Handmade Pledge to Create Every Day

handmade pledge to create every day

A little inspiration goes a long way. Sign the handmade pledge to Create Every Day.

At Emmaline Bride, it’s no secret that we love handmade. We believe handcrafted gifts are more fun to create, give, and receive because they add a personal touch. Handcrafted gifts are likely become keepsakes for years to come. Chain store finds? Not so much.

Since we appreciate + promote the handcrafted arts, we have established “Create Every Day”, a group for all artisans to join together and keep the spirit of handmade alive. Handcrafted arts are inspiring and create a more beautiful world. Together, we can pledge to create something new every day, whether it be through drawing, painting, sewing, writing, singing, or otherwise. It does not matter what your contribution is, or how small it may seem to you – as long as it inspires you or someone around you. Let it soothe you, relax you, and forget about the busy hustle-and-bustle of life for a moment. Because, you know what they say – if you don’t use it, you lose it.

Let’s create a more beautiful handmade world, one day at a time.

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To join + sign our pledge, please comment below. If you want to spread the group, please use one of the buttons below on your site or blog, or follow us on Twitter for inspirational ideas.

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/> the team @ <strong>EMMALINE BRIDE </strong> ♥♥</p><p><h2>Sign the Pledge below by leaving a comment below…</a></h2><p> <aside

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