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About locusart

Hi, I'm Emily: designer, owner, operator, marketing coordinator and sole employee for Locusart Jewellery Designs! All items by Locusart Jewellery have been created by hand in my studio from the very first sketch to the final product that you will wear. While I was acquiring my BFA degree from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I began exploring a variety of materials and media for creating artwork. Not until working in metal though, did I find a compelling medium in which to create and develop new concepts. I am often inspired by organic forms as well as natural shapes and textures. Lately I've been most inspired by beautiful gemstones and fluid designs that fit into functional lives. Beautiful jewellery that is easy and comfortable to wear means that you'll love it, no matter the occassion. Each piece of Locusart modern heirloom jewellery is meant to be well loved (and well cared for), and hopefully passed on from generation to generation. This is tremendously satisfying- and the stories that are created through my work continue to intreague me.