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About gracefullygirly

I am compelled to create. As a child I made everything from dolls and dollhouses to little purses to store my little treasures, because I was always on the hunt for interesting things that caught my eye. When I was old enough to wield a needle and thread my mom taught me to sew. Eventually I mastered the sewing machine and through classes and at times, just plain trial and error, I've honed my skills. I'm still always on the hunt for treasures, but now they include pretty vintage lace and fabric or wedding dresses and ball gowns and vintage jewelry to remake or refashion into something even more useful and beautiful. I love to breathe new life into those old cast offs, which were once so loved but are no longer useful in their current state. I love anything feminine and beautiful and I’m continuously re-living my own joyful wedding preparation with my brides, dreaming up items to make them feel like a princess, queen or starlet on their special day. I make all the Gracefully Girly items myself with love and attention to detail. I would certainly be honored to create something for you or someone you love!

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