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How to Get Amazon Prime for FREE

by Emma Arendoski

Wondering how to get Amazon Prime for FREE — it’s easy! Find out how it’s done and subscribe now for the latest.

Hi, loves, Emma here! As an avid fan and active user of Amazon Prime, just ask Andrew, I was hesitant before signing on. You hear everyone talk about how great Amazon Prime is, but before joining I wondered how to get Amazon Prime for free to try it out first. That’s a natural reaction before signing up for any subscription or service, as we’re been conditioned to expect a little something for free with nearly any new sign-up.

I mean, you can get a free read-or listen-all-you-can-for-a-month Kindle subscription, a free trial of Showtime + HBO (without cable), even a free gift with Julep. The best things in life are free, as they say, and when you’re on the fence about trying something new it can be hesitant to part with your hard-earned money. That’s because you want to know — for a fact — thawedding regist you will use and thoroughly enjoy your new service, product, or subscription.

And if you’re reading this blog post, then you probably want to know how to get Amazon Prime for free before you buy it. And that makes sense to me because so did I.

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Before I bought an annual subscription to Amazon Prime, I searched the web for how to get Amazon Prime for free. There were a handful of places to get it, some sketchy, others not; but even looking for where to get it felt overwhelming. And we want to simplify it for you. Today we’re helping you get Amazon Prime for free to try and maybe love as much as I do and sign up for an annual subscription. I’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and now I’ll tell you how it’s done. :)

amazon prime for free

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I’m a huge fan of being a Amazon Prime member (my family can attest to this, especially my kids) so I’ll also share thirty-five reasons why you should get an Amazon Prime membership — right now, and yes, for FREE.

If you’re planning a wedding, as many of our readers are, you’ll find it especially helpful to get Amazon Prime for FREE when it comes time to complete your wedding registry, when you need to buy wedding favors, buy in bulk (like these or these), order invitations, and so much more. We’ll discuss.

Get Amazon Prime for FREE here!

Let’s get started!

How to Get Amazon Prime Free

If you’re not familiar with Amazon Prime, let me briefly explain what it is. For starters, Amazon is a powerhouse of products, basically the largest online retailer. They have everything under the sun. If you can buy it, it’s probably on Amazon. And Amazon Prime is their membership for people who want to maximize the awesomeness of Amazon, given the many benefits.

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How to Get Amazon Prime for Free

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For starters, there’s the FREE two-day shipping on MANY, many items. That means you can find something today and have it at your doorstep on Saturday. In addition to the free shipping which justifies the annual price alone, you get Amazon Prime music for free, which includes tons of music, as well as Amazon Prime video, which I use alllllll the time. You also get free unlimited photo storage, free subscriptions on other products, and much more.

I want to highlight specific reasons why I love this service so you can decide if you want to get Amazon Prime for free right this second and try it out for yourself.

On to the list!


Why You Need a FREE Amazon Prime Subscription

Is it worth it? I think so. Do you really need an Amazon Prime account? I believe that to be true. Here’s 35 compelling reasons why you might love Amazon Prime as much as I do.

1. The free 2-day shipping on many items

I’ve truthfully never been able to find a product or similar find WITHOUT free two-day shipping. It’s freaking everywhere! Get in on the fun here for free.

2. Not having to lug around heavy items at a grocery store

I love getting heavy things delivered to my door. Goodbye, heavy kitty litter, dog food, and cat food. It was fun lugging you around in a cart — NOT! Ever since I tried Amazon Prime for free, I started buying those heavy things online and letting them wait on my doorstep (and then ask Andrew to lug it inside). I’m much happier. :)

3. The money saved by price comparing

When I am making a purchase on Amazon, I am able to price check effectively. Sometimes Amazon is the cheapest, sometimes it isn’t, but at least I can make my own educated decision. I end up saving money because many times you just want to buy something immediately, yet you can save $10 or more by waiting a few days for it to be delivered.

4. The awesomely cheap pricing for college students

You can get Amazon Prime for free as a college student for SIX MONTHS. Yes, 6-full months, for ZERO. You can access to all kinds of free things, like free shipping and streaming shows, music, photo storage, and more. And afterward, it’s a cheaper rate (with month-to-month, cancel anytime pricing) specially designed to fit in with a college student’s budget. Which, as I remember, was not much at all. :) Try it here.

This is not me, but she sure looks excited with all those boxes. Kind of like me when my toilet paper delivery arrives.

5. The coffee. OMG the coffee.

I love coffee, especially Keurig k-cups.

However, I have trouble finding the really good ones for CHEAP at my local grocery store. And sometimes as a special treat in the fall and winter, I like to indulge in a super-party-pack of coffee with fun flavors to try. The best place I’ve bought them is on Amazon, like this Green Mountain variety. It’s 40 delicious (FRESH!) k-cups, assorted flavors, and it is spectacular. I can order it today — a Thursday — and have it in my coffee mug on Saturday. And that’s a beautiful thing.

For really cheap but good tasting coffee (as in, around $0.24 each, amazing) try the Amazon brand. It’s actually quite delicious.

And when I want to use my own traditional coffee grounds, I can just pop one of these into my Keurig machine. You can’t buy this many reusable k-cups in store for this cheap!

6. The whole subscribe-and-save option

As a mom to two young kids — and another on the way, yay February baby! — I love the option of subscribe-and-save. There are many products you can buy and get recurring shipments, so you never have to worry about running out of something (i.e. diapers, wipes, antibacterial wipes, toilet paper, laundry detergent, whatever!) As incentive, you can usually get a subscribe-and-save item for an additional 5% off when you subscribe to it. And you can cancel the subscription at any time and still enjoy the savings on previous orders. For instance, you can get diapers delivered in bulk every 1 month, do it for three months, and then cancel. Maybe you find something better in store, maybe you decide you’re going through them slower than you thought. Simply cancel the monthly subscription and you’re all set. It’s so easy.

7. The clippable coupons for additional savings

On many items that are new, or perhaps running a special promotion, you can get a “clippable coupon”. You’ll see it (for example, check out this page currently running a $1.00 coupon. You click on it and, in your cart, it takes a buck off your purchase. It’s another way to save money. These are usually available for Prime members only, so it’s another benefit of membership.

8. The free unlimited photo storage

I take lots and lots of photos of my kids, my cats, my dog, Andrew, the house, nature, crafts, things I need, things I want, etc. And where do those photos go? In my phone, taking up space. But when you get Amazon Prime for free here, you ALSO get free unlimited photo storage. You send your photos over on their cloud and your priceless photos stay there forever, leaving your phone empty to take more photos! It’s a win-win.

amazon prime for free

amazon prime free here

9. The fun of watching new tv shows


Andrew and I love to watch tv together at night, after the kids go off to bed. We especially like watching a new series and some of our most loved shows are from Amazon Prime. They have an excellent library of original tv shows. So far, we have watched Goliath (seasons 1 and 2, both great), Jack Ryan (starring John Krasinski, aka Jim from The Office), and Sneaky Pete (one of my favorites), just to name a few. I’ve heard The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is good, and it’s on my list for next-to-watch shows. Our kids also have favorites on the steaming video network, original shows they can’t get anywhere else.

P.S. I’ve been asked how to watch Amazon Prime on my tv and that’s easy: you can get a Roku remote to access Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, etc. using this remote and HDMI attachment. We bought ours approx. 5 years ago and haven’t needed to replace it or anything; it works great.

10. The movie nights

When we want to rent a movie, you can many for free on Amazon Prime. When you can’t, Amazon offers great prices on rentals, meaning you never have to rely on cable movie rentals or go to a RedBox. I like RedBox, but driving there and back and hoping your movie is still waiting there for you is a hassle. Instead, you can pop some popcorn and curl up on the couch, pressing “rent” and off you go!

11. HANDMADE! For days!

If you love handmade, artisan-crafted items and gifts (ME!) as we do here at Emmaline Bride, finding out about Amazon Handmade was a huge deal. Many artists have shops on Amazon Handmade and there are many products you can get with FREE 2-day shipping.

If you are an artisan and want to sell your products to the HUGE Amazon audience, you can do so here.

12. The wedding items you need + the wedding registry

You can find anything under the sun for your wedding (including things like craft items, i.e. mason jars, twine, outdoor games for cocktail hour, shoes, etc.) and the Amazon wedding registry is a total game-changer. We talked about it at-length here. If you have a subscription, getting any last-minute things for your wedding, price compare, shop handmade, and so much more… stress-free, in your pajamas.

Try it here.

13. The last-minute shopper bonus

Forgot to send someone a birthday gift? Want to surprise someone with a gift spur-of-the-moment, just because? Since you can get free 2-day shipping (and pay just a small fee for overnight shipping), you’ll win at gift giving by sending one, even at the last minute. You can send gift cards to MANY stores different stores, not just Amazon, shipped in a gift box to your recipient’s door step. They’ll get it within two days or less. Send a gift here.

P.S. Need a gift right this second? You can send an e-gift card instantly.

14. Christmas shopping is the most wonderful time of the year

I love a little Christmas shopping, right at the start of the season. Wrap me up in a scarf, throw on my mittens, get the obligatory Peppermint coffee, and shop at a few stores, crowds and all.

But then the crowds get bigger, the prices get costlier, the snow starts to fall and it becomes a treacherous, icy, not-so-much-fun-anymore shopping zone. We’re talking week before Christmas kind of nuttiness.

So that’s why I do my one or two store shopping trips and rely on the rest solely on Etsy and Amazon. With Etsy, you’ll get handmade gift items with typical shipping rates. Great to buy from independent sellers, wonderful product selection, and you’ll just need to leave a bit of time for shipping. On Amazon, you can find everything else — some handmade, too, as mentioned — but name-brand, specific items, like board games for kids, craft kits for nieces, books, winter hats, slippers, beautiful jewelry pieces from stores you love (HELLO, Kate Spade!), etc. I’m talking wine glass in hand — or coffee, hot cocoa, tea — slippers on, music playing (you know, this in the background which also streams for FREE with your Prime membership) or a Hallmark Christmas movie playing, candles lit and fireplace-blazing kind of Christmas shopping.

In two days, you’ll have ALL THE GIFTS on your doorstep. All you have to do is wrap ’em!

That’s my kind of Christmas shopping!

15. The art of giving Amazon Prime for free as a gift

When you’re stumped this holiday, you can give someone the gift of Amazon Prime in your choice of 3-month, 6-month, or 1 year membership options. This is great for last-minute gifts or buying something for someone who already has it all. Find out more here.

16. The fun of surprise gift-shopping

When I buy gifts for Andrew, for instance, it’s easier to do it online. That’s because I can find unique items, read reviews, and get free shipping. Not to mention, it’s easier to keep a gift secretive when it arrives in a box on the porch and I can intercept it and hide it in my closet.

amazon prime for free

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This gave me a laugh. :)

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17. The fun of snail mail again

Isn’t it fun to open packages? Or order toilet paper on subscription and forget about it, only to be quite surprised when you open it up? I did that once, so excitedly, wondering, What is it!? and, lo-and-behold, TOILET PAPER. But this TP we buy is kick you-know-what so it was still a win.

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Are you still waiting?! Get Amazon Prime for FREE here for 30 days, right this second!

Cancel anytime. It’s so easy, I can’t believe it.

18. The integrated Amazon Business Account

It’s a premier service just for businesses — and it’s awesome. You can try it here.

19. The dressing room in your own home

Have you ever tried StitchFix? It’s a style box subscription we discussed here.

Now Amazon has a similar program exclusively for Amazon Prime members: Amazon Wardrobe. Basically, you can try before you buy, try them on in your own home, and send back what you don’t want to keep in a self-addressed, pre-postage-added bag. It’s an easy way to keep your wardrobe budget in check, try on the latest styles, and see what looks best on you with no risk. Available for women, men, kids, and baby! Get your membership here to try it free!

20. The plentiful fresh groceries to your door

My gosh, GROCERIES. To your door! It’s amazing with Amazon fresh. You get unlimited grocery delivery for $14.99/month. That’s incredible.

I also love Prime Pantry… which is essentially stocking up on your most-used kitchen products, cleaning products, pantry items, etc. for a low price.

21. The unique finds, exclusive to Amazon Prime members

There are many gift guides that come out every year, curated by Amazon. These guides are really awesome when you’re trying to pick out gifts for someone, as they’re totally unique things that your gift recipient probably doesn’t already own. These Gift Finder Guides are really helpful, all year long. Everything is free 2-day shipping for Prime members only.


You can read reviews from real customers (look for ‘Verified Purchase’ for extra assurance) to tell you whether a product is really good… or really bad. I had to buy crib sheets for my boys and, while I’ve bought plenty of them in-store, I was tired of them not lasting, fading after washing, or not being soft enough. Instead, I turned to Amazon and found amazing prices and the sheets like I was looking for while being able to price compare and buy a certain brand. This brand wasn’t even available in stores, and I am so happy I bought them online! They’ve been amazing. (And the sheets I was going to buy had bad ratings, which avoided me having to return it.)

23. No-sweat return policy

Sometimes, even if you do research, read reviews, etc., a product isn’t what you want once you receive it. And that’s okay. Returns happen and I’ve never had trouble returning items on Amazon. Their customer service (I recommend the instant chat, they’re really quick to respond) is AMAZING! They want you to be happy with a product, so if you’re not, just return it. No problem (of course, this is given you’re returning within the proper time frame.)

Still waiting?? Get Amazon Prime for FREE here for 30 days, right this second!

24. The ability to find hard-to-source products in one click

If you need specialty items, like gluten-free, dairy-free, organic, etc., you can find it on Amazon in just one click. This is so much easier than running around from store-to-store, amiright?

25. You can get your time back again

Holy cow, the time savings. Amazon Prime has paid for itself time and time again in the efficiency alone. When you want to delegate shopping for things to the internet, you get to sit back and live your life, rather than driving around from store after store for the very same products, sometimes costing much more than online prices.

26. The daily deals

These daily deals for Amazon Prime members are pretty cool. I don’t visit them daily, but they’re always there, so if you like a good deal you’ll love the selection. It updates every single day with new finds, things you might not have even found without them popping up in this section.

27. Shopping from official brands, on demand

You can buy direct from certain brands, right from Amazon, most with free 2-day free Prime shipping. For instance, I love Ikea, but the closest location is approximately a one-and-a-half hour drive to get there. And then we have to be able to fit everything in our vehicle, drive all the way back, and endure the long walks around their incredibly beautiful — yet spacious — showroom. When I just can’t get to Ikea but want to score a serious deal, I’ll look on Amazon. Many of their products are available here and most have free 2-day shipping for people with Prime (like you, if you get Amazon Prime for free here).

For instance, you can get the MICKE desk in white from Ikea at a heavily discounted price, shipped to your door, in 2-days or less.

Pair it with a task chair, lamp, and pencil cup for an instant office in two-days time, all without leaving your couch!

As another example, I looooove Kate Spade. But prices at local big-box chains are always really expensive, and many of the products I find online aren’t available or in stock at brick-and-mortar stores. Enter: Amazon Prime! You can get hard-to-find products from favorite brands, like Kate Spade, with free 2-day shipping right to your doorstep.

28. Reading books for free, or previewing new best-sellers

I love reading books on my Nook, and I like to preview a book before buying it. Amazon has Kindle Unlimited, with MANY free books you can read with your membership. They also offer Kindle books available for purchase, and you can get samples — i.e. read the first few pages or chapter before you commit to buying the book — for free. It’s a great way to gauge whether you’ll like the book, and if so, download to read in one-click. Try it free here.

29. An incredible audible book store

If you prefer to listen to books, you can get two FREE books here from Audible. They have an amazing selection.

30. Use points when making a purchase on Amazon

I have a credit card that accumulates points for purchases made online, in-store, at gas stations, etc. If you have a similar card, you can convert your monthly points to dollars and shop directly on Amazon. It’s not a big deal, but it’s something worth mentioning. I don’t know any other online retailer that offers such a service so conveniently.

31. The registry is a no-brainer for guests

I’ve attended many bridal showers and baby showers, especially lately, where the couple has registered for gifts online. It’s so helpful to shop from Amazon for gifts, especially directly from a registry. To top it off, as a Prime member, I get free two-day shipping to my house to wrap the gift and bring to the shower. It’s never been easier! This is particularly helpful for heavy, hard-to-transport items (like cribs, changing tables, and mattresses for baby showers; heavy glass vases, vacuum cleaners, bulky bedding and towels for wedding showers). Guests can have these gift items shipped right to your doorstep! Get a free baby registry here / wedding registry here.

get amazon prime for free here

Whenever I see the option for a big-box chain registry or Amazon, you can bet which one I typically go to! You can shop 24/7!

32. No-worry purchases with Amazon warranties

Andrew brought this one to my attention the other day. Suppose you want to buy a really pricey watch, but you’re wary of spending a) a lot of money on an item online, and b) worried you’ll get a fake. Amazon supports its customers and most purchases are backed by an Amazon warranty / guarantee. This means if the item is not perfect, they’ll make it right and accept the return, no problem. This is a helpful benefit for people who are wary of shopping online or for products which lack reviews.

For example, this Tag Huer watch is pricey, but has great reviews. In addition to the reviews being positive, Amazon includes a 2-year warranty for this product so you can buy worry-free.

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get amazon prime for free here

33. The safest deliveries

If you’re not home for extended periods, or you worry about people stealing packages around the holidays, you can try BOXLOCK frequently used by Amazon users. It’s the only one being used right now and keeps your packages in a safe, convenient, locked location right on your doorstep. Carriers have special access to open the lock and place the package, with the lock closing immediately afterward. It’s great for peace of mind when packages are left behind.

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35. You can try it free, no risk!

And last but not least, you can get Amazon Prime free for 30 days, no-risk, and try everything above and more! Here’s how to get Amazon Prime for free: Sign up here and start enjoying it immediately.

How to Get Amazon Prime for FREE here!

It is FREE to sign up and you get to enjoy all the benefits for 30 days; plus, you can cancel anytime! I’d do it just to benefit from the free shipping! Sign up here. You won’t regret it, promise! After the 30 day trial, if you don’t cancel, you will be required to pay a full annual membership. Find out everything here.

Happy Planning — and Prime-ing!


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How to Get Amazon Prime for Free

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