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Sweet Stitches: Custom Embroidery

by Emma Arendoski

Oh, Miniature Rhino, you’ve stolen our hearts! We are head-over-heels for handcrafted embroidery, and these lovely looms are perfect for your new nest!   Jessica Marquez, shop owner, calls them “tokens of affection and markers of memory“.  We couldn’t agree more.  Gift for yourself, for your favorite newlyweds, or make it a customized Christmas this year and buy for couples in your family.  We want to gift ’em to everyone this year! Well, enough chatting, go check them out for yourself! :)

p.s. keep your eyes on the blog this week. we’re busting at the seams with tons of handcrafted goodness coming right at you!  want it packed up + shipped to your inbox? read it over coffee with the rss feed. it’s free. and delicious.

via EmmalineBride.com

{ images via miniature rhino }

1 comment

1 comment

Lauren Elise October 25, 2010 - 5:47 pm

Obsessed with Miniature Rhino! Seriously I want to own every single one of their beautifully embroidered projects. I should buy a few of these for gifts this year…perfect idea!


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