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Best Android / iPhone Charging Station

by Emma Arendoski

Okay you guys, I’m filing our latest handmade-a-day find under “things I totally want/need“. I’ve never seen a more perfect engagement gift for tech lovers than THIS Android / iPhone charging station. It can hold up to four devices: two spaces for an iPad / tablet, along with two spaces for phones (including Android and iPhone!) The wire is neatly tucked inside pre-drilled cord lines, which is great for people who hate wire clutter like me. Imagine, a perfect resting space for your devices, giving you a good nights sleep and your devices a fully charged battery each morning. No more looking for chargers, losing your phone, or waking up to find your battery is on 1%.

This handmade Android / iPhone charging station from Left Coast Original means you can finally find your phone! And your tablet! And charge everything at once! Yay! Instead of wondering where you placed it, your phone and tablet now have a personalized charging station all set + ready to go.

iPhone Charging Station / Android Charging Station

My first question: does this charging station work with iPhone? iPad? Android? Other tablets? Yes to all of the above, as this charge dock is designed with 1/2 inch wide slots which will accommodate most tablets and phones with a case (including ALL iPhones).

Dimensions of this charge dock measure 8″x8″x3/4″. Each charging dock is handcrafted and cut from architectural bamboo, so it’s also an environmentally responsible product.

iphone charge station

iphone charge dock his and hers

iphone charging station

wood iphone charging station

Where to Buy this Android / iPhone Charging Station

Want one of your own? Buy it for yourself or as a gift to your favorite newly engaged couple! You can buy it here.

Happy Planning!


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