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Wedding Makeup: How to Airbrush Makeup (Like a Pro!)

by Emma Arendoski

Have you ever wanted to try airbrush makeup for your wedding? Wondering how airbrush makeup stands up versus traditional makeup? Will it be too heavy? Today, we’re giving you the lowdown on airbrush makeup for your wedding with a review you won’t want to miss… scroll down to find out more!

airbrush makeup for your wedding

via dinair

airbrush makeup for your wedding

via dinair

Airbrush Makeup for your Wedding

What is Airbrush Makeup?

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Unlike traditional makeup (rubbed onto and into the skin), airbrush makeup sprays a fine mist of makeup that sits on the skin, which allows it to breathe. Airbrush makeup provides flawless coverage that looks natural and can also minimize skin imperfections. Plus, airbrush makeup can last up to 24 hours!

When Dinair sent me an airbrush makeup kit to try and review to our readers, I was excited (and a bit nervous) to give it a try. Airbrush makeup at home? Anytime I want? What a fun idea! While I had a terrific experience for my own wedding (thanks to an amazing artist) I wanted to know how this airbrush kit could help me at home. I did my research first, and here are a few before and afters from their site…

Before + After from their site

airbrush makeup for your wedding

via dinair

airbrush makeup for your wedding

via dinair

Product Review

When I received the kit, I couldn’t wait to give it a go. I received the Personal/Pro Kit which includes plenty of products to play with, complete with the compressor, airbrush tool, foundation, blush, eyeliner, moist & dewy moisturizer, eyebrow + shadow stencil guide, a concealer sample – even a facial tanner! The makeup arrived in a clear cosmetic bag, which I love because it keeps my airbrush makeup organized and in a convenient carrying case. I also received a special cleanser for my airbrush tool so it always stays clean between applications (the cleanser smells so good – like oranges. And, it’s non-toxic and biodegradable.)

After I assembled my kit and watched the video, I was ready to begin. I washed my face and used their light & dewy moisturizer – which is both light AND dewy, I love this stuff – and my skin was already glowing. I added in a few drops of foundation (less is more) and I practiced by rocking the lever (as described in the video) while remembering to keep the proper distance between my skin and the applicator. I did notice that on my first try, I went a little overboard with foundation, so I gave it another try. One of the tips they offer is to look for change, not makeup, which is definitely a great tip. (If you wait until you see the makeup, you’ll already have applied too much.) You can also listen for the change, and you can feel it on your skin, too. I washed my face again, re-moisturized, and gave it another go. My second application was perfect – not too much, not too little, and oh-so-subtle. I tried the blush, the eye shadow, and applied my own favorite lip gloss in a neutral shade. I felt like I wasn’t even wearing makeup (it felt light on my skin) yet it looked flawless. The true test: my husband saw my makeup and didn’t know I airbrushed it on. (You never want to look made up!) He said it looked, “natural”. Ah, success! I love this product.


– I LOVED the video that came with the kit. It was modern, concise, and very thorough. I felt inspired to begin (and armed with powerful how-to knowledge for a successful first application).

– The kit comes with a clear attachment that includes a large wooden swab with cotton on one end. This is a guide to ensure you’re holding the airbrush tool far enough away from your face for different applications (foundation, blush, shadow, etc). I found this to be incredibly helpful and a must-have tool!

customized wine glasses

– There is a new band Dinair recently added to their airbrush tools (mine came with this) that goes around the ‘on’ switch. It keeps you from pressing it too fast or applying too much makeup at once. Genius! I tried the product with and without the band; it definitely works well with the band and is a great addition to the product.

– The team at Dinair matched me with the proper foundation before the kit was shipped. All I had to do was submit an image; they took care of the rest! This is a benefit because with traditional makeup, I always feel like I select the wrong shade; I feel like the makeup I received is PERFECT for my skin. It blends seamlessly.

– The brow kit is a fun addition; I’m so happy to have this included in my kit. I received a few brow stencils that are clear; just apply over your eyebrow, spray, and voila… a perfectly filled-in brow.



Honestly, the only con is that I wish I ordered a second bottle of foundation before it shipped so I’d never run out! This product is great and I’ll definitely be buying makeup refills from Dinair in the future. (Their makeup prices are reasonable, too!)

Bottom Line?

If you’ve ever considered airbrush wedding makeup or everyday use, I strongly recommend a Dinair airbrush kit! I love my kit. Even if you plan to hire a makeup artist for the big day, she’ll be able to give you pointers and plenty of trial runs to see if airbrush makeup is right for you. My normally dry, sensitive skin stood up to the test; it looked better than any traditional makeup foundation I’ve ever tried.


– WATCH THE VIDEO. I can’t stress this enough! Then, practice, practice, practice.

– Use just a few drops! With this type of makeup, it’s true what they say in the video: less is more.

– Once you’ve become confident with your application skills, debut your look at wedding related events (dress shopping, your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner) to see how it holds up throughout the day. Mine? It looked fresh all day – something I’ve never been able to achieve with traditional makeup.

– If you’re not confident enough to apply airbrush makeup for your wedding yourself (just as doing your own hair may seem like a huge task day-of), enlist the help of a talented, professional airbrush makeup artist. You can still use your airbrush wedding makeup for wedding-related events leading up to the big day. I hired an excellent airbrush artist for my wedding; even if I knew how to use the airbrush kit back then, the idea of doing my own makeup would probably stress me out the morning of the wedding. Instead, your makeup artist can give you a flawless look (and has years of experience) and give you a list of the makeup shades used so you can recreate the look at home post honeymoon. Win, win!

* * *

If you’re ready, go ahead and order a kit – like I said, I love mine! Tell them Emmaline Bride sent you! Good luck!

Happy Planning Airbrushing!


This is a sponsored post by Dinair who sent a airbrush kit in exchange for Emma’s full, honest feedback and product review. Since we value our readers, we vow to always give our full, complete, honest feedback. If we don’t like a product, we promise to tell you the truth.



Stephanie (Luxe Boulevard Bridal) March 29, 2012 - 6:46 pm

Just fantastic. Always wonderful to discover new products to share with brides.

Kelly Pettis March 29, 2012 - 6:44 pm

Great blog Emma! I just signed up for the Dinair Airbrush Pro Workshop in NYC May 20 & 21. I live in the Lehigh Valley and own my own Mobile Spray Tanning company and I am adding Airbrush Makeup Artistry into the mix. I am really glad you wrote this review. I did a lot of research on the Dinair system and I have read really great reviews. In some areas Airbrush Makeup Artists are hard to find! Perfect timing any doubts that I did have – I no longer have. Thanks – Kelly


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