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Handmade Wedding

Handmade Wedding

Wedding Invitations

Hi, lovelies! If you’re looking for handmade wedding invitations, you’ll find them here! Here is where you can shop the best wedding invitations online from handmade artists, independent sellers, and beautiful designers to kick off the fun of your perfect day.

From different themes to color palettes, paper options and styles — even digital wedding invitations — you’ll shop the best wedding invitations here. Enjoy!

GOOD-TO-KNOW TIP: To shop these wedding invitations, click a photo or a link beneath it to buy yours / find out more details.

Be sure you’re sending invitations on time: here’s a blog post we wrote to make sure you don’t send invites too soon (or too late!)

Best Wedding Invitations

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Which wedding invitations are your favorite? Did you find the best wedding invites here, or are you still looking? What would you add to our list?

Happy Planning!


Handmade Wedding

Where to Buy Bridal Accessories

Wondering where to buy bridal accessories? You’ve come to the right place! In this section, you can buy beautiful bridal accessories including clutches, wedding garters, bridal hair accessories, handkerchiefs, personalized dress hangers, robes, shoes, veils, and wraps. These handmade bridal accessories are all handcrafted by our own Featured Artisans, which means each item is custom-made just for you! Ready to shop? Click on a category below to see our current bridal accessories product line:

Where to Buy Bridal Accessories

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Need help ordering? We’re always here to help! Simply email us at info[at] for speedy assistance. Note: all purchases you make go directly through to one of our Featured Artists’ shops, so any order inquiries should be made through his or her shop directly. Thanks!