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5 Signature Cocktails for Weddings

by Emma Arendoski

Hello! Today we’re talking about signature cocktails for weddings. When planning your handmade wedding, one of the best (+ easiest!) ways to customize your food and drink menu is by offering a signature cocktail. A signature cocktail is your own special drink either served up exclusively or as a recommendation to your guests. You can create one signature cocktail – or – create your favorite and ask your honey to select one of their own. If you love deliciously fruity cocktails, today’s post is for you. We’ve teamed up with the folks at Dailys Cocktails to talk about five favorite signature cocktails for weddings using a few of their recipes (+ a splash of our own inspiration). We’ve DIYed these signature wedding drinks ourselves in our very own EB office kitchen to give you a sampling of what to expect when becoming your own mixologist. And, boy, did we have fun. Who knew there were so many ways to craft your signature drink! We hope you enjoy the cocktails we’ve created!

signature cocktails for weddings (by emmaline bride)

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5 Signature Cocktails for Weddings

This was our first time ever using Dailys new cocktail mixers, even though we’ve always wanted to try them. They come in easy-to-serve pouches which can be chilled or frozen, depending on your drink preference. Now it’s easy to have instant margaritas, daiquiris, spiked punch, and more from the convenience of your fridge. Dailys brand cocktails and cocktail mixers are a great product brides can use to be creative and ready for anything — ready to celebrate, ready to entertain, even ready for “I Do!” Use them at your bachelorette party (great for the limo ride as they’re no mess and no glass!), serve at your engagement party, or our favorite… serve as an ingredient in signature cocktails for weddings.

In this post, we used Dailys Cocktails website (+ their inviting, totally innovative recipe search with TONS of drink ideas!) and some of our favorite Dailys Cocktails ingredients to create some fun signature wedding cocktails for inspiration. We hope you enjoy!

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

* denotes our own creation

1. The Bride’s Something Blue*

This is our exclusive Emmaline Bride signature cocktail! We designed it with the bride-to-be in mind, provided she uses a straw and doesn’t spill any on her gorgeous white gown. (This stuff is one intense shade of blue.)

-3/4 oz. Dailys sweet + sour mix
-3 oz blue curacao (chilled)
-3/4 oz. vodka
-salt for glass rim

Mix ingredients. Make sure the blue curacao is cold. (Or serve over ice.)

signature cocktails for weddings

by revelry photos by emmaline bride

2. Spiked Piña in a Jar*

It would be fun to serve this one up in a huge punch bowl + give guests jars (we used jelly jars, as guests would get pretty tanked with a full mason jar) from which to drink. Don’t forget the striped straws!

For one jar…

-3 oz. Dailys piña colada
-1 oz. Dailys sweet and sour mix

Mix and serve over ice.

customized wine glasses

5 signature cocktails for weddings - spiked pina in a jar

by revelry photos by emmaline bride

3. Sparkling Strawberry Champagne

This one’s easy! We found it at Dailys here. Though, how did they get it to look so gloriously gradient? We tried, but ours was more of a rosy hue. Still loved it though! All you need is…

-1 oz. Dailys Strawberry Daiquiri (chilled)
-3 oz. chilled champagne


Mix champagne and daiquiri mix. Serve in champagne flute with strawberry slice inside.

5 signature cocktails for weddings - strawberry champagne

by revelry photos by emmaline bride

4. Peach Fuzz Daiquiri

This one comes straight from Dailys Cocktails recipes page. And… might we add, it’s quite delicious.

-1 oz. white rum
-4 oz. DAILY’s peach mix
-1 oz. crushed ice

Blend ingreidents. Serve with sliced peach as garnish.

peach fuzz - signature cocktails for weddings (by emmaline bride)

by revelry photos by emmaline bride

5. Spiked Limeade*

We were looking for something with a tart and tangy punch… and, well, we got it. We definitely got creative with this one.

-3 oz. Dailys Lemonade
-a splash of lime juice
-1 oz. Dailys sweet and sour mix
-3/4 oz. rum

Mix. Pour in glass. Serve over ice cubes with lime slice as garnish.

5 signature cocktails for weddings - spiked limeade

by revelry photos by emmaline bride

So, which one did we like best? Definitely the peach. So. good. Plus, it’s a perfect icy signature cocktail for weddings in the summer.

* * *

Now it’s YOUR turn! Check out Dailys Cocktails to find exclusive signature cocktails for weddings, bachelorette parties, and other events. Or, try your hand at DIYing your own using their new cocktail mixers… you might just find your new favorite drink! You can find Dailys brand cocktails and cocktail mixers near you by clicking here. (P.S. Stay connected by following Dailys Cocktails on Facebook!)

This post was sponsored by Dailys Cocktails, in which we tried their products to give our honest opinion. Do we wholeheartedly love their products? You betcha.

Happy Planning!




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Occasions In Print April 19, 2014 - 11:11 am

These are great! Still great choices for a wedding!

Rose July 25, 2012 - 8:06 pm

Mmmmmm. I know what I’m trying tonight… Peach Fuzz Daiquiri. TY.


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