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Sleep Tips for Your Wedding Day

by EmmalineBride

The following sleep tips for your wedding day will help you feeling fresh and relaxed for what will be the biggest day of your life to date. No doubt you will have had some late nights through planning, your wedding shower and probably even your hen night. You must be awake, alert and feeling great when the Big Day actually arrives! Here are some tips on how to sleep well the night before your wedding day.

1. Eat a Light Meal

Do not have a big supper before bedtime, and be careful with what you eat. Some foods benefit sleep, and they may surprise you. Oily fish, for example, are high in Omega 3 acids. These Omega acids help to regulate dopamine and serotonin in the brain. These are neurotransmitters that have a significant influence on the regulation of your sleep.

You can start preparing for a good night’s sleep at dinner time. In fact, one of the best possible sleep tips for your wedding day is to eat a high protein meal the day before. Chicken, tuna or scrambled eggs on whole grain bread are ideal. So too are stir fried vegetables and seafood. Then at night, if oily fish does not appeal to you before your wedding, eat an evening snack of a bowl of whole grain cereal, a peanut butter sandwich or low fat cheese on wholemeal bread. All of these contain substances that help promote high quality and restful sleep.

2. Shut Down Your Brain

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Not literally of course, but try not to keep your brain active if you want to get to into a deep sleep quickly. Switch off your phone and any other electronic device – in fact put them away so you cannot reach them in your bedroom. The light from such devices can have a stimulating effect on you, so best not to get yourself tempted to use them. Switch off the TV, but some soothing music or white noise will help you sleep – put it on programmed shut-off if possible.

3. Have a Warm Bath

There is nothing like a warm bath to get you feeling sleepy. Use bath salts or aromatherapy oils or crystals to provide a warm, steamy scented environment. Soak yourself for 30 minutes to an hour – whatever you prefer. Chamomile helps you to sleep as does sandalwood. Lie back, relax and once you feel sleepy get out and get to bed!

4. Use Fresh Bed Linen and Oil Diffusers

Make sure you are using fresh, clean bed linen. If you use new sheets you will find it easier to fall asleep. A warm, scented room will almost certainly help to promote sleep, no matter how nervous you may feel about the following day. You can use reed diffusers or electric equivalents to provide a calm, soothing environment that will help you get to sleep quickly. Not only quickly, but also for the rest of the night.

5. Sleep on a Comfortable Mattress

All of the above sleep tips for your wedding day will help you get to sleep, but will they help you stay asleep. Your mind will likely still remain active, worrying about the arrangements for the following day and hoping that everything will go well! A new mattress will certainly help you sleep well, and if you have a new gel memory foam mattress to lie on then it will help keep you comfortable and cool.

6. Or Maybe a Mattress Topper

If you feel that your wedding expenditure is already high enough, then a mattress topper can make your old mattress feel like new. Whether you have an old latex, memory foam or innerspring mattress, a good cooling mattress topper can transform it into a sleeping heaven. Once you lie down you will notice the difference. As the effects of the warm bath, soothing balms and gorgeous smells send you off to sleep you will know that you will need that alarm to be loud to make sure you wake up in time!

How about a new pillow? A lovely fresh, supportive pillow will not only help you to sleep quicker, it will also keep you in a deep, refreshing sleep for longer. Your choice of bedding makes a massive difference to the quality of your sleep. The best sleep tips for your wedding would not be complete without suggesting you make sure you sleep on the most comfortable surface you can.

7. Finally: No Caffeine

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Coffee and tea contain caffeine, so avoid these from lunchtime onwards. The same is true of Coke and Pepsi, so for a hot drink that help promote sleep, try hot chocolate or Ovaltine. Caffeine can keep you awake for hours, and as you find you cannot sleep you get increasingly more agitated – which only keeps you awake for even longer. Follow the above sleep tips for your wedding day and you will walk down that aisle totally refreshed, relaxed and happy!

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