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Wedding Haiku Guest Book Cards

by Emma Arendoski

Brides: want a creative guest book alternative that is guaranteed to engage your guests? We’ve found it! And, lucky you — you can grab this printable wedding haiku cards + sign set for FREE! These printable 3×5″ wedding haiku guest book cards are filled out by guests and placed in a box, where you’ll enjoy reading through them after the wedding. Haikus are often silly, due to their strict syllablic rules, but are nonetheless really fun to create (and read). Read on to snag the free printable, find out more about the wedding haiku cards, sign, and find out what you need to print. Enjoy!

FREE Printable! - Wedding Haiku Cards + Sign by EmmalineBride.com

Wedding Haiku Cards + Sign

A wedding haiku guest book alternative is a fun and interactive way to engage guests. A haiku is a three-lined poem written in a 5-7-5 format. This means the first line contains five syllables; the second line contains seven syllables; and the third line contains five syllables. The result will be a fun array of sentimental, sweet, and sometimes hilarious wedding haiku creations from your guests. Use these cards at your reception by placing on your ‘guest book’ table. Frame the (included!) free printable sign which tells guests to fill out a card and place in a box. Be sure you print extras – guests will likely want a fresh card if they make a mistake.

Printable .zip contains two files:

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

o one wedding haiku card for guests to complete (3″ x 5″)
o one sign to display at your reception (5″ x 7″)

Print the sign on heavy printable card stock in white or ivory (font is gray); then, frame, and display. For the cards, print (use the same card stock), cut around the borders, and place in a basket for guests to fill out. Don’t forget these! And, you’ll need a small box (such as a cigar box) for guests to place their completed cards. After the wedding, read the cards together to see the funny (and sweet) creations your guests have submitted.

Download the FREE Wedding Haiku Pack

By downloading the file, you agree to use for personal use only; commercial use of any kind is prohibited. Copyright Emmaline Bride®.

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