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How to Have Pink Peonies in Every Season

by Emma Arendoski

Last weekend I was chatting with my cousin about weddings. When I asked her in which season she would plan a wedding she answered with, “It HAS to be in June,” and she wouldn’t consider any other month. Since I know her well I didn’t even have to ask her why. Instead, we just laughed and said in unison, “Peonies.” Do you blame her? Me either. Her fiance is on board for June, so she lucked out… but it got me thinking: what about brides who can’t marry in June? Or, brides who have their hearts set on another time of year? So, I was on a mission to find oh-so-sweetly-similar peony bouquets featuring the look-alike cupping (sigh) and the gorgeous full hot pink blooms. It was quite a task, but alas I have stumbled upon one of the best handmade peony-look-a-likes around:

silk peonies

It may not smell like the real thing but boy does it sure look like it. By Blume Bloom.

So, there you have it: pink peonies in every season. Place on your desk after the wedding and admire all year long. ♥




Wedding Dress Cleaning February 2, 2011 - 8:39 am

Peonies are stunning and i must say you definitely stumbled across a great find there, well done :-)


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