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Wedding Themes

by Emma Arendoski

Emmaline Bride is the ultimate wedding themes blog! Every perfectly planned wedding has a distinct theme that allows for a more cohesive and organized look. In this section, you’ll discover wedding themes to inspire your big day. Even if you thought you weren’t necessarily planning a themed wedding, you’d be surprised: even color palettes can be incorporated into your overall theme. Plus, find out where you can get the ultimate wedding themes book.

Wedding Themes: In Alphabetical Order


also includes nautical
A beach wedding theme is perfect for the sunshine-loving, beach-going couple who crave a casual affair.

photo: eric boneske


Whimsical wildflower bouquets, mismatched bridesmaid dresses, hair wreaths, halo headbands, and folk music are just a few parts of a bohemian-style wedding theme.



wedding color palettes

If you crave color palettes and brilliantly paired hues, a color wedding theme is right for you!




Leaves on the ground, wedding boots, an apple cider bar, pumpkin-style place cards, and pumpkin spice donut dessert bar are just a few touches for a fall wedding.




Rooftop parties, succulent bouquets and unique venue options such as museums and art galleries are a few modern touches for the city-loving bride.


Off the cuff, non-conventional, quirky, eccentric ideas fall into an offbeat wedding. We love ’em… and you’ll love the ideas we’ve found!


also includes farmhouse / woodland / country

Barn weddings. Rustic weddings. Woodland weddings. All the branch-filled, boot-wearing, hay-bale-loving, mason-jar-sipping madness is all over these parts!


If your style is classic, elegant, and totally traditional, this is the theme for you.

Women's Dresses




This theme is chock-full of romantic details, from its lacy dresses to milk bottle decor, not to mention candles, gorgeous knockout roses and cabbage rose bouquets, and delightful table settings! Check out vintage wedding ideas.


Snow-filled nights, warm cozy fires, a help-yourself coffee bar, warm fur shrugs for the bride, delightful decor, and tasty hot cocoa treats are this way!

Wondering why wedding themes are important? Read on for details.

Wedding Themes: Do I Really Need One?

Every wedding can benefit from a central theme. Here’s why:

o Wedding themes convey the tone and feel of your wedding
o It is easier to select decor and details when a proper theme is established
o You can make a wedding more or less formal, depending on event’s theme
o Themes create a more memorable event
o A wedding theme can assist in selecting your perfect wedding colors
o Wedding themes create a more cohesive, pulled-together look
o A wedding theme tells your unique story

At Emmaline Bride, we’ve selected the following wedding themes to inspire you. Click on a link below to be taken to that theme’s main page, where you can follow along to plan your perfectly theme wedding (even subscribe to its own RSS feed so you never miss a post!)

Get the Wedding Themes Book

If you’re serious about planning a themed wedding, follow our blog + grab a copy of “The Inspired Wedding” by Emmaline Bride editor, Emma Arendoski. It is the wedding themes book, covering seven complete themes from start to finish.

the inspired wedding themes book

photo: carolyn scott photography

Find out more about the book here. You can order a copy here or at bookstores worldwide!

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