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Weddings can be stressful, but they don’t have to be. We think you ought to spend less time stressing out, and more time celebrating, like this:

high fiving bride and groom
cake topper

So, that’s why we offer Ask Emmaline, an exclusive free feature offered to our readers. It’s all the fun of spilling your guts to your bridesmaids about your wedding, but without driving them crazy.

As lovely as they can be, table linens simply aren’t nearly that fascinating to most people. But then again, we are not most people; instead, we’re pretty much obsessed with that kind of stuff. And the table settings. And the centerpieces. And three-tiered versus no tiered wedding cakes. You get the idea. And we know that even though they seem tiny at times, it is all of those tiny beautiful details that come together and create your amazing wedding day that is so important to you. Your wedding is a big deal. And that’s why we are here to listen & help.

There’s no question too big. No question too small. No wedding question gone unanswered. So, if your parents are begging you to invite those cousins from out of town you never really got to know, or you can’t decide on the number of bridesmaids, or you are having trouble finding a barn wedding in the middle of the woods the first week of September, we’ve got you covered.

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