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Flower Girl Wand: Get Rid of Tossing Petals Once and For All

by Emma Arendoski

There’s a problem with tossing petals down the aisle and we’re here to show you the solution: the flower girl wand. Bur first, let me explain. The flower girl typically tosses petals down the aisle ahead of the bride at the ceremony. It’s cute, it looks pretty, and that’s her number one job. Easy, right? Well, it was all unicorns and sunshine until wedding venues began prohibiting it, for a multitude of reasons.

Rose petals, particularly the real kind, are most often selected for tossing because they look best and smell incredible; faux petals are great, too, and they’re super cheap. But what has happened in the past few years is, churches and other places of worship have figured out that couples aren’t cleaning up up after these petals. And when there are multiple weddings occurring in the same space following your ceremony, it can be a pain for venue staff to clean up since they have more important jobs to do (and only a short amount of time to do them).

To top it off, couples have figured out — hey, there are other fun things to toss, too — and it got out of hand. Flower girls began tossing other things like confetti, wildflowers, birdseed, blowing bubbles, rice, etc. in lieu of flowers. And some guests got in on the fun, too, tossing these packets at couples after the ceremony was completed. All of these things, whether indoors or out, are messy. And you, the bride, certainly aren’t cleaning it up while you’re busy taking photos. So, who’s going to clean it up? It falls on the venue and they got tired of it.

So what did they do? Many venues just flat-out forbid tossing petals, confetti, birdseed, rice — everything — and that’s that.

So, if you are in the position where you need an alternative to tossing petals down the aisle, you’re going to love a flower girl wand! It is the perfect solution. A ribbon wand is so much easier for the flower girl to carry down the aisle and, let’s face it, it’s wayyyy more fun for her. There’s no pressure with a flower girl wand: she doesn’t have to reach into a basket and toss petals while trying to walk down the aisle, along with seeing all of those eyes on her! And there’s no clean-up for you.

Flower Girl Wands for Weddings

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

In addition to the ease of a wand vs a flower girl basket, wands make sense for more than one flower girl. Suppose you have two or three flower girls in your wedding; how do you choose which flower girl will toss petals? Skip tossing ’em and instead give the girls flower girl wands to carry instead. Problem solved! Plus, it doubles as a fun princess wand they’ll love to play with after the ceremony is through (and it is a quiet toy to play with during the ceremony, too, in case she needs something fun to do while she sits). :)

I can’t really think of any reasons NOT to choose flower girl wands for weddings. They’re affordable, pretty, last forever, and make walking down the aisle so much easier for your flower girl(s). Now all you have to do is decide which flower girl wand to choose.

Flower Girl Wand

We spotted this unique ribbon wand at Diddlebug, maker of the prettiest book page flowers. This flower girl wand features one large book page rose, green paper leaves, a wand handle, and ribbons in your choice of colors to coordinate with your wedding. The ribbons make the wand fun and the paper rose makes this piece very lightweight for even the youngest flower girl to carry.

Take a look!

flower girl ribbon wand

flower girl wand made of paper rose

flower girl wands for weddings

Buy a flower girl ribbon wand here!

Want one of your own? See these flower girl wands for weddings in the shop.


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Happy Planning!


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