt and pants joined together for an uncomfortable party in my mid-section. Ha!

Now jumpsuits for adults vs. babies are two totally different scenarios. Baby jumpsuits are the best.

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

And here’s why.

They’re Cooler

I used to really like the one-piece baby pajamas with the feet, but then my kids hated having their feet covered. They would cry and cry, kick and kick. When I unzipped the full zip, and let those toes out, they smiled, gurgled, and laughed.

To be fair, my kids grow really fast and we’re a tall family, so those long legs don’t exactly allow for baby jumpsuits with feet to last very long. Babies in general grow quickly, hence why I also don’t really even bother with newborn diapers or newborn clothes — we’ll talk about that another day — but really, it’s like, oh hi! These fit you today, but they won’t tomorrow!

So, anyway, I got smart and started buying baby sleepsuits without feet (FYI footless baby sleepers, as they’re also called), all nice and open, so those toes could breathe. :) And I paired them with socks and these, mostly.

Footless Baby One-Pieces Last Longer

Footless one-piece baby pajamas also last longer. This is because when you get a one-piece with a zipper, once he or she gets a pinch bigger, that is a useless pajama. It will be too tight and they’ll hate wearing it. The middle of the night trying to get the zipper closed? Forget about it.

Instead, the footless pajamas for babies give you more lee-way and it’s just way more comfortable for growing babies.


In addition to those reasons, I like baby one-pieces without feet because they’re so cute. And if it’s a warmer day, but still a little on the cool side, baby is all nice and comfy and can easily remove the socks and let those bare feet out.

So, let’s take a look at some of the latest baby sleepsuits I’ve been dreaming of online and tell me what pattern you like the most. These are all made of 100% organic cotton.

I like so many of them, and when I went digging in my baby bins the other day, I realized, holy crap, I have a TON of one-piece baby rompers without feet. But yeah, still gonna spoil baby with a new one (or two, or twenty!) Just kidding.

Let’s go!

Mountain One Piece Sleepsuit

via here


It’s never too early for baby to learn his or her ABCs!

via here


This one is called ‘Tweet’ and is in a shade of mint. It reminds me of a sweet baby bird. I love the knot hat that comes with it: this is definitely on my shortlist.

via here

Short Sleeve Baby Sleepsuit without Feet

Okay, this baby sleepsuit without feet is perfect for spring and early summer! It has SHORT sleeves and long pants, no socks. Love it.

via here


I love outdoorsy, mountainous, and adventuring-type baby bodysuits. This one is perfect for camping fams, like ours.

via here


This neutral baby bodysuit (can’t we just call ’em babysuits?!) is a cute one in white and gray.

via here


How precious is this flamingo bodysuit? So pretty for a little princess.

via here


I think I have this exact one at home. It’s all grey, the material is super-duper soft, it washes up so nice… ah, but mine didn’t come with that cute hat!

via here

Baby Blue

This is the ultimate baby boy jumpsuit. I love this color!

via here

Hibiscus Flower

Pretty in purples and pinks! Very soft spring sleep-and-play for baby.

via here

Quilted in Pink

This baby sleepsuit without feet is made with a quilted material so it’s warmer in cold weather.

via here


A two-pack of baby jumpsuits without feet and hats with knots?! Sign me up!

via here

Elbow Patches

Ok, you have to click here to see the elbow patches on this one. It’s adorable!

via here

Well, those are my top picks! You can see more patterns and styles here.

Hope it helps!

And, hey, tell me what you think about baby sleepsuits. Are you a fan of baby sleepsuits without feet or with ’em? Tell me in the comment box below!


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