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50+ Best Guest Book Alternatives

by Emma Arendoski

guest book alternatives

50+ Guest Book Alternatives

Looking for guest book alternatives? You’ve come to the right place! On this page, you’ll find 50+ guest book alternatives to inspire you! Be sure to bookmark and pin this page… it’s updated often! Let’s begin, shall we?


o The Polaroid guest book is one of our favorites!

polaroid guest book alternative

Mad Lib

o Guests will love this Mad Lib Guest Book alternative.

mad lib guest book alternatives

Post Card

o Try the post card guest book

Cross Stitch

o A fun twist: the cross stitch wedding party guest book


o We love the poster guest book

wedding poster guest book


o Check out the guest book sketch


o Rustic wedding? Try the guest book box


o Add a monogrammed touch with the guest book letter

guest book letter

Card Catalog

o Planning a book themed wedding? The card catalog guest book is perfect!

Women's Dresses

card catalog guest book

3D Balloon Guest Book

o This is artwork, ready to be framed! Find out more about the 3D Balloon Guest Book

Advice Guest Book

o Get advice from guests with this unique icebreaker: presenting the advice guest book

One Word Challenge

o Invite guest to take the one word challenge

{more being added shortly!}

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