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Newly Engaged? Here’s EXACTLY What to Do Next [CHECKLIST]

by Emma Arendoski

Are you newly engaged? Congratulations! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of going from dating to engaged. Now that you have that sparkly engagement ring on your finger, you may be wondering what to do next.

In this blog post, you’ll learn the first things to do after getting engaged so you can start planning stress-free and on the right track.

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What To Do First When You Get Engaged

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, there’s one very important thing to do immediately after getting engaged: savor it.

And rock this mug, because it’s amazing. (By ByTracey.)

newly engaged what to do next

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Soon enough, you’ll be knee-deep in tulle, color palettes, and invitation styles, so catch your breath right now and enjoy that just engaged feeling.

How Soon After Getting Engaged Should You Start Planning Your Wedding?

I recommend waiting two to three weeks after getting engaged to start planning. This means making real, concrete plans or gaining inspiration. While you’re waiting, you can start browsing wedding blogs, reading wedding planning books, and gathering up some inspiration from your favorite Pinterest boards.

Allowing yourself to let the moment sink in is one of the best things to do after the proposal, even before those snaps or reels make their way onto your social media page. :)

Once you’re properly reveled in the moment, here are the most important things to do after the engagement and before marriage. I’ll also cover how long after you get engaged to start planning… as well as what NOT to do when you get engaged.

Newly Engaged What To Do Next

Here are some tips to help you navigate and decide what to do after the proposal — and what not to do when you get engaged.

1. Share the happy news!

Tell your loved ones the exciting news: you’re newly engaged and you can’t wait to marry the love of your life!

There’s one major mistake to avoid when you’re telling the news: it matters who and when you tell people, so listen up! One mistake to avoid is telling everyone on social media before sharing the big news in person or with a phone call.

This is very important: family and closest friends should be told first, in person if possible or via phone call.

Then go ahead and update your social media channels with your excitement: everyone will love to hear about it. (And follow us at @EmmalineBride!)

And now is a great idea to get a manicure to show off that bling as best as you can. ;) (Read: How to Get the Best Wedding Nails in 3 Easy Steps.)

2. Make sure your ring fits properly.

Wearing your engagement ring at first feels great, but also sort of funny! If you’re not used to wearing a ring all the time, it takes some adjusting. After the initial week of wearing it constantly, you’ll probably feel like it has been there all along.

If not, it could mean your ring does not fit properly.

One of the best things you can do after getting engaged is to get your ring fitting perfectly.

If your ring is too loose, get one of these to keep it from spinning.

If your ring is too tight, bring it to a jeweler to have it possibly made larger, which depends on the ring itself.

If you need to get it resized, need to insure it, do it now.

And while you’re taking care of the ring, it’s a perfect time to get a ring dish so you have a specific place to keep your ring in a safe spot when you do need to take it off (for cleaning, gardening, washing, working out, etc.)

You don’t need to spend a lot to get a cute ring dish on Etsy. This one is under $15, personalized! By SimpleSentimental.

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3. Keep going on date nights together.

You may be wondering how to behave with your fiancé after your engagement. The answer: the same as always.

So, yeah, stop being awkward! ;)

Yes, you’re engaged to be married, but that doesn’t mean your discussions must now shift to 100% wedding talk all the time. Don’t stop going on fun date nights together, trying your local new restaurants, playing some mean board games, going for walks, hikes, etc.

Don’t fill up all your spare conversation with wedding talk. You’ll probably going to talk about it often, but don’t make it the ONLY thing because that will get tiring very quickly.

Date night is fun, can be inexpensive, and will keep the romance alive. Plus, everyone needs a wedding planning break. Don’t get obsessed in the planning process — have fun with it, enjoy the process, and make time for your soon-to-be spouse. Read: 50 Best Fun (+ Cheap!) Date Ideas for inspiration.

4. Create a wedding budget.

The best thing you can do right away is to create a budget. I know, exciting, amiright?!

Making a wedding budget may not the most exciting thing to do, but it is important: if you tackle your wedding budget early, you’ll have a better idea of what kind of wedding you should plan, how big it should be, how much you have to spend, and when to get married.

A wedding budget breakdown is easily the first part of the big puzzle you’re about to put together: here’s exactly how to put together your wedding budget with exact cost percentages.

5. Decide where and when to get married.

After you’ve created an idea of your budget, you can decide where (venue and location) and when (season and date) to get married.

Season goes hand-in-hand with budget: peak wedding season is May through September which are the most expensive months to get married.

In addition to cost, when do you WANT to get married, seasonally? If you’re not sure when exactly, think about your favorite season when you’d like to get married. Here are some suggestions to see what season is best for you.


Do you dream of getting married in an outdoor (or indoor) fall wedding? YOU MAY LIKE: seasonal colors like rich gold, red, and orange; apple-themed weddings; fall favorites like a hot apple cider or pumpkin spice coffee bar; donuts; pumpkin themed everything; caramel apple favors for guests to-go, and cozy blankets for guests to stay warm. Sunflower bouquets, velvet bridesmaid dresses… ahh, there’s so much to love. We have our top Fall Wedding Trends here for inspo — and don’t forget a denim jacket for you, obviously. :)


Do you like a winter wonderland wedding or Christmas inspired reception? I was a December bride myself, so I totally understand. :) You may love sparkly details for over-the-top icy inspiration, or go subdued with greenery and pops of rich reds. Evergreen wreaths; romantic lanterns as centerpieces; a faux fur wrap for you; ornaments as wedding favors for your guests; cookies as take-home favors; gorgeous Christmas-inspired bouquets like this; ultra-plush velvet table runners and velvet napkins; hot chocolate favors… just to name a few. :)

Make sure you choose the best winter bridesmaid dresses for your girls to keep warm — and don’t forget a faux fur wrap!

You can browse our top Winter Wedding Ideas for more inspiration.


Spring flowers are blooming, and the weather is finally getting nicer… spring weddings are obviously one of the most popular times to tie the knot! You may be dreaming of a lemon-themed bridal shower or perhaps honey themed wedding; pops of yellow in your color palette and bouquets of wildflowers and daisies; cool hedge backdrops; fun, fruity lollipop escort cards; rose petals tossed down the aisle; floral centerpieces in boxes like these, and so much more. Read: The 20 Best Spring Wedding Favors for 2020 for additional inspiration.

by rose and bee organics


Ahh, summer weddings: the most popular time of year to get married! You’re dreaming of warm weather, a nice hot ceremony outdoors, perhaps even a beach wedding; nautical themed weddings are popular around this time of year, along with beach bachelorette parties (or pool parties). You may be picking out short bridesmaid dresses, picking out beach bridal sandals to wear.

For stationery, floral patterned invitations, programs, and menus are in; since many outdoor weddings are perfectly temperate, things like wedding aisle signs, passed appetizers and cocktail hour with lawn games, and outdoor receptions with a tent like this and dancing under the stars are all fair game! This is the perfect time of year for a starry night wedding. For more ideas, read: browse our summer archives.

Need inspiration for a wedding theme? Check out the 50+ wedding themes and use them to help you pick your favorite. Once you do, planning will be smooth like buttah.

You may also like reading my book on wedding themes. Yup, I wrote the book on it! Read: The Inspired Wedding by Emma Arendoski. It is a terrific book to read right after getting engaged. You’ll be inspired by seven wedding themes, each a different chapter; you’ll find beautiful easy-to-apply ideas, creative twists, and gorgeous Real Wedding photos to inspire you and walk you through planning from start to finish. You can buy it here. You can get the Kindle version here.

Discuss Your Guest List

You’ll also want to discuss your guest list, since it will directly impact your budget. For help on this topic, I highly recommend this wedding budget book. It has been around for a long time but continues to impress us with its thoroughness. You can buy it here.

A checklist book — like this one specifically — also helps with checking off wedding to-do’s every step of the way.

Worried you’ll hurt feelings? Read: How to Cut Your Guest List Without Guilt.

6. Visit a few venues to walk through and set a date

Once you have a budget and guest list estimate, you’re ready to call some local wedding venues to check them out in person.

Call the director and arrange for a meeting to check over the place. When you visit, make sure you ask the right questions; read over contracts, decide if the place is right for you, and discuss it with your partner.

When you find the ideal ceremony venue and reception venue(s), put down the deposit and secure your date. It’s ready to go!

And alas, your date is set and now you’re on your way to planning that incredible wedding of yours.

7. Have engagement photos taken.

Hire a photographer for engagement photos + have them taken soon. You’ll be happy to have photos from this memorable time in your life AND, if you like his or her work, you’ll already have your wedding photographer picked out. Easy!

When To Get Engagement Photos Taken?

The best time to get engagement photos taken is in the first few weeks of getting engaged. That blissful time is a perfect reason to hire a photographer to snap some photos of the excitement you’re feeling — and by doing so, you’ll possibly find your future wedding photographer in the process.

engagement photos taken

by nicole walsh

You can also browse Real Weddings to see how other couples made their dreams come true. We have a huge archive, so grab some coffee + dive right in.

bride and groom real wedding sparkler exit - via newly engaged: 8 things to do right now

photo: carolyn scott | see the real wedding here!

And now there’s one last thing to do:

8. Choose Save the Date cards.

Now you’re sharing the news again, this time with an official announcement: you’ve set a date!

Send save the date cards to your family and friends. If you’ve taken engaged pictures, save the dates are a great way to put your engagement photos to good use.

You can get non-photo or photo save the dates: there’s no right or wrong style to choose, it’s 100% up to you.

Read: 7 Best Places for Cheap Save the Date Cards

by hooraycreative

How Long After Getting Engaged Should You Get Married?

Many couples wonder how long the engagement should be. This varies from couple to couple, but on average most engagements last from 12 months to 18 months.

One full year is ample time to plan your wedding and any additional months ensure you have more vendors available to work with, are able to shop around for the best prices, and you won’t stress out or feel behind schedule.

In addition, your family and friends have time to plan ahead (and save money) for travel arrangements, time off from work, and purchasing gifts. Time is a major benefit for bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Some couples require a few additional months to save money or for personal reasons, so that’s perfectly okay to work with the schedule that is most comfortable for you.

And now… breathe. That’s a lot to do for now. Take a break! :)

When you’re ready to pick up more to-dos, read: 50+ Things Not to Forget at Your Wedding (CHECKLIST). It’s extremely helpful at making sure you don’t miss a thing.

Now that you’ve completed these tasks, you’re ready to select a wedding party. Who will stand by your side on the big day? Will you have bridesmaids and groomsmen? How many should you choose and how should you ask?

► NEXT: Here’s EXACTLY How Many Bridesmaids [and Groomsmen] To Have — And Why and 24 Most Unique Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas.

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