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Walk Down the Aisle … in Comfort and Style!

by Emma Arendoski

These shoes look cute + won’t hurt those feet!

“Handmade Vegan Shoes and Love” by walkinonair is one of our favorite shops, featuring a line of custom-made organic flats with unique patterns + designs.

If you want to be comfortable + flaunt your fashionable side down the aisle, we recommend these beautiful bridal + bridesmaid flats.  They even design shoes small enough for your flower girl – and can be customized to match your entire bridal party!

Scroll down to see our hand-picked favorites.  Plus, a custom tote bag and matching flat set:

bridal flats
bridal flats

bridal flats

bridal flats
Patterned Flats
bridesmaid shoes flats
bridal party flats

We also love these matching totes + flats! It makes the perfect gift for your bridesmaids:

bridesmaid tote and flats

via EmmalineBride.com

via EmmalineBride.com

To see many more designs, please visit https://www.etsy.com/shop/yulianadeeva!

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