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This Paper Peony Bouquet Will Last Forever

by Emma Arendoski

Do you love peonies all year long like me? I can never seem to get enough of them when in bloom, which feels like the blink of an eye in late May. They bloom — and then they wilt, and then you have to wait until next year.

Or… you can enjoy them all year long, thanks to the lookalike paper flower bouquet we spotted at PAPERandPEONY! This unique peony bouquet made of paper will last forever.

Paper bouquets make lovely centerpiece arrangements for your wedding or bridal shower; you can place them in a vase and give them away to family or friends to take home (like grandma, your aunt, a cousin, etc.) A paper bouquet looks lovely as a bridal or bridesmaid bouquet, and after the big day you can keep them in a vase on your desk or in your bedroom. You’ll love the look of peonies — especially these in such a pretty pop of pink! — all year long, in any season, without knowing they’ll wilt soon. ;)

Take a look!

Paper Peony Bouquet

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

If you prefer a different color to coordinate with your wedding, just ask! Chantal is awesome to work with. :)

paper peony bouquet

paper peony bouquet

peony bouquet made of paper

peony bouquet made of paper

peony bouquet made of paper

You can see it here.

Happy Planning!


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