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Terms and Conditions

by Emma Arendoski

For membership within The Marketplace, we kindly ask our Featured Artisans to adhere to the following terms and conditions. If you have any questions, please contact our team for assistance. Thank you!


Emmaline Bride values authenticity in handmade. By signing up as a Featured Artisan, you acknowledge your work is handmade and your designs are original. You also acknowledge your work is not a replication of another artisan’s work.

Emmaline Bride makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of the content of seller’s material and is not held responsible for any product sold by the seller (‘Featured Artist’). Any items not accurate in terms of time, materials, or cost are not the responsibility of Emmaline Bride. While we work hard to promote each seller, we cannot make a guarantee as to a particular number of sales, clicks, or leads generated as a result. Emmaline Bride holds no accountability for future transactions between sellers (‘Featured Artists’) and its Customers, communication or lack thereof. Emmaline Bride is not responsible for any copyright or legal claims. By agreeing to these terms, you, the seller (‘Featured Artist’), authorize the work submitted is yours, not a copyright of another artist. Therefore, Emmaline Bride has no ownership of copyright or legal disputes as a result. If your submitted work is copyrighted by another artist, Emmaline Bride will remove the item(s) in question from our website with no refund given.

Emmaline Bride is not held responsible for any legal claims, disputes, or problems associated with products and/or customers and transactions completed outside of Emmaline Bride. Emmaline Bride reserves the right to refuse advertising it feels does not adhere to site standards.


To become a Featured Artisan, you acknowledge an annual fee for your work to be featured in The Marketplace. The fee is non-refundable fee with no additional fees of any kind. This fee grants access to The Marketplace with a username and password, allowing you to list an unlimited number of wedding-related items at any time.


The team at Emmaline Bride moderates and monitors all listings; all listings are subject to the discretion of the Emmaline Bride team. This means that, in the unlikely event that your item is an item in another genre (for instance, a baby item or home-goods item not fitting into a wedding-specific genre), Emmaline Bride reserves the right to remove the item and will contact you to let you know. However, this is unlikely. If an item you wish to list is in question, please feel free to ask our staff and we’ll be happy to assist. Please do not list duplicate items in the same or multiple categories as duplicates will be removed.

Purchases + Communication

All purchases occur on your website or shop, not Emmaline Bride. We redirect sales to your site through ours. This allows you to provide customers with your own personal customer service and arrange for customized orders as needed. This also means that Emmaline Bride is not responsible for any purchases made by your customers nor are we to be held responsible for communication with your customer.


Any images listed must be your own or you must have been granted permission from your photographer to use your image. The item listed must also be your own. Our team cannot remove an item that another artist deems to be a copied item unless it has been copyrighted and, as such, we will take any actions required by law. If the item in question is not copyrighted, please communicate with the seller directly.


Upon expiration of your one year subscription, our team will email you and send along renewal information, should you decide to renew your account. Your credit card or PayPal account will not be automatically charged (unless you have set up your own automatic payment profile in PayPal, which require you to cancel on your own accord).

Contact Us

We are happy to answer any questions, comments, suggestions or ‘hellos!’ at anytime via our main team email at info[at]emmalinebride[dot]com.



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